Young Maria v2.2.6.0! Crime mechanics! Well, the base~

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! These weeks I spent mostly on implementing crime mechanics and working with my friend on SubscribeStar API. Yes, I want to make subscriptions that will work better and faster for players. I also want to change subscription tiers themselves! It’s just plans, but keep that in mind, please.

Okay, time to say a word about the new mechanics. I worked on them a huge amount of time. It may look pretty simple for you, but the system itself is very good and now I can add a lot of different crime scenes in the game easily! I won’t tell you all details except what you have to know. I’d love to hear your ideas about what we can do with this new system! I have a certain scheme right now, sure, but I never forget good advice.

– Added three new variables: beautyBoost, fitnessBoost, intellectBoost. All of them are being used in crime mechanics. They are changing every turn and have no min. or max. borders.
– Added a «link for crimes». It has the following structure: The link text + The amount of tries allowed + The result of try (Success/Fail/Crit fail) + The crime with info about it + The basic chance of success and the Beauty/Fitness/Intellect bonus (the stat/2). Also, the “crime scene” has a hidden success paragraph and sometimes a Crit fail paragraph. Crit fail (always 15% chance, can be changed later) means that you were caught or you broke your tools or whatever.
– If you were caught you are going to have a talk with a policeman. He lists the crimes and you will have to pay the fines and/or go to Jail for a few days (depends on the crimes). If you are going to the Jail, you will be changed into the start clothes and your Relationship with parents will decrease a bit. Maybe I’ll add prison robes or something later.
– Jail is a bit empty right now. All you can do there is to sit and sleep. Nothing interesting. For now!
– Added a list of crimes. You can watch it in the Help menu. It has only Pickpocketing in it for now, but the whole list will be remade later, of course.
– Added seven crime-related widgets: CrimesList, CrimeNumbersToWords, CrimeWarning, CrimeSentence, CrimeChance, CrimeTry, CrimeTimer. It was rather hard. All of them make the base of these new mechanics and work altogether. I tried to make them both functional and compact.
– You can try new crime mechanics in the Bedroom. The last link will bring you to the temporary passage, where you will be able to try Pickpocketing, Crit fail, Jail and so on.

Well, like I said, it’s just a start. A base. It was a certain success and I hope you will enjoy the result as much as I enjoy the process. See you in two weeks;3


Young Maria v2.2.5.0! Work scenes + Park mating;3

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! I finally finished my exams and I’m very happy to return home. I’m making some changes to my site right now, so it may be a little slow for some period of time. Sorry for inconvenience, I’m doing the best I can, you know this.

Another thing I want to tell you is that I’m starting to work on a big new cluster of mechanics. Jail, crimes, cops, sentences, bribing, pickpocketing, exhibitionism (yeah, yeah, you asked me for so damn long, I know:3). It’s a massive work and I try to figure out what to do with all ideas I have right now. I’m not sure that you will see something in the next update, but I’ll try to implement this quickly. I need to say that it’s an important mechanic for YM v2. Meanwhile, let’s see what I managed to add in the previous two weeks!

– Added an event for waitress job. A visitor may slap your ass when you pass by and you can either shush at him or wink back, getting tips. Yes, there’s no Corruption check.
– Fixed the Help menu a bit. Added a new article – Cooking.
– Improved food widget “Eat” a little. If Maria is having a free lunch in Canteen, the same food won’t disappear from her bag. In addition, free food is working as it was intended now.
– Added an event for lifeguard job. You have to save someone’s life and you actually do this. In reward, you get 1 Fitness point.
– Added the Dreams scenes to the list of scenes. Also changed the required Corruption from 90 to 80 points. I remind that there are 8 different scenes with different fetishes.
– Added a non-consensual scene that you can find working as a lifeguard (on the Beach). Make sure the non-con is turned on in settings and your Work Experience is more than 30. This scene contains 4 new gifs.
– Started working on the Jail. Added a group of processing widgets, crime list widgets, etc. I’ll work on it more later – it’s a very important mechanic.
– Added a scene for bartender job. A drunk man finds a hair in his drink and you can either change the drink or distract him with boobs and remove the hair. The second option rewards you with $5 and requires no Corruption or Work Experience points.
– Added a new location in the Park – Dog Area. It’s open from 7:00 to 23:00 and you can see this location only with Bestiality turned on in settings.
– In the Dog Area, you can hide in bushes in order to catch and play with some dog. They vary in sizes, breeds and moods (from “Cold” to “Frisky”). You can pet them, touch them (handjob), suck them off and mate with them. Earn trust of these dogs in order for more. You’ll see different scenes for every dog’s mood (there are three of them). Each action requires from 0 (petting) to 50 (mating) Corruption points.
– Added a “List of scenes” button to the left bar menu in the very beginning so players can check it right after stating the game.

