Month: November 2022

Homelands! “Autumn for Depression” chapter

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Hello, everyone! Sadly, these two weeks were pretty depressed. One artist and an animator have left us for a couple of weeks because of family problems. Not very good timing, what can I say… Later I found a new animator, but he just started to work. Anyway, let’s see what we have.

We managed to finish horses for sex scenes before an artist left us. They are ready to be animated, but it will take some time.

Like I said before, there is a new animator in the team! He’s working on main character’s attack animations right now. What will be next in the list of tasks? A few simple UI animations and more sex scenes, I suppose.