Young Maria v11.8.0! Lot of fixes + new scene

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Hello, everybody! I’m still dealing with my exams, but in two days I’ll be passing the last one of them! Finally, I’ll be free. These weeks I spent on fixing bugs mostly. Also, Melo wrote a good scene for the Night Club. Other writers are somewhat busy or sick these days. What a shame. If you are good at writing and want to become a member of the team – text me~ (the first page of YM has a lot of links, use them to reach me).

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say. I tried my best to make a good update while studying and solving problems. Wait till I’ll get back to my regular workplace and start working more:) Anyway, here’s what I managed to add/fix:

UPD 11.8.0
– Fixed the exit link for the “jerk off classmate” scene
– Fixed the problem with a bikini at the Beach. Also, now you can go to the town wearing it (from the Beach)
– Modified the brother’s and sister’s schedules. It removed a couple of old related bugs (like an always-at-home brother)
– Now, if you are pregnant and you know this, the system will uncheck options “Take fertility pill” and “Take sterility pill” every morning
– Removed another pop-up error window in the “sitting on dad’s lap” final scene
– Fixed some variables with missing identifiers (which caused red line errors)
– Removed the fifth porn magazine (that doesn’t appear) from the brother’s room
– Now wet wipes and sterility pills are showing in the old version and resets if any error appears
– Added an NSFW scene by Melo! When looking for troubles in the Night Club, one man can molest you roughly. Warning, this scene is a bit too rough, but NOT non-consensual, so you can’t avoid it by turning off the non-consensual setting
– Fixed the sissy brother perk error. Also, now it requires less corruption (20 yours and 20 brother’s), and I changed the related article in the Help menu

Welp, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and drink something hot if you are cold! See you in two weeks:3

Homelands: The concept of the first location is ready!

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Hello, everyone! These weeks were very busy for me. Exams, studying, you know. I hope this schedule will change soon. 

I didn’t manage to do a lot, and all my “employees” were busy, too. So, today I’m telling you that I’m alive, working, and passing exams successfully:3 One artist got sick for a week or so, and one girl finished the concept of the first location! She’ll work on the second one. And, as a bonus, she finished another picture of characters – busts of a wolf and a kobold. And just now, she showed me another sketch of silhouettes of different animals. I like her very much:3

P.S.: The pic below is just a sketch of the finished location’s concept. I don’t want to show you the best pictures because I’m afraid someone can steal them, sorry..

Young Maria v11.7.0! Happiness of motherhood<3

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Hello, people! These weeks were hard for me (as for many people, I think), but I managed to do some work. In this update, I added two important things: the ability to be impregnated by a beast and fertility pills! Many people have asked me to add these features for a long time, so here you are.

Well, I also tried to fix school bugs (again) and repair my website, but I guess it’s not really interesting for you. I’m searching for a programmer who can help me with YM right now. You know, it’s a good time to fix old bugs:) Writers and the musician are dealing with their problems lately.. We need some fresh blood, right? Right.

UPD 11.7.0
– Changed the description “People can see cum on you” to “You have cum on you.” I’ll add a new system of detecting on which places people can really see cum
– Added wet wipes to the Dime Time. The main character has 20 wet wipes from the start
– Now, you can “check cum stains” on you in restrooms (this option appears only when you have cum on you). Use wet wipes to clean yourself or … lick it off with your tongue (you need 30 Corruption for this)!
– Changed layout in a few passages to make them look better
– Now, you can be impregnated by animals if the bestiality is enabled in settings!
– Now you can start a new game with multiple start perks
– Changed pregnancy system a bit. I hope this will fix related bugs
– Added fertility pills! They increase the chance of successful impregnating by 30% (ask in pharmacy store). Like birth control pills, the effect lasts one day, and it works only when pregnancy is enabled in settings
– Fixed the exit link in the Night Club: Looking for troubles passage
– Added a small scene to the Night Club. When you are “looking for troubles,” two guys may take an interest in you

I love you all, and don’t you dare think otherwise! Here is my email if you need to talk to someone these cold nights: <3

Homelands: Making the first location design~

Project Patreon

Hi there! These two weeks I spent preparing for my University. Tomorrow is a tough day, but I think I’m ready for it:3

I’m talking with the second programmer and .. maybe he’ll be useful to us in a month or so. He’s an eager man, and that’s my weakness:) The first one (who’s doing the main job now) already finished the auto-generating level design. In a week (or earlier – now I must include studying in my schedule, you know. This makes things complicated), I’ll give him another task. Maybe it’ll be writing AI for enemies.