Well, see you later, folks! Join our Discord server if you still didn’t do this! You always can ask me a question there, just don’t forget to mention @MilkyNail.


Young Maria v2.2.4.0! A bunch of fixes and I wanna go home

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hey, people! I just got to the dorm from the university and I have bad news. I need to deal with two more subjects and it will take the entire next week. Sooo… Just let me publish this update and go dig into studying, okay? I want to finish this as fast as possible. I miss my cats back at home.

– Fixed the brother sex scene in the bathroom (it wasn’t appearing).
– Fixed the Jackie and pig sex scenes. Now HaveASexWidget work every time whenever your grandfather saw you or not.
– Fixed cooking picture (Cooking and Cooking with mom passages) and grocery store picture.
– Removed lipstick from the game. Lips size and color were useless and they were removed, too, at least for now.
– Created an Apply makeup passage that is included in every passage where you can apply a makeup (Dressing table and Bathroom mirror). It shows your current makeup type and how many makeup kits you have.
– Added Dressing table to the bedroom. There you can comb your hair, see Expanded character info, apply makeup and watch beauty tutorials. Each view will add 1 Beauty point.
– Changed the Expanded character info passage a bit.
– Fixed the Makeup kit variable. Added it to the Inventory class, now everything works smoothly and you can buy and use this item as it was intended.
– Added a small scene to the Library. There’s a 20% chance to run into a couple behind bookshelf. Peek on them to see 3 new gifs of a boy fingering a girl. This scene will add 1 Corruption point, but no Reputation points (because they don’t see you).
– Changed the list of scenes in game. It became slightly different to you and it is much easier for me to add scenes there now.
– Added 10 farm scenes from Old YM to the scenes list.
– Changed farm scenes a bit. Changed the style of requirements and requirements themselves (just in a few scenes).
– Added ability to talk to a bartender at the bar. Took this passage from Old YM and rebuilt it a bit.
– Created AddIntoxication widget that will show how much intoxication you get from a drink when you digest it. Moreover, it is much easier to use this widget in comparison with the old construction.
– Added a dialog window that will appear only once when a new version of the game is available (including hotfixes).

Well, see you soon, I hope:) These weeks were hard, but I’m happy that I managed to make this update a big one. Let’s hope I’ll deal with exams quickly~~


Young Maria v2.2.3.0! Remember Cristy?~

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everybody! This update took me ages (well, nobody is surprised, right?) and I’m sorry for this. I was dealing with something and if you run into any problems looking through my site – please tell me.

I have an announcement to make. I’ll have to deal with my exams again in the next couple of weeks (not more, I hope). I’ll suffer, but I’ll work. May the God help me. And all of us. Okay, not let’s move to our sinful game, shall we.

