Month: August 2022

Homelands! Soon there’ll be demo + progress

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Hello, boys and girls! I’m here to tell you more about progress on Homelands. After these two weeks I’m full of hope! It seems soon we’ll be ready to show you at least something interactive. Yes, interactive, I can’t say “playable”.

So, what have we done in these two weeks so far? I found two new 2D artists, discovered a style I’d like to see (both for NPCs and landscapes\surroundings). We had to redraw all enemies, but finished the hub landscape in the old style. We’ll deal with it later. One artist is working on redrawing all house images right now. We need them in a higher resolution.

We now have about 5 different animations of one enemy and 3 animations of another one. Talking about finished pics of enemies, there are 6 of them now. And one artist is working on the “main character” as I write this post. There will be a male and a female versions of it.

What about programming stuff? My friend has almost finished the auto generation of the fight locations. It was a very long way! And there’s much more work to do. He’s also worked on dialogs, finished menu, added a now text font style and I’m almost ready to give him new cool looking buttons for menu.

And we are both learning how to add and set post-effects to improve the final look of the game. We noticed that it’s a very important part.

As you can see, the work is going. Creating games is not very hard, but it’s hard to create them for the first time. You make a lot of mistakes and they cost you a lot of time and money. I’m happy to have your support and I must say that all of my income is going into this new project now 😅

Thank you for your help and see you soon!


Homelands~ Main location demo + visual style

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Rise and shine! Today I’d like to show you something we’ve been working on for about two weeks. It’s a main location in a style that.. well, that will be our visual style! As you can see, only two first layers are drawn properly. That’s because this picture is huge and it needs some decent time to be finished. Anyway, right now we are making assets out of it.

Since this visual style is not matching the style of characters, I’ve asked another artist to draw them in a different style. We will try something more simple and with less details. Oh, and yes, we have already finished four enemies for now. It’s time to develop the right style and redraw them quickly. Yes, no one is doing that this way. But this is my first 2D project and I learn by making mistakes.

A programmer has finished UI (start menu, pause, and disclaimer) and is working on automatic generation of locations now. We will use it a lot in the future. Consider it a main feature of the game.

Well, I hope the visual style will be finished quite soon. It is a milestone I’d love to left behind and not just because it’s a lot of work. It also allows me to hire more artists and let them work simultaneously. Anyway, see you soon, people!