Young Maria v11.0.0! New haircuts, old saves bug fixing!

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Hello, everybody! I’m deadly tired, so please let me be short.

The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

My site ( crashed after I tried to update WordPress. Somehow a few databases were damaged. Give me a sign if you noticed some errors (…you didn’t see earlier).

Also, I’m sorry to say this, but I removed Sad+Lonely from the team. We had some conflicts, plus he almost didn’t work on YM at all.

UPD 11.0.0
– Fixed bugs with old saves! Now old saves should work with new versions
– Fixed minor bugs
– Minor improvements
– Now lunch break in school only between 12:00-13:00
– Now lunch gives you energy
– Fixed a bug with the dress (nude)
– Changed brother schedule
– Now, when you’re wandering around brother’s room, you can find porn mags and a fleshlight
– Now you can join brother and his friend on Sundays (simple scene)
– Now you can watch brother playing PC (simple scene)
– Now you can watch Netflix with your brother. Build a relationship with him (put the head on his shoulder), and you will progress to the sex scenes (now only one)
– Changed a scene with Jack (first meeting and when encounter him on the street) – to get a sex scene, you need to have more than 25 corruption points – by Rachael
– If your corruption more than 20, you can sit on Dad’s lap while he’s watching TV. To get the lewd scene, you need to have at least 40 relationship points with dad, and to get a sex scene to wear a mini-skirt, with/without panties, the scene will slightly differ. – by Plaze
– Books that increase your corruption was removed. Go to the classes to get lewder quickly
– Fixed the open hours for the Night club
– Added some new haircuts. Same 3 colors and 4 types of length. But now I started to use a new modification: style. All you had before was Straight style, and I added Pigtails and Fancy. Fancy is a special style, try every length (it can give you even curly hair)!
– Added the system for NSFW actions in the Night club. Without NSFW actions themselves yet..
– Fixed the error with always clean sister’s room

Okay, see you next weekend! Love you!

Homelands: Shortly about the game + some info about what’s going on

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Hello there! Today I want to give you heads up and show a small “document” describing Homelands very, very shortly. We write a full game design document now, by the way. No, you can’t see it now.

Game designer: I hired a game designer. Why I did this? Because they are vital to a whole project! Why didn’t I do this earlier? Because I… learn slowly. He created the design document, and we started to work together on it: me, him, and the narrator. I feel much better now because he knows what he does. 

Narrator: is working on the game design document. He made the short description of this project you’ll see below.

Programmer: I’m trying to talk to one right now, but he is busy. Anyway, we need to wait at least a week before the design document will be somewhat ready. We will return to programmers later.

Animators: One is working, and another one is studying. Exams time! Anyway, she said she would help us in breaks. 

Now, let’s talk about one meeting that took place a few days ago. One animator offered me to change the way of making animations. From solid pictures to “Spine system.” When you use the spine system, every moving part is programming separately. It is way cheaper, faster, and looks better. He offered this a long time ago, but I rejected this suggestion because (I learn slowly) I thought animations would look ugly. I agreed this time. 

But, the spine system won’t work with pixel objects, so we have to make the main character and enemies “normal,” not in a pixel-art style. This means that the world should be “normal,” too. All pictures will be just useless. That’s a pity. 


Setting: Classic medieval fantasy.

The game features 3.5 factions:
Sentient Furries – The player’s race is an anthropomorphic animal with a touch of magic.
Wild Furries – Neutral race, represents anthropomorphic animals without admixture of magic. They live deep in the forest. Closer to animals than to humans.
People – They are the main antagonist in the game. They hunt furries. They are also a technologically advanced and numerous race.
Half-breeds – Accidentally surviving hybrids are unique and very few in number. Guides, quest givers.

Settlement of Sentient Furries – It is a vast meadow, with large free spaces, vegetable gardens, arable land, in the center of which is the Mother tree, around which, in turn, a fortress is built.
Wild Furry Settlement – A rock with a cave in front of the entrance to which there is undergrowth. Savage huts are located more often to the rock.
Forest – Ordinary mixed forest. It is the main location for missions. This is where the fights take place.
Military garrisons of people – Tent camps on huge fields. (Boss fights, important quests)

Mechanic’s narrative rationale:
Moving between locations is carried out through teleportation between the mother tree and its secondary roots in different forest parts.
The mother tree exudes life sap (mana), with which Sentient Furries can conjure, which is the reason for their intelligence. Mana is restored by drinking from a flask. Each sorcery requires a certain amount of charges. The volume of the flask progresses through the improvement provided by the rescued NPC.
The tree also gives rise to fruits that are first aid kits.

The player’s goal is to attempt to fight off the captured Wild Furries on the way to the human city.


I’m pretty sure that everything will be changed, but for now, that’s the basics.
Okay, people, I’ll see you later! Tell me: do you like the game idea or not, and why:3 Be safe!