– Added a small NSFW scene. You can suck off your dad while he’s reading to you (Parents’ bedroom, 17:00-18:00). This action requires 30 Corruption points and 30 Relationship, contains 4 new gifs, and you receive 1 Corruption point and 1 Relationship.
– Added small replies of schoolboys and schoolgirls onto your presence in the school boys\girls restrooms. You’ll see 5 different reactions, depending on your Reputation.
– Added a medium size scene by ZeeMental and me. 00:00-4:00 there’s a 30% chance (once a day check) to meet your mom in the kitchen, playing with a cucumber. If you have 40 Corruption and 40 Relationship with her, you can offer her some help and see the scene (and 4 new gifs).
– Added three small scenes by Joshi. With a 25% chance, you may run into a strange sound in the school restrooms. It requires: 20 Corruption to help a girl with fingers (4 new gifs); 20 Corruption to help a boy with your pussy (3 gifs); 40 Corruption to help a boy with your ass (4 gifs).
– Added a HaveASexWidget to the scene with mom at the kitchen (“Midnight snack”).
– Added 5 “study events” to P.E. classes. One of them is a tiny scene of a boy, betting that he is faster than you are. If [Random number from 1 to 100 + your Fitness] is more than 50, then you won! The bet is $5.
– Now you can join your brother in his room when he is doing exercises at 17:00 every day. This requires 30 points of Energy, and you receive 2 points of Fitness.
– Added 4 “socializing events” to P.E. classes. One of them (showing your butt to a staring guy) will give you 1 Corruption point.
– Now you can eat with your brother in the school canteen. This will add 1 Relationship point. Pro tip: you can leave your meal untouched if you want to eat alone or with another person later~
– If you haven’t met Cristy yet, she will appear with 30% chance when you’ll try to eat your lunch with brother! I added the related line for Relationship stat with her to the Bag & Stats menu and added it to the Regular Check (borders: 0 and 100 points).
– If you have met Cristy already, you can invite her to have a lunch together. This will improve your Relationship with her, yes.
– Now lunches in canteen start at 10:50. Right after the second class.
– Added a small scene with brother (5 new gifs). You can tease him while you eat with him in the school canteen. This action requires 30 Corruption and 40 Relationship points. And in return, you get 1 Corruption, 1 Relationship and 1 Reputation point.

Hope you like this update. Be safe, people, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks;3


Young Maria v2.2.2.0! The first bunch of scenes!

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! The last couple of weeks were a pure bizarre. I didn’t manage to pass many exams and stopped this process for some time. And when I came home, I started working! And I hope you’ll like this update. Yes, I began to add scenes, finally :3

But firstly, I must make a proclamation. I’m fine, safe and sound, working. I have a couple of problems with my hosting provider and platforms, actually, but none of them will affect you. I’m working on this, and if anything goes wrong – I’ll tell you.

Secondly – welcome to our new writers: ZeeMental, Joshi, and INSERT COIN! They are eager to help, and I hope we will hear from them soon:3

– Now there are no brother/mom/dad Corruption points. Remained brother/mom/dad Relationship points, which replaced Corruption points
– Added a scene. When Maria is bathing in the shower, her brother/mom/dad can drop in and offer to “rub her back.” I took it from Old YM and remade it. I also added a scene with the brother.
– Now you can join brother/dad/mom while they shower. You need 50 Relationship points with them and 30 (your) Corruption points. You will see the same scene as if they were joining you.
– Added a scene. When you’re watching TV and the lewd moment comes up, you can say something horny to the family members. This action requires 20 Corruption points.
– Restored and slightly changed the Watch TV passage. Now it takes 10 minutes, and you can’t watch TV from 9 to 11 and from 12 to 16 when the parents are not at home.
– Added a scene (by me & Plaze). From 22:00 to 23:59, you can walk up to your Parents’ bedroom door and hear them having sex (30% chance every day). You can peep and see a small scene with 3 new GIFs by getting 1 Corruption point. You can only watch once a day.
– School lessons (except P.E.) now give 1 Intellect point, and P.E. gives 3 Fitness points.
– Added a big scene by Emma. You can find it on the Beach while sunbathing. It requires 25 Beauty points and has a 20% chance to be triggered. A girl (Anne) comes to you, and after a quick chat, you have lesbian sex right on the beach. This scene has 4 new gifs.
– Changed Family Schedule Widgets. It’s complicated, but now it’s possible to put action links in these widgets without adding a ton of code every time.
– Now you can join dad when he is reading a book (17:00-18:00, Parent’s bedroom). This action requires 5 Energy and gives you 1 Relationship point and 1 Intellect point.
– Now you can join mom when she is working in the Garden (16:00-17:00, Garden). This action requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points and 2 Fitness points.
– Now you can play on the computer (“in the dark room”) with your brother every day at 22:00 in his room. It requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points. Also, you can play with him on weekends, 12:00-14:00.
– Added a “new” stat – Reputation at school. Added it to the regular check as well (min. 0, max. 100 points). Reputation grows when you socialize at school.
– Added 5 tiny scenes for studying at school. They are pretty small and affect nothing yet.
– Added 2 tiny scenes for socializing at school. One of them adds 1 Corruption point.

