Month: February 2021

Young Maria v9.8.0! Spring is coming..

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi there! I hope you all have a good weekend and are ready to greet spring! I’m a bit tired of the cold myself… Okay, back to business! This week was good for work, and I managed to work both on YM and the site.

Talking about my team, Rachael made two amazing scenes for the detention event (male and female teachers). And we are talking with Plaze about feminizing brother. There are only plans for now, but maybe we will work on this part more seriously.

And my site’s files are wasted. I have no idea why, but some got corrupted, and I can’t repair them. Also, I can’t upload new ones or manage URLs. Interesting, right? I’m so tired of my helplessness, to be honest… Also, I found out that Russian banks don’t have IBAN codes, which prevents me from using a lot of cool European plugins to run my ‘internet shop.’ Anyway, I keep working on everything and I hope you’ll enjoy the new version of YM :3

UPD 9.8.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Now, when you start with the Family Bitch perk, the farm is already discovered + you have 50 points of relationship with Ralf, and you didn’t see the very first scene with him (when you obtain the collar) + granddad has already seen you with him
– Added a new item to the Dog girl magazine – a realistic dog dildo. Use it to add some FB Corruption for 20 Energy. The only blowjob is available for now
– Now, you can use the cheat codes menu on your Smartphone while in FB mode. The cheat for Corruption will add FB Corruption points (but only in FB mode!)
Other changes:
– Added gifs for a Library scene. The one you see when reading erotic books
– Increased the chance to get pregnant. Base chance – 5% instead of 1% and 15% instead of 2% if you started with the “Blessed mother” perk (you don’t have to restart the game)
– Now reading in the Library is not so useless. For 30 points of Energy (instead of 20) you can choose a new book – ‘Social literature’ and it will give you +1 to all family members’ Relationship. Also, I changed the structure of this passage to add more books easier in the future
– Added two scenes by Rachael. When you go to the school detention with non-consensual content enabled and not corrupted enough, you’ll see the rape scenes (with male and female teachers). This counts as a ‘first interaction,’ and you won’t see the standard first scene

Well, see you next weekend, like always! Don’t get cold<3


Young Maria v9.7.0! A lewd magazine~

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello! As I promised, this week, I was working more on YM, and I managed to make all this update by myself! Except for a new big scene by Rachael. Middlewared is still resting, and Plaze is deadly busy with his work, sadly. I have only two exams left, and soon I’ll be back<3 (I really miss days when I was totally free and could make great updates)

A couple of days ago, I was trying to fix the error with some pics. A plugin damaged them. Sadly, I have to fix the whole folder with gifs and pics somehow. Still thinking about the best way to do this. I have one friend who can help me, so I hope it’s not a big problem. Also, I’m gonna hire a new guy to fix my site. It’s still very, very rusty!

UPD 9.7.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Fixed the ‘if’ clause in the Park. Now you can’t go out while in FB mode
– Fixed the scene with Max (the park dog)
– Changed the Bedroom appearance a bit. Also, now playing with the ball takes 2 hours, instead of 4
– Added a Dog girl magazine to the Bedroom. There you can “acquire” some pet things absolutely free. But you need to reach the required amount of FB Corruption points for this
– For example, you can get the Dog bowl if you have more than 10 FB Corruption points. It restores 20 points of Energy once a day
– Also, there you can find the Canine lube item. It makes your pussy smell like a dog one. It has no particular benefits for now
Other changes:
– Removed the ‘End Game’ warning in the Bedroom. You saw it in the last days of pregnancy
– Added a new scene by Rachael. Remember that detention scene in the school? Now you can meet a female teacher with a 50% chance. You must have 50 points of Corruption to have sex with her

I hope you have a good end of winter. See you next weekend!


Young Maria v9.6.0! Want some scenes? Here you go!

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, everyone! This week was a rough one. I won’t complain about my problems. Just.. sorry, and I’ll be a better developer next time. I promise:3

My team almost totally made this update. A huge thank you to them! And I wanted to tell you about the gifs in the library section. I know that they don’t work – the thing is, the whole related folder is missed from online hosting. I don’t know how this possible, but I’m working on this. I have one idea how I can fix this, so wish me good luck..

All the next week I’ll spend passing more exams (already preparing for them), but there’s a chance I’ll get sick because of my roommate and in this case, I’ll be able to work more! Okay, time for the changelog.