Young Maria v10.7.0! Some new scenes and an empty nightclub ~

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Hi, people! I’m sorry for such big delays between updates. I feel exhausted the last few weeks (maybe months) and can’t work as much as I used to. Sweet times, I miss them. Plus exams, plus the new project – Homelands. You know that I care about fans, so please forgive my temporary weakness.

This update is bigger than it looks. New scenes are cool and have new gifs/pics. Moreover, I found some broken links and fixed them. Not in the Gym, tho. A couple of guys showed me the broken pics, but everything works perfectly for me. Mistery.

UPD 10.7.0
– Added some locations in Nora’s house
– Now your partner at janitor’s closet can be a girl – by Rachael
– Now you can sleep and watch Netflix with Nora – by Emma
– Added Full Moon – energy drink to Night club bar and Beach bar. $10 for 25 points of Energy
– Now consuming drinks there will take some time (5 minutes)
– Added ability to dance in the Night club. Also, it has a bar now. For the very first time, you’ll get a special drink. No scenes there, yet
– Fixed some pics here and there

See you soon, boys and girls! In a week, I hope. Fingers crossed for me and the team! (God bless them)

Homelands: Great changes are coming! ( great cost)

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Hello, everybody! Long time no see I know. As I said, people are working slowly this month. Okay, let’s talk about what I was doing these weeks.

Artists: I stopped working with MidJuChan because we have different opinions about stuff. We might start working together later. The new tileset I ordered was very ugly, so another artist was removed from the team.
For now, I decided that the very base of the game needs to be attended to. Artists will be useful a bit later. Others are waiting for now. 

Animators: My animator offered the help of his ladyfriend, and together they created three new animations for the main character: walking, running, jumping. At least something. The slowest process…

Narrator: The same animator said that his friend is a good narrator. And it seems to be true. We have already started to work and discussing the basics of the universe and game mechanics for some time already. The lore is quite big, but I try to keep it simple at the same time. Shortly: there are furries, beasts (not ferals! Just more wild furries), and humans. There is a ‘magic tree,’ keeping people away. Furries are looking after it, and in return, they become wiser. Beasts are all about rituals and animal sex, you could guess. Humans started to kidnap beasts, so you have to fight them with your strength and magic of the tree and return poor souls to the tribe. You can mate them as a reward, totally correct.
The narrator asked me to keep the details in secret for now, so that’s it:3

Programmers: Yes, I decided to hire a coder. I feel the lack of experience, and it’s tough for me to do this job. I spend a lot of time and get a lot of bugs. Maybe finding a specialist would be a good idea… A friend of mine said that he knows a couple of experienced programmers. I still wait for their answers.
And if any developer would agree, the game will be totally rebuilt. That’s why I stopped working on the code. It could be pointless. Who knows?

Thank you all for your support, guys and girls:) This means a lot to me. It seems this project is far away, even from the beginning. I forgot this feeling. The feeling of new waters. Totally new and scary. I keep spending hundreds of dollars on Homelands. Can you believe it? I would never think that such a simple project can be so expensive! 

But I’m glad that there are people in my team who love the idea of making a high quality 18+ game, and they are working hard to let it see the world:)

Young Maria v10.6.0! A lot of new scenes + bugfix

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Hello! This version was made entirely by the team, so all glory to them. The last hotfix was kinda made-in-hurry, but Middlewared assured me that this version is good and stable! Okay, I have not much to say, to be honest. The exams time is starting, and I wish all students good luck! Fingers crossed for all of us;3

UPD 10.6.0!
– Finally fixed the bug while going to the classes
– Added schedule descriptions for mom and dad (in the help section)
– Added school schedule description (in the school hallway, there is a link “school”)
– Fixed “read a book” in the library (now takes 20 minutes)
– Fixed the bug with siblings displaying in the stats menu
– A bit fixed the sister schedule
– New scene with sister by Emma! You and your sister have to have more than 50 corruption point + you need to have sex with sis at least 2 times after that go to her room after 22:30 (a small chance)
– New scene in school by Rachael! Now a classmate can flirt with you during a class. You must have at least 20 reputation points (you need to have more than 40 corruption points for blowjob, vaginal, anal scenes) – small chance
– New scene in school by Emma! You can meet Cristy in the girls restroom, and she’ll offer you to clean her up. Small chance.
– New street scenes! If you’re drunk (more than 50 points of intoxication), you can meet 2 new events on the street (small chance) – gang bang and fun in a car (Thanks to nomopo13!)
– Meet a new character – Nora! You can meet her during a class (you must have at least 40 corruption points. A small chance). Later you can go to her house and continue your dialog. If you picked a “romantic” relationship type with her, you could meet her in the cafeteria (a small chance, too. And it was made by Emma).
– New scene with mother by Emma! If you had a bad class, and the teacher has scolded you, there is a small chance that your mother will comfort you in a lewd way after school. Mother should have more than 20 corruption point

Have a good day! See you next weekend, people^^

Young Maria v10.5.1! Yep, a hotfix

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Just a bare hotfix with a few changes. This version is much more stable than the previous one.