Here’s the list of changes. God bless you in these trying times, and see you in two weeks, folks! :3


Young Maria v2.2.1.0! The real start, I suppose

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for not releasing v2.2.1.0 last weekend. A lot of things happened, but I kept working. Well, I have a lot to say, let me start.

First of all, I changed our Trello board. Now it’s a place for writers to work on scenes or submit ideas for scenes. Also, I created a list of different rules for them. Some writers are already working on scenes. (Wanna be a writer? Reach me in any way~)

Secondly, I’m moving YM v2 from “…” to “…”. Old YM goes to “…”. This includes all related download links.

Thirdly, I somewhat finished the comic that will help people to merge Main Pics Folder and Offline Pics Folder. Who drew the main character? MidJuChan did. I added this comic into the game and both pics folders.

– Moved all YM v2 to “…” directory (instead of “…”. Moved old YM completely to “…” directory.
– Added a small comic about how to merge the Main Pics Folder and the Offline Pics Folder. You can see links to it on the start page and in the “Options” menu, next to the game version. Also, now you can meet this comic in and
– Slightly cleaned up the code from the paragraph of the smartphone, removed an unnecessary link
– Corrected pictures in the paragraphs: “Smartphone”, “Read a book”, “Character body”, “School canteen” (by elRoig)
– Removed an accidentally left variable from the “Play with Ralf” passage and closed the “if” clause in “Bad & Stats” (by elRoig)
– Changed the “HaveASexWidget” passage. Now, in order to get pregnant, you need to finish into the vagina (“inpussy”), regardless of the type of sex. This widget will be heavily redesigned in the future as it is not flexible enough for this game (by elRoig)
– Fixed the “eternal Monday” bug. I had to rewrite the progression of days widget and it turned out so well that this system now works perfectly! Now, the day changes right at midnight. Yes, this system worked differently earlier…
– Thanks to the new day progression system, the player can now sleep at any time. But if he goes to bed before 8:00, the day remains the same.
– Fixed the issue with the Logo on the start page.
– Fixed the farmer working process. Now everything works normally.
– Worked a little on the bathroom. Fixed the shower bug. Now “relaxing in the bath” requires one shampoo, restores 10 Energy, and this action takes 30 minutes. Slightly corrected washing – it now produces 10 Cleanliness every time you wash your face. Removed some if clauses and other things from the descriptions to make them look better.
– Added Cleanliness to “RegularCheck” passage to set borders, 0-100 points.

Well, that’s it. I’m dealing with my exams right now, but I really hope you’ll see another update in two weeks. Anyway, see you later:3


Young Maria v2.1.1.0! Welcome back:3

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Hello, comrades! I’m happy to tell you that Young Maria v2 is officially finished! Well, it’s still empty and not interesting at all, but it’s just a matter of time. The game base is ready, and I’ll work with writers to fill it up with scenes now.

There are still many ideas on my list, and I will add them to the game later. I want to thank every person who helped me for now. I save every message, every idea, and every scene I receive! Nothing is forgotten. So, let’s talk about changes.

