Homelands: Characters’ concepts!

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Hello, people! As I said earlier, I’m rebuilding Young Maria right now. And since it’s my main project, I’m putting all my efforts into this job. I hope this will end very soon. I’m doing my best, you know this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyway, one girl is still working on Homelands. We are talking regularly and she is finishing the concept art of the lizards. She is almost done with three kinds of kobolds (one of them is in the picture below), but she also works on other “animals.”

Okay, thank you for understanding. Don’t get sick this autumn. And see you soon:3

How the renovation of YM goes. Step one – removing unnecessary parts

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The game version remains the same

Hello, people! These two weeks were really tiresome. A lot happened, but I’ll give you the most important information. First of all, I’m happy to see that you – fans – liked the idea of rebuilding Young Maria! It’s important for me to know that you agree with my ideas:3 I received a lot of feedback and tried to answer everyone.

Well, let’s start. I defined three main steps that I (with my team) need to do: 1) Remove almost everything except the very base of the game; 2) Rewrite the base widgets/passages/systems and build new ones; 3) Add new places and content according to the plan. I almost finished the first part. Tomorrow I just need to clean the StoryCaption passage and bathroom passages a bit. I try to do things quickly, so I will finish later some tiny parts.

Also, I created four new documents, where I keep tracking of every significant change, make notes and do some brainstorming. I’m also working on a “document,” where I write down the main rules for YM’s code writing and styling.

By the way, we now have Cathar on the team! She is a new Project Coordinator, and she already ran fantastic research, making a useful document after this. Now I know what players want to see in YM and what I should remove completely.

I still have something to tell you, but I guess it’s time to end this post. I also received a couple more soundtracks (and I love them!) and a game poster I’m still unsure about (picture below). Well, that’s it. Have a good day and see you in two weeks!;3


Homelands: How it’s going~

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Hello, people! As you might know already, I started to rebuild Young Maria, and I must apologize to people who are waiting Homelands. Since my main game is under total restructuring, I will do my best to finish this task as quickly as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience. I’ll keep working on Homelands, but not at full power for some time.

Anyway, one girl managed to finish the second location, and I’m happy to present it to you. Sadly, one boy (who was redrawing the first location in pixel style) couldn’t complete his task. He said that it was too hard for him and now I’m searching for a new artist. 


You won’t believe it. Young Maria v2.0.0! Well, a look into the future

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The game version remains the same

Hello, people! I finally returned to you after dealing with my exams. Free and happy, I started to work on the next update. But Plaze texted me a few days ago, revealing my little dark secret. And I can’t hide from it anymore. Young Maria is … not a good game. It can be much, much better. After two or three years, it became pretty obvious to everyone – YM needs a good rebuild session. So, why I mentioned some dark secret of mine? The thing is, I knew it a long time ago, but I was afraid of the amount of work. YM is a huge and poor-built game. But I can’t hide from this task anymore! It needs to be done.

Before we dive into big plans, let me introduce a new writer – Ali! He wrote a new scene for the school playground, and I want to show it to you. Here’s the “raw” version – click. 2.400 words – this scene is huge! Enjoy~

Well, let’s get back to our ambitious goal. I created a document to keep tracking of my thoughts – click. Here’s just a rough sketch… plan of everything – I don’t want to waste precious time on describing details. But I need your help. Please tell me what you want to see in the game and – what is much more important – what do you want me to change or remove completely. You can always contact me via email (MilkyNailMail@gmail.com) or Discord (MilkyNail (MariaMod)#1179).

I ordered a few pictures and pieces of music two days ago. And I already get two songs and a sketch of the main poster. If everything goes according to the plan, it will take a couple of months to finish this project. Anyway, I’ll be collecting feedback from you for a few days, and then I begin to work.

I appreciate your support, and I hope you like this change. If you don’t – write to me and tell me why! Don’t forget to put lemon in your tea and see you in two weeks:3


Homelands: The second location sketch

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Hi, people! I’m packing my stuff right now, so let me be quick, please. I don’t have much to tell, anyway. Yes, I finally finished my work here. Passed all exams and is ready to go home! 

Well, about the game. One girl finished the sketch of the second location. It looks perfect! Also, I talked with a new boy about working on the third location, but he refused after some time. The second one – who was redrawing the first location in a pixel style – is still sick, but we had a call, and he is working on it anyway.

Okay, I hope I’ll make it home safely in a day or two, and that’s when the real work will start again.


Young Maria v11.8.0! Lot of fixes + new scene

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Hello, everybody! I’m still dealing with my exams, but in two days I’ll be passing the last one of them! Finally, I’ll be free. These weeks I spent on fixing bugs mostly. Also, Melo wrote a good scene for the Night Club. Other writers are somewhat busy or sick these days. What a shame. If you are good at writing and want to become a member of the team – text me~ (the first page of YM has a lot of links, use them to reach me).

