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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for not releasing v2.2.1.0 last weekend. A lot of things happened, but I kept working. Well, I have a lot to say, let me start.

First of all, I changed our Trello board. Now it’s a place for writers to work on scenes or submit ideas for scenes. Also, I created a list of different rules for them. Some writers are already working on scenes. (Wanna be a writer? Reach me in any way~)

Secondly, I’m moving YM v2 from “…” to “…”. Old YM goes to “…”. This includes all related download links.

Thirdly, I somewhat finished the comic that will help people to merge Main Pics Folder and Offline Pics Folder. Who drew the main character? MidJuChan did. I added this comic into the game and both pics folders.

– Moved all YM v2 to “…” directory (instead of “…”. Moved old YM completely to “…” directory.
– Added a small comic about how to merge the Main Pics Folder and the Offline Pics Folder. You can see links to it on the start page and in the “Options” menu, next to the game version. Also, now you can meet this comic in and
– Slightly cleaned up the code from the paragraph of the smartphone, removed an unnecessary link
– Corrected pictures in the paragraphs: “Smartphone”, “Read a book”, “Character body”, “School canteen” (by elRoig)
– Removed an accidentally left variable from the “Play with Ralf” passage and closed the “if” clause in “Bad & Stats” (by elRoig)
– Changed the “HaveASexWidget” passage. Now, in order to get pregnant, you need to finish into the vagina (“inpussy”), regardless of the type of sex. This widget will be heavily redesigned in the future as it is not flexible enough for this game (by elRoig)
– Fixed the “eternal Monday” bug. I had to rewrite the progression of days widget and it turned out so well that this system now works perfectly! Now, the day changes right at midnight. Yes, this system worked differently earlier…
– Thanks to the new day progression system, the player can now sleep at any time. But if he goes to bed before 8:00, the day remains the same.
– Fixed the issue with the Logo on the start page.
– Fixed the farmer working process. Now everything works normally.
– Worked a little on the bathroom. Fixed the shower bug. Now “relaxing in the bath” requires one shampoo, restores 10 Energy, and this action takes 30 minutes. Slightly corrected washing – it now produces 10 Cleanliness every time you wash your face. Removed some if clauses and other things from the descriptions to make them look better.
– Added Cleanliness to “RegularCheck” passage to set borders, 0-100 points.

Well, that’s it. I’m dealing with my exams right now, but I really hope you’ll see another update in two weeks. Anyway, see you later:3