Remember the girl who was working on the characters’ design? I like her style so much that I asked her to draw a concept of a few locations. Now I have two pics from her, but they still need to be finished (for now, these pics show the main design of the game, and I want her to expand these pics and turn them into detailed locations design). Tomorrow I’ll text a boy who was working on tiles. He finished the task a day ago. And maybe he’ll start to work on the very first location! 

Okay, I don’t want to list everything. It will expand this post greatly:) Just the main things will be enough, I guess. I wish good luck to all students and their parents! Thanks for giving me support in such trying times<3

Young Maria v11.6.0! Fixing, fixing, fixing…

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Hellop, everyone! These weeks I spent on bug-fixing mostly. Worked on Problem Solver, tried to fix School and pregnancy errors. I can’t say they are gone, but I tried my best. And I know how everything works now!

Also, I was fixing my site. It’s not that old but already needs a lot of attention and manual control. A few plugins were removed, and some were updated. It seems there are no conflicts now, but I’m not so sure.

UPD 11.6.0
– School WCs no longer teleport you to the Night Club (I wish we had such bugs in real life)
– Now you can make abort in Family Bitch mode. It will cost the same $700
– Changed the pregnancy chance checking system. This will allow to increase/decrease the chance easier in the future (I have one idea..)
– I removed one anti-grind system implemented by someone without my knowledge
– Fixed the error that caused that pop-up window in the “Mother after dad’s laps” scene
– Made a few cosmetic changes
– Fixed an error with infinitely masturbating brother
– Added a small secret you need to find (it’s not that hard and pretty useless)
– Hid some code players don’t need to see (my bad)
– Removed a few webcam options from the list of what you can do on cam
– Now training will take only 30 points of Energy, and showering at the gym doesn’t require shampoo. I also started to work on an NSFW scene there, but it’s not finished yet
– Added another 6 gifs to webcam actions

Okay, that’s it. I hope you are ready for autumn:3 Remember that the air is getting colder. Don’t get sick!

Homelands: First concepts and characters design

Project Patreon

Hello, people! These two weeks were eventful, so I’ll state just a few of them.

I found many concept artists (not the perfect ones, sadly), and they are drawing the base concepts of every location in the game now. Also, I’m trying to find a good style for this project. You know, color, how many pixels there will be… I found a brilliant girl who can create good-looking character designs, so she’s working on the main character, all furry kinds, and human designs. I wait for her to finish at least something so another boy can create characters in pixel style. Talking about this boy, tomorrow I’ll ask him to start working on tiles. I like how he draws grass:)

The second part of the project is the programmer. Nothing interesting here – we lost contact for a week, plus he was finishing another project… He’s still working on the automation generation of fighting locations level design. Today we discussed the changing of the main character’s height and decided to make it a bit higher.

Talking about other events, my project manager had to leave, but we are still talking and sharing ideas like friends^^ And I expanded the design document a bit. Now it has 20 pages! I know it’s still a small document, but people say that it has everything they need.

Okay, see you in two weeks, boys and girls! Love you all!

Young Maria v11.5.0! First soundtrack!!

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Hi, everybody! Sorry for no sign for a long time. I had some problems, but I hope they are in the past now:) In this update, you’ll hear the very first soundtrack created for this game. It was made by Anfim and is 13 minutes long! I hope you like ambient.

I also spent … a week?.. trying to create a damned volume changer, and I succeeded! Go check it out in the new menu item – Music. I think I’ll add some design to that passage later.

I tried to do some fixes in this update. I failed in some cases, just wasting more precious time, but I still fixed some small bugs to give you at least something. For now, I’m hunting down the bug that causes that “Unknown class” error (in the school). Also, trying to find errors in the pregnancy system.