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say. I tried my best to make a good update while studying and solving problems. Wait till I’ll get back to my regular workplace and start working more:) Anyway, here’s what I managed to add/fix:

UPD 11.8.0
– Fixed the exit link for the “jerk off classmate” scene
– Fixed the problem with a bikini at the Beach. Also, now you can go to the town wearing it (from the Beach)
– Modified the brother’s and sister’s schedules. It removed a couple of old related bugs (like an always-at-home brother)
– Now, if you are pregnant and you know this, the system will uncheck options “Take fertility pill” and “Take sterility pill” every morning
– Removed another pop-up error window in the “sitting on dad’s lap” final scene
– Fixed some variables with missing identifiers (which caused red line errors)
– Removed the fifth porn magazine (that doesn’t appear) from the brother’s room
– Now wet wipes and sterility pills are showing in the old version and resets if any error appears
– Added an NSFW scene by Melo! When looking for troubles in the Night Club, one man can molest you roughly. Warning, this scene is a bit too rough, but NOT non-consensual, so you can’t avoid it by turning off the non-consensual setting
– Fixed the sissy brother perk error. Also, now it requires less corruption (20 yours and 20 brother’s), and I changed the related article in the Help menu

Welp, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and drink something hot if you are cold! See you in two weeks:3


Homelands: The concept of the first location is ready!

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Hello, everyone! These weeks were very busy for me. Exams, studying, you know. I hope this schedule will change soon. 

I didn’t manage to do a lot, and all my “employees” were busy, too. So, today I’m telling you that I’m alive, working, and passing exams successfully:3 One artist got sick for a week or so, and one girl finished the concept of the first location! She’ll work on the second one. And, as a bonus, she finished another picture of characters – busts of a wolf and a kobold. And just now, she showed me another sketch of silhouettes of different animals. I like her very much:3

P.S.: The pic below is just a sketch of the finished location’s concept. I don’t want to show you the best pictures because I’m afraid someone can steal them, sorry..

Young Maria v11.7.0! Happiness of motherhood<3

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Hello, people! These weeks were hard for me (as for many people, I think), but I managed to do some work. In this update, I added two important things: the ability to be impregnated by a beast and fertility pills! Many people have asked me to add these features for a long time, so here you are.

Well, I also tried to fix school bugs (again) and repair my website, but I guess it’s not really interesting for you. I’m searching for a programmer who can help me with YM right now. You know, it’s a good time to fix old bugs:) Writers and the musician are dealing with their problems lately.. We need some fresh blood, right? Right.

UPD 11.7.0
– Changed the description “People can see cum on you” to “You have cum on you.” I’ll add a new system of detecting on which places people can really see cum
– Added wet wipes to the Dime Time. The main character has 20 wet wipes from the start
– Now, you can “check cum stains” on you in restrooms (this option appears only when you have cum on you). Use wet wipes to clean yourself or … lick it off with your tongue (you need 30 Corruption for this)!
– Changed layout in a few passages to make them look better
– Now, you can be impregnated by animals if the bestiality is enabled in settings!
– Now you can start a new game with multiple start perks
– Changed pregnancy system a bit. I hope this will fix related bugs
– Added fertility pills! They increase the chance of successful impregnating by 30% (ask in pharmacy store). Like birth control pills, the effect lasts one day, and it works only when pregnancy is enabled in settings
– Fixed the exit link in the Night Club: Looking for troubles passage
– Added a small scene to the Night Club. When you are “looking for troubles,” two guys may take an interest in you

I love you all, and don’t you dare think otherwise! Here is my email if you need to talk to someone these cold nights: milkynailmail@gmail.com. <3

Homelands: Making the first location design~

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Hi there! These two weeks I spent preparing for my University. Tomorrow is a tough day, but I think I’m ready for it:3

I’m talking with the second programmer and .. maybe he’ll be useful to us in a month or so. He’s an eager man, and that’s my weakness:) The first one (who’s doing the main job now) already finished the auto-generating level design. In a week (or earlier – now I must include studying in my schedule, you know. This makes things complicated), I’ll give him another task. Maybe it’ll be writing AI for enemies.

Remember the girl who was working on the characters’ design? I like her style so much that I asked her to draw a concept of a few locations. Now I have two pics from her, but they still need to be finished (for now, these pics show the main design of the game, and I want her to expand these pics and turn them into detailed locations design). Tomorrow I’ll text a boy who was working on tiles. He finished the task a day ago. And maybe he’ll start to work on the very first location! 

Okay, I don’t want to list everything. It will expand this post greatly:) Just the main things will be enough, I guess. I wish good luck to all students and their parents! Thanks for giving me support in such trying times<3

Young Maria v11.6.0! Fixing, fixing, fixing…

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Hellop, everyone! These weeks I spent on bug-fixing mostly. Worked on Problem Solver, tried to fix School and pregnancy errors. I can’t say they are gone, but I tried my best. And I know how everything works now!

Also, I was fixing my site. It’s not that old but already needs a lot of attention and manual control. A few plugins were removed, and some were updated. It seems there are no conflicts now, but I’m not so sure.

UPD 11.6.0
– School WCs no longer teleport you to the Night Club (I wish we had such bugs in real life)
– Now you can make abort in Family Bitch mode. It will cost the same $700
– Changed the pregnancy chance checking system. This will allow to increase/decrease the chance easier in the future (I have one idea..)
– I removed one anti-grind system implemented by someone without my knowledge
– Fixed the error that caused that pop-up window in the “Mother after dad’s laps” scene
– Made a few cosmetic changes
– Fixed an error with infinitely masturbating brother
– Added a small secret you need to find (it’s not that hard and pretty useless)
– Hid some code players don’t need to see (my bad)
– Removed a few webcam options from the list of what you can do on cam
– Now training will take only 30 points of Energy, and showering at the gym doesn’t require shampoo. I also started to work on an NSFW scene there, but it’s not finished yet
– Added another 6 gifs to webcam actions

Okay, that’s it. I hope you are ready for autumn:3 Remember that the air is getting colder. Don’t get sick!