Month: March 2022

Young Maria v2.2.3.0! Remember Cristy?~

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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everybody! This update took me ages (well, nobody is surprised, right?) and I’m sorry for this. I was dealing with something and if you run into any problems looking through my site – please tell me.

I have an announcement to make. I’ll have to deal with my exams again in the next couple of weeks (not more, I hope). I’ll suffer, but I’ll work. May the God help me. And all of us. Okay, not let’s move to our sinful game, shall we.

– Added a small NSFW scene. You can suck off your dad while he’s reading to you (Parents’ bedroom, 17:00-18:00). This action requires 30 Corruption points and 30 Relationship, contains 4 new gifs, and you receive 1 Corruption point and 1 Relationship.
– Added small replies of schoolboys and schoolgirls onto your presence in the school boys\girls restrooms. You’ll see 5 different reactions, depending on your Reputation.
– Added a medium size scene by ZeeMental and me. 00:00-4:00 there’s a 30% chance (once a day check) to meet your mom in the kitchen, playing with a cucumber. If you have 40 Corruption and 40 Relationship with her, you can offer her some help and see the scene (and 4 new gifs).
– Added three small scenes by Joshi. With a 25% chance, you may run into a strange sound in the school restrooms. It requires: 20 Corruption to help a girl with fingers (4 new gifs); 20 Corruption to help a boy with your pussy (3 gifs); 40 Corruption to help a boy with your ass (4 gifs).
– Added a HaveASexWidget to the scene with mom at the kitchen (“Midnight snack”).
– Added 5 “study events” to P.E. classes. One of them is a tiny scene of a boy, betting that he is faster than you are. If [Random number from 1 to 100 + your Fitness] is more than 50, then you won! The bet is $5.
– Now you can join your brother in his room when he is doing exercises at 17:00 every day. This requires 30 points of Energy, and you receive 2 points of Fitness.
– Added 4 “socializing events” to P.E. classes. One of them (showing your butt to a staring guy) will give you 1 Corruption point.
– Now you can eat with your brother in the school canteen. This will add 1 Relationship point. Pro tip: you can leave your meal untouched if you want to eat alone or with another person later~
– If you haven’t met Cristy yet, she will appear with 30% chance when you’ll try to eat your lunch with brother! I added the related line for Relationship stat with her to the Bag & Stats menu and added it to the Regular Check (borders: 0 and 100 points).
– If you have met Cristy already, you can invite her to have a lunch together. This will improve your Relationship with her, yes.
– Now lunches in canteen start at 10:50. Right after the second class.
– Added a small scene with brother (5 new gifs). You can tease him while you eat with him in the school canteen. This action requires 30 Corruption and 40 Relationship points. And in return, you get 1 Corruption, 1 Relationship and 1 Reputation point.

Hope you like this update. Be safe, people, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks;3


Young Maria v2.2.2.0! The first bunch of scenes!

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Download  Online/Offline version | Main Pics Folder for Offline version

Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! The last couple of weeks were a pure bizarre. I didn’t manage to pass many exams and stopped this process for some time. And when I came home, I started working! And I hope you’ll like this update. Yes, I began to add scenes, finally :3

But firstly, I must make a proclamation. I’m fine, safe and sound, working. I have a couple of problems with my hosting provider and platforms, actually, but none of them will affect you. I’m working on this, and if anything goes wrong – I’ll tell you.

Secondly – welcome to our new writers: ZeeMental, Joshi, and INSERT COIN! They are eager to help, and I hope we will hear from them soon:3

– Now there are no brother/mom/dad Corruption points. Remained brother/mom/dad Relationship points, which replaced Corruption points
– Added a scene. When Maria is bathing in the shower, her brother/mom/dad can drop in and offer to “rub her back.” I took it from Old YM and remade it. I also added a scene with the brother.
– Now you can join brother/dad/mom while they shower. You need 50 Relationship points with them and 30 (your) Corruption points. You will see the same scene as if they were joining you.
– Added a scene. When you’re watching TV and the lewd moment comes up, you can say something horny to the family members. This action requires 20 Corruption points.
– Restored and slightly changed the Watch TV passage. Now it takes 10 minutes, and you can’t watch TV from 9 to 11 and from 12 to 16 when the parents are not at home.
– Added a scene (by me & Plaze). From 22:00 to 23:59, you can walk up to your Parents’ bedroom door and hear them having sex (30% chance every day). You can peep and see a small scene with 3 new GIFs by getting 1 Corruption point. You can only watch once a day.
– School lessons (except P.E.) now give 1 Intellect point, and P.E. gives 3 Fitness points.
– Added a big scene by Emma. You can find it on the Beach while sunbathing. It requires 25 Beauty points and has a 20% chance to be triggered. A girl (Anne) comes to you, and after a quick chat, you have lesbian sex right on the beach. This scene has 4 new gifs.
– Changed Family Schedule Widgets. It’s complicated, but now it’s possible to put action links in these widgets without adding a ton of code every time.
– Now you can join dad when he is reading a book (17:00-18:00, Parent’s bedroom). This action requires 5 Energy and gives you 1 Relationship point and 1 Intellect point.
– Now you can join mom when she is working in the Garden (16:00-17:00, Garden). This action requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points and 2 Fitness points.
– Now you can play on the computer (“in the dark room”) with your brother every day at 22:00 in his room. It requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points. Also, you can play with him on weekends, 12:00-14:00.
– Added a “new” stat – Reputation at school. Added it to the regular check as well (min. 0, max. 100 points). Reputation grows when you socialize at school.
– Added 5 tiny scenes for studying at school. They are pretty small and affect nothing yet.
– Added 2 tiny scenes for socializing at school. One of them adds 1 Corruption point.

Here’s the list of changes. God bless you in these trying times, and see you in two weeks, folks! :3