– A lot of minor mistakes and typos were fixed.
– Changed the character creation page here and there.
– Changed the “Edit appearance” menu.
– Changed StoryCaption and RegularCheck passages again. Cleaned them up a bit, too.
– Changed the system of cheat codes. Now they open small debug menus. Some cheats affect more stats now.
– Fixed the display of Money, Energy, and Intoxication in the left menu bar.
– Fixed the display of main character pictures in bed (“Main char in bed picture”).
– Greatly changed the pregnancy system. The widget (“HaveASexWidget”) has become simpler and more stable. Pregnancy lasts 9 days instead of 22. Throughout the pregnancy, the protagonist receives messages about the current stage of the pregnancy in the morning. From the third day, the pregnancy can be terminated in the hospital. On the ninth day, it will be possible to give birth immediately after waking up.
– Slightly changed a few widgets so that menstruation and pregnancy do not affect each other. Also, I changed the pregnancy settings tracking system (“settings.pregnancy”) – this will significantly reduce the number of errors.
– Removed all “&emsp” that were adding space before every new paragraph in some scenes.
– Slightly changed the “Bay Window” passage and added a picture to it.

Okay, now I’ll take a short break and take care of my home garden. See you in two weeks, people<3

P.S.: Please don’t use old saves. And this is a link to an old Young Maria. I’m abandoning it for now. Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s a little pic. It’s a design sketch for a location that will be added later.


Young Maria v2.0.0.0f! The final steps!

Try v2.0.0.0f online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, people! First of all, sorry for letting me delay the update for so long. Some things required more time than I expected, you know. Secondly, the process of rebuilding Young Maria is almost over! I’m so happy about that:3 I didn’t finish everything I’d like to, but I can finish this later. I’ll work on links, pics, minor bugs, grinding the edges In the next two weeks. And after YM v2 is released, I’ll let my dear writers and artists work on it. Together we will fill these “bones” with scenes, events, arts, and new features! Moreover, I still need to add the Family Bitch mode, school clubs, and the parallel dimension.

Talking about the parallel dimension – no, I won’t tell you the details yet~ Just want to say that I’m going to fill it with artwork, not pictures. For this, I asked the best artist I know to help me create a proper style. Okay, let’s move to the changes:

– Started to work on a “parallel dimension” that Maria will be able to visit in dreams. I created a “language” for that dimension and a couple of widgets to use it.
– Made a proper changelog for YM v2.
– Now, an exclamation mark appears next to the game version at the top of the menu if an update is available for the game, Main Pics Folder, or Offline Pics Folder. You will see the inscription “New!” in the update menu opposite of what was updated.
– Improved the system for checking the current version. It works every time the player starts a new game (enters the disclaimer page) or enters the Bedroom from the Living room.
– Added free lunches in the school canteen.
– Redesigned pictures for YM v2 (checked each one of them!). The total size was reduced from 1.8 Gb to 300 Mb. Re-structured some folders. Let me know if anything doesn’t work, please.
– Improved the part-time job system. You get 3-8 money and 1 experience point for every half of an hour. You can leave at any time. There are three types of uniforms for every job: standard, sexy and pervy. The second type can be worn when you reach 30 experience points, the third one – 60 experience points.
– Added new places to work: Barmaid, Lifeguard, Farmer. Visit Bar/Beach/Farm to inquire about open vacancies!
– Added a list of writers’ works in Bag&Stats and Help menu. It will make life easier for writers and players. The list contains the title of the scenes, the author, a short description, and a short description of where the scene can be found + requirements.
– Added detentions. You can get only one detention a day and go to it after classes. What happens if you miss it? Well, nothing for now.

Okay, let me take a short break and back to work. I hope you people had good winter holidays:3
See you in a bit less than two weeks!


Young Maria v2.0.0.0e! School and versions!