And we have a new team member – Emma, a writer! She already created a few decent scenes we will implement later. But she deserved to be listed among other authors now:3

UPD 10.5.1!
– Fixed the bug while go to the classes
– Added an ability to go to the next class immediately
– Fixed some pics/gifs
– Now reading a book in the library takes 20 minutes

Have a good day! Or night. I don’t know

Young Maria v10.5.0! School expansion

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Hi, everyone! This update was made by Middlewared and Sad+Lonely. Sadly, no content from writers this time. Let them rest a bit.

Sorry again for that error alert you got at the very beginning of the game. It was fixed, and you won’t see it this time. Also, Middlewared said he tested this version, and there shouldn’t be any bugs. Let’s hope that I didn’t add them, too:3

UPD 10.5.0

– Added new locations to school: restrooms, cafeteria, hall, schoolyard, and sports ground. Also, the school is a whole new place now. The content will be expanded/added later
– You can go to different classes
– School events were distributed across different places: hall, cafeteria, classroom
– You will be punished if you’ve missed at least one class!
– Now you can meet your friends/relatives at different locations (park, bar, bank, beach, lexena market, beauty salon), for now without interactions
– Fixed pics for female detention scene
– You can see a new event in a school hall. A schoolboy approaches you and invites you to have some fun in the guys’ restroom. There you have options for sex and can choose the place where he will cum
– Fixed the error message on the first screen (the <<done>> macros error)
– Fixed red error lines in the bar menu

See you next weekend, boys and girls!

Young Maria v10.4.0! A new team member!

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Hi, everyone! This update was made mostly by my team: Rachael, Middlewared, Plaze, Sad+Lonely. Yes, Sad+Lonely decided to join us. Luckily, he already knew how to work with Twine and JavaScript. And yes, he’s a programmer! Welcome:3

This version contains an error you will see from the very beginning. It’s fine. This error will be fixed in later versions of SugarCude. We don’t use <<done>> macros, so just ignore this, please.

UPD 10.4.0
– Now stepbrother and sister are checked by default
– Added 4 new shower join scenes. Now you can join every member of your family while they’re showering. You need to have > 50 corruption points and more than 60 relationship points with parents, and more than 40 relationship points with siblings
– Added a new scene for sissy brother. See the “Help” section
– Added Cuckold Mother scene co-wrote by Rachael and Regent. You need to have > 70 corruption points, > 70 relationship points with mother AND father points. It can only be triggered on Fridays between 21:30-00:00. Also, you must be naked and have had sex with your father and mother more than 3 times
– Now, you can go to school through a link location! (Thanks to Sad+Lonely, our new developer and tester)
– Also, Sad+Lonely fixed a few bugs
– Finally added a pic for sister
– Added 3 new locations – Gym, Night club, Strip club. But only Gym is filled with some content. Content for other locations will be added later
– Increased the chance of granddad catching you at the farm
– Fixed the Problem Solver: Everyday check pregnancy error
– Updated SugarCube version from 2.34.1 to 2.35.0!

May the 4th be with you! See you soon~

Homelands v0.0.0c! God bless the working artists

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New Patreon page (just for Homelands): 

Hi everybody! I didn’t post anything last weekend because of the lack of changes. All I do now is trying to find artists and make them work. You can’t imagine how hard it can be! I have many funny stories already. Maybe I’m a bad boss… But, believe me, I’m doing my best. 

I decided to make 4 layers of background, by the way. 6 layers is a bit too much, in my opinion. Thanks to MidJuChan for them:3 Her clouds look really good.

Also, I’ve got a first animation: Idle! Yes, it took a lot of time. I hate this fact. Talking about animations, I found another artist who can draw them. Did this make the process faster? Nope! I hate this fact, too.

There are a few bugs in this update. Almost all of them appear when you try to attack enemies. I still need to understand why I can’t fix them and why the code works in such wicked ways.

UPD 0.0.0c

– Added lives. 5 hearts in the top left corner. After being hit, you are invincible for 1 second
– Added enemies. Two dummy sprites with a hive mind bug. I call it a bug, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe this behavior is okay… They throw rocks at you, be careful!
– You can kill an enemy with two attacks. Just tap on the screen (if you play via phone) or use the left mouse button
– After being killed, a new enemy will appear after 5 seconds
– Also, I added a few animation replacements just to fix bugs I might encounter later
– A few changes you won’t see. Like braking system and aiming support for enemies. I also beautified the tilemap a bit

I want to warn you that May is a month of lazy work in Russia. I’ll do my best, but it seems that artists will work EVEN SLOWER now! Wish me good luck… See you soon!

Young Maria v10.3.0! Sibling part update

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi there! This is another update from my team. It contains a great improvement: you have two more options when choosing siblings now. You can start without any siblings or with both brother and sister.

UPD 10.3.0! (by Middlewared, Rachael, Plaze)

– Now you can have:
1. No siblings at all
2. Only brother
3. Only sister
4. Both brother and sister
– Minor changes and fixes

Let’s say thanks to our team:3 See you soon!