UPD 9.6.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Added a scene by Plaze – Playing with brother in FB mode. Just beg him to play more with you, and you’ll get what you want! And, if you have a non-consent setting turned on, you have a 20% chance of getting the more interesting part of this scene
– Added ability to go to the Park while you are walking
– And there you can meet another scene by Plaze. Turn bestiality on, get more than 40 points of FBCorruption and play with your new friend – dog Max! There are two scenes, actually
Other changes:
– Added a scene by Rachael – Father is Ron (for the giving birth event)
– Another scene – Father is Jerry
– And another – Father is stranger
– An update in the system that prevents save files crash (by Middlewared)

Wish me good luck and see you all next weekend!

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day<3


Young Maria v9.5.0! Better, bigger, stronger~

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi, everyone! I’m in a rush right now, so let me be quick.I still work on my site this week (fixing old bugs, exploring new ones, you know…). I read articles by Google and trying to get used to its developer tools. They are so useful! I never was a web developer, but I’m growing in this direction, too. Plus, I got some help from my old friend, the true web developer.

Also, I met a young musician two days ago. Maybe he could write a song or two for YM in the future. But.. something keeps telling me that this is not a good idea. He’s way too young and inexperienced. 

UPD 9.5.0
Family Bitch mode update:
– Fixed the lack of energy to do anything. Yes, again. Did it in the brother room, living room, and parents room
– Also, you won’t see the regular brother schedule while you are in FB mode
– Changed the Police dog rape scene a bit. And moved it to another paragraph (only programmers will notice this)
– I set a new limit for FB Corruption – 100 points (instead of 50). Plus, you can’t get more than 100 now
– Added a new small scene by Plaze. If you have more than 20 points of FB Corruption and lucky enough (20% chance), you can see an “invitation” to have a nap on the couch. This scene is available only in the Family Bitch mode
Other changes:
– Fixed the endless vitamins
– Fixed the tip variable error in a couple of places (including the Threesome event)
– I set limits for some more stats (family Corruption and Relationship stats, mostly)
– Finally, I added pics to the Dog scene in the Park
– Fixed a lot of typos here and there
– Added a scene for Library. When you read erotic books, you can masturbate or meet a guy and have sex with him (blowjob or vaginal). These scenes have many gifs (~20)

Do you feel the breath of spring? I don’t. Okay, see you next weekend, people;3


Young Maria v9.4.0! A big work

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, comrades! This week is hell because of the amount of time spent on the site ( I added and removed many plugins, paid services for help with it, learned different things, rewrote and installed certificates, changed hostings, replaced whole sites, played with redirecting, etc. So if you run into some problem with my site, know that Milkynail is already trying to fix it somewhere in Russia. I’m neither a good programmer nor a web specialist, but I’m doing my best! And I’m proud of it:3

By the way, if you have a downloaded Online version and new pics are not loading, please update it. I’m trying to shut down properly, but it will take some time even with the help of Google bot. Yeah, it affects pics. And updating will help, I promise.

UPD 9.4.0
Family Bitch changes:

– I improved some pieces of text
– Also, I fixed the kitchen schedule a bit (the lack of energy error)
– Added the ability to jump into Family Bitch mode right from the beginning (in perks)
– Fixed a collar displaying. Yes, again..
– Added a Family Bitch section in the Help menu
– Now you can’t use your phone while Family Bitch mode is active
– Also, I changed the Bay Window location a bit. For now, you only can stare outside, but I think it’s a good place to add a scene or two in the future
– Added a scene by Plaze. When you walk outside in FB mode, there’s a 20% chance to meet a police officer and to have fun with his dog. Bestiality and non-consent fetishes must be turned on to see this scene!
Other changes:
– Hid some dead links to not existing paragraphs
– Also, I improved the training with the brother paragraph (just a bit, totally nothing interesting)
– Added a scene by Rachael. Now, if your baby’s father is Jack, you will see a rich scene with a good or bad reaction
– Another new scene by Rachael
– A threesome event! When you are working as a “night GF” and call a young man over to your place, there is a 20% chance (if you have 70 or more Corruption points and your dad has 50 or more of them) to run into it. As you could guess, your father catches you in the middle of the night and decides to join the fun

Okie, I hope you guys having a good time. See you next weekend!;3