Try v2.0.0.0e online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, everybody! Ready to meet a new year? I’m not as well, now let’s go. I’ll try to be quick, but this will be hard – a lot happened in these two weeks.

First of all, I made a great feature, but it cost me a few damn days! Now I know how to send requests to my server and receive the answer. How to set server headers and what CORS is. What is fetch() and XMLHttpRequest. I learned a lot and almost gave up three times, but now you have it – the list of the latest available: game version, Offline pics folder version, Main pics folder version. Oh, and I also made the Online/Offline versions switch, yes. I wrote about everything in the changelog, so let me start:

– Added one more song by Psynapse.
– Made the display of the playing time of the current track more accurate (up to a tenth of a second).
– Rebuilt the whole School structure. There are four lessons: Math, Science, History, Physical Education. The last one is a bit special, as you can guess. I also added tests – you will write them on Fridays, and there will be options to cheat. They will affect your marks (oh, yeah, I added marks). Depending on how late you are for a class, a teacher can leave you for detention (WIP) or just scold. During the class hour, your can either work or “socialize” with classmates (the events are WIP, of course).
– All Math, Science, and History have different sets of questions – there are 15 of them for every subject. From simple and funny to complicated and twisted. Yes, I loved this part of work:3 There will be a special test for P. E. later.
– Added Canteen to the School. You will be able to have a free meal during the lunch break (I’m going to add some events there later, so WIP).
– After the classes, you will be able to go to detentions and/or school clubs. I have already started to work on them, but it’s a huge part and WIP.
– Now all images has one format – [img[String.format(‘ ‘)]].
– Now, you can choose between the source of pics in the game! Yes, I made the Online/Offline version switch.
– I added a helpful link that shows where the Offline version of the game will search the “pics” folder.
– In the left menu bar, below the authors, you will find a current version of the game (without letters) and the current version type (“Online” or “Offline”). Click the word “Options” to get information about the latest available: game version, Offline pics folder version, Main pics folder version. If it shows “”, you can click the link below to send a request with an all-errors-handler. Send the error to me so I can improve the code. In that menu, you can also switch between the Online and Offline versions.

Okay, I hope you’ll figure everything out eventually:) And give me your feedback – you know I need it to improve the game.
Please be careful during the New Year holidays, okay?:3 See you in two weeks!


Young Maria v2.0.0.0d! Music!! And costumes for new jobs:3

Try v2.0.0.0d online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, people! I’m happy to tell you that I finally finished working on a music player! Well, of course, it’s not perfect, and I will improve it later, but everything is working~ I already have 15 tracks (all of them were bought and belong to me, rightfully). I removed a volume slider for now, by the way. Still not sure about it…

I also worked on jobs and a new gloryhole gameplay feature. Sadly, neither of them is finished, but I finished creating costumes for part-time jobs. You can have three suits for every place: normal, sexy, and pervy ones. Check them out in the Bedroom!

Some time ago, I managed to fix two errors on my site! It took me many months, and now it works almost perfectly. And today, I talked with one artist about adding small one-page comics as tutorials for some complicated (future) gameplay mechanics, but… I guess it’s still early to think about such things:)

UPD v2.0.0.0d
– Now, saving the game (F5 button) is accompanied by a window that automatically closes after 0.8 seconds.
– Added costumes for work: barmaid, waitress, lifeguard, farmer. There are three variations for each costume: normal, sexy, and pervy. Costumes replace many clothing and accessory slots, leaving only a few of them available (like semen stains, finger/wrists accessories, buttplug). You can already try out the costumes in the Bedroom.
– Added music. I will work on it more later, but the base is working very well. The music won’t start by itself – you have to turn it on in the left menu. Warning: this system uses your device’s audio volume.
– Started working on a new gameplay mechanic – the gloryhole widget. It will be an important part of the game in the future. It’s rather big and will take some time…

Okay, I hope I don’t forget anything. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and it’s hard to focus on one thing, you know. But I’m glad that the work is going! Have fun and share your thoughts with me!:3