Month: May 2022

Important message! Changes!

Well hello there. I want everyone to read this post, because it contains important stuff. First of all, sorry for being away for so long. It won’t happen again and soon I’ll tell you why!

First change: I’m making a pause (temporary!) with Young Maria. It’s still my main project and I know you love it. But I also see that fans are bored since I work on this game for solid 4 years! And I’m also deadly tired and need a fresh air.

Second change: Since I decided to make such pause, I started to work on my other projects and even started a new SFW one to get to know Unity. I’m a developer and I want to improve my skills! Face challenges! Make cool games! And I feel myself live again. More about this – below.

Third change: I’m still trying to make a working code so I can use SubscribeStar and Patreon APIs to make just three subscription tiers, but universal ones. So a subscriber can have access to every my project he’d like (even old ones, like Simply Gloryhole or Forest Fairytales). I’m trying my best here so you can change your subscription plan as soon as possible.

Fourth change: Since I’m working on something besides Young Maria, I can return to Patreon! It’s a big move to me. Some of new fans may wonder, so I’ll answer: YM was blocked from Patreon because of extreme fetishes. And if I’ll add these three universal subscription tiers, I’ll have to leave BuyMeACoffee, Gumroad, Boosty. They don’t have APIs to work with. But it’s just thoughts for now!

So, what was I doing all this time? A lot happened and still happening, but it doesn’t even matter. YM is a great game, but I’m so tired of it that I barely could force myself to work on it… So I decided to take a pause. And now I’m working hard again:) I spend days and nights on studying, talking with programmers, fighting with artists, learning C# and writing design documents (and I’m getting pretty good at this~). Pic below is related to this new SFW project.

I know that almost all of you are fans of YM. But I also see that less and less people really play it today. So why don’t we stop for a moment and try something new, hm? Thank you all for being with me all this time. Making changes is always scary as hell. Why don’t you mention me in our Discord server ( and tell me what you are thinking about this?

With love,
MilkyNail (MariaMod)


Young Maria v2.2.6.0! Crime mechanics! Well, the base~

Play online
Download  Online/Offline version | Main Pics Folder for Offline version

Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! These weeks I spent mostly on implementing crime mechanics and working with my friend on SubscribeStar API. Yes, I want to make subscriptions that will work better and faster for players. I also want to change subscription tiers themselves! It’s just plans, but keep that in mind, please.

Okay, time to say a word about the new mechanics. I worked on them a huge amount of time. It may look pretty simple for you, but the system itself is very good and now I can add a lot of different crime scenes in the game easily! I won’t tell you all details except what you have to know. I’d love to hear your ideas about what we can do with this new system! I have a certain scheme right now, sure, but I never forget good advice.

– Added three new variables: beautyBoost, fitnessBoost, intellectBoost. All of them are being used in crime mechanics. They are changing every turn and have no min. or max. borders.
– Added a «link for crimes». It has the following structure: The link text + The amount of tries allowed + The result of try (Success/Fail/Crit fail) + The crime with info about it + The basic chance of success and the Beauty/Fitness/Intellect bonus (the stat/2). Also, the “crime scene” has a hidden success paragraph and sometimes a Crit fail paragraph. Crit fail (always 15% chance, can be changed later) means that you were caught or you broke your tools or whatever.
– If you were caught you are going to have a talk with a policeman. He lists the crimes and you will have to pay the fines and/or go to Jail for a few days (depends on the crimes). If you are going to the Jail, you will be changed into the start clothes and your Relationship with parents will decrease a bit. Maybe I’ll add prison robes or something later.
– Jail is a bit empty right now. All you can do there is to sit and sleep. Nothing interesting. For now!
– Added a list of crimes. You can watch it in the Help menu. It has only Pickpocketing in it for now, but the whole list will be remade later, of course.
– Added seven crime-related widgets: CrimesList, CrimeNumbersToWords, CrimeWarning, CrimeSentence, CrimeChance, CrimeTry, CrimeTimer. It was rather hard. All of them make the base of these new mechanics and work altogether. I tried to make them both functional and compact.
– You can try new crime mechanics in the Bedroom. The last link will bring you to the temporary passage, where you will be able to try Pickpocketing, Crit fail, Jail and so on.

Well, like I said, it’s just a start. A base. It was a certain success and I hope you will enjoy the result as much as I enjoy the process. See you in two weeks;3