Month: November 2021

Young Maria v2.0.0.0c! Family, icons, Hospital, Cafe, schedules…

Try v2.0.0.0c online

Please read the warning on the very first page of the game!

Hello, people! I’m happy to say that I somewhat finished the family part – its base, to be precise. I also added two new locations: Hospital and Cafe. And added icons… Well, you all read the headline, so let’s jump straight into the list of changes, shall we?:3

UPD v2.0.0.0c
– Cleaned up a lot of stuff in StoryCaption and other paragraphs, added a bunch of new ones. Added some useful utility widgets and stuff…
– Cooking now takes 5 minutes for simple food and 10 for complex ones. Now you eat food for 5 minutes and 10 minutes if you are eating with family.
– Added icons for the following stats: attractiveness, hygiene, sperm on the body, food, intoxication, fatigue (22:00-23:59), pregnancy. They can be used by mobile players (clicking on them) and PC players (hovering them with the mouse).
– Now you can eat breakfast, dinner, supper with the family. This action improves relationships with all family members. Also, you can help mom with supper (make sure you have any ingredients to make food!), and in the process, you may want to add maple syrup to add permanent corruption points to all family members.
– I also made a new schedule for every family member. As you can see on the attached pic, shogi pieces are shown if any family member is present in this room. You also can “see” what every family member is doing right now and where they are doing this on Smartphone. A link below will take you straight to the Help menu section with a list of schedules (there is even a schedule for you).
– Added hotkeys: left arrow – back in history, right arrow – forward, F5 – silent save, F6 – load, Esc – saves and goes to Reddit (in case of unexpected intruders, you know~).
– Mirror now shows Expanded character info, and I removed this button from the left menu.
– Added the ability to eat in the Cafe and made the Eat widget more complicated. Now you can buy food!
– In the hospital, you can increase/decrease the breast size, have an abortion, restore the hymen, apply/remove a tattoo and change the hairstyle (this system will be changed in the future, I don’t really like it).

That was a very long journey, and I hope you like the changes so far:) As you can see, the food system is implemented in the gameplay really well! Anyway, tell me about every error or typo you might find please. I do my best to test the code, but I can’t test everything, sadly.

Have a nice day, and see you in two weeks! :3


Homelands: All kinds sketch

Project’s Patreon

Hello, people!First of all, let me remind you that I’m currently rebuilding YM (my main project), and I put all my efforts into it. One or two people are working on Homelands right now. This rebuild will take a decent amount of time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, today I want to show you another sketch from miss Taso, an artist. She showed how she sees a few kinds of anthro animals you can meet in the game. We also discussed a race of birds – we both like owls, so maybe this race will be presented just by them:)


Young Maria v2.0.0.0b! A new food system! And I finished the boring part~

Try v2.0.0.0b online

Please read the warning on the very first page of the game!

Hello, everybody! First of all, I congratulate you on the end of the boring part. Clothes and food systems were two the biggest and toughest parts I finally finished. Now comes more juicy content like school and family stuff…

The second thing I want to tell you is a big thank you to everyone who gave me material and advice this month. I store everything I can on Desktop, and this pile of docs is getting bigger every week! Special thanks to Charlotte and Mrs. Kisoc:)

Now, back to the progress I made. After a quick depression session, I somewhat finished the “mainChar” stats, then changed “HaveASexWidget”, created a new utility widget “RealTimer” and so on. I also added placeholders for Hospital and Cafe – two new locations.

I’ll be quick about food. This system is goddamn huge, and you do want to check out the help link I left in the Kitchen -> Cooking. This is your workspace, yep. You can gather growing ingredients and condiments at the house Garden, in Park, on the Beach, on the Farm, or buy everything in Lexena Market. Then go to Kitchen -> Cooking and cook something. Add condiments to make it better. Every food will give you a temporary stats boost or some Energy.

P.S.: So many people asked me, and now you have it. Home-made beer!

Okie, now it’s time to rest. I’m so damn proud of myself.. See you people in two weeks. Love you all.
(Stay home, remember?)


Homelands: Another kind of kobolds in concept art~

Project’s Patreon

Hellop, everyone! I hope you are doing okay (and staying home at these trying times). First of all, let me tell you again that my main project, Young Maria, is rebuilding. And I pay full attention to it. And I do everything I can to speed up the process. Thank you for understanding<3

Anyway, one girl (thank you, Taso) is currently creating the game’s style. A few days ago, I received a new concept art drawing from her. You can see it below.

Well, I guess that’s it. Wish me good luck and see you soon!


Young Maria v2.0.0.0a! A new clothes system you can try!

Try v2.0.0a online

Please read the warning on the very first page!

Hello, boys and girls! Today you’ll see the very early version of a new Young Maria, and I’m really happy that I’m able to show you something:) You won’t be able to see many changes, and a vast amount of (temporarily?) removed content will terrify you, but.. I want you to see what I achieved. Let me bring a small list of changes:

  • Some of the body slots were removed, some turned into new ones, and some added. You’ll be able to see it in the game
  • Erotic accessories were replaced with piercings
  • You can see semen stains on the body now. I decided to leave five “cum slots”: face, body (breasts), groin, in vagina, and in anus. Yes, now you can see creampies! (Spoiler, you can hide them by wearing pants/shorts)
  • You’ll meet new requirements for buying stuff in shops: you must have enough corruption or intellect points to buy lewd or smart-looking clothes. I’ll develop this new stat later
  • In shops and the wardrobe, you’ll be able to look at clothes on a mannequin now. It copies your character’s eyes and hair, but not breasts size

The current version of YM is definitely not playable, and I want you to check out just one thing – clothes. So, thank you for understanding:) Don’t use old saves. Just go to Lexena Market, where I left some temporary built-in cheat links. Then go to the wardrobe and experiment with some cheat links there. I hope you’ll like the changes:3

See you in a couple of weeks. Don’t get cold<3