UPD 11.5.0
– A new menu item was added: Music! I spent GODDAMN DAYS, and you finally can change volume and soundtracks!
– Added the first soundtrack by Daniel (a.k.a. Anfim)! It won’t play from the beginning, so you need to start the song in the Music menu. It’s 13 minutes long, by the way:)
– Added a scene by Melonmallow. In Night Club, you will be able to “Look for troubles” if you are drunk (60 intoxication) and lewd (60 corruption) enough. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with a quick outside fun;3
– Now you can wash your hands and legs in school WCs (both girls and boys)
– Some variables, layout errors, and typos were fixed
– Now, whenever you apply makeup and new lips color, you’ll be “notified” about the changes
– Now, no makeup still gives you +2 to attractiveness and any lipstick – +5
– Now you can see the link “Buy lewd stuff” (in the Laptop) if your corruption is higher than 40
– Tried to fix the broken pics of magazines in the brother’s room. Now there are 4 of them, and the phantom fifth one… is still broken, yep
– Added 7 new gifs for webcam actions

It’s not much, but I did my best, comrades! See you in two weeks!:3

Homelands: Last changes, what’s going on here~

Project Patreon

Hi, everybody! There weren’t many changes for these two weeks, to be honest. We (our project manager, me, and the programmer) are simply working together.

We changed a few concept artists, by the way. About.. 6 at least. One boy is trying his best to understand our wishes, and he even showed his drawing to us! But he never agreed on publishing this picture, so, you know.. Wait till he finishes it:) I really hope he’ll become a part of the team!

Also, the programmer finished working on the controls for both PC and mobile players. Now he’s working on the automatic fighting level generation. I guess it will take some decent time, but… I don’t really know. I never did this by myself.

I finally installed Unity! With some help, I managed to get access to the project! Now I’m trying to understand how everything works there without messing things up (I failed today). Here comes the most boring part – reading documentation. But, for the good of everyone, I’ll do it:3

Young Maria v11.4.0! Can I call it a “team version”? Maybe

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The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Hi, people! I got a lot of scenes, code, and advice the last week, so all this time, I was sewing things together:) Today I want to tell you about the latest problem some players ran into. I need your help!

Some antiviruses warn users about YM files or my site as virus keepers. First of all, that’s not true. I’m an honest programmer, and I am interested in you enjoying my games. I think the problem is in JavaScript that some defenders block automatically, marking the file as a trojan. What to do? Stop antivirus before downloading the game. It’s a common practice, really!

But I want to solve this problem, and I need the information you receive in the warnings. Because all my security programs don’t trigger… So I would be very grateful if you send me as much information as possible via Discord (, email (, or in the comments. I need 1) Your system, 2) The warning message, 3) The antivirus name (or browser, if it warned you), 4) The YM version (the number and was it Online, downloaded Online\Offline). I’m kindly asking for your help, boys and girls:3

UPD 11.4.0
– Now you can drink coffee once a day in the Kitchen. It restores 25 Energy (by ZMorpheus10)
– A small improvement in the displaying of “info” links in the character creation paragraph (by ZMorpheus10)
– Now you stay at school after a scene with your classmate during a lesson (ин ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the link in the Bar. Now when you go out, you … go out, not teleport straight into the Living room (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the HaveASexWidget input in a few scenes (the ones with brother) (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the entering School location error (the unknown class error) (by ZMorpheus10)
– All start corruption points for sister and brother were increased by 5 (from 0, 5, 10 to 5, 10, 15)
– Speaking of start Сorruption, I fixed this. Now brother and sister get their start Corruption points correctly
– Now you can’t sleep at 8 AM. Yes, it’s impossible to skip a few days in a row now
– Added a huge amount of mini-scenes by Rachael in the Webcam activities description. Some of them have gifs
– Added a bestiality scene by Plaze. To see in, play with Max in the Park in the FB mode

I hope you will enjoy the new version! See you later! (And I love you all, remember this~)

Homelands: The base of main character and locations is ready!

Project Patreon

Hello, everyone! These weeks were really hot, but I’m happy that I managed to get a good team earlier. My programmer and the project manager are working hard, and we already created some base for the whole game. The main character can run, jump, fall, make close and range attacks, etc. All locations (including the fighting ones and a special room) were created, too.

There is still no news from the animator or the game designer, so I try to find new ones. And an artist as well. A lady friend of mine wants to help us, by the way. And maybe she will.

P.S.: All pictures will be changed in the future! They are here just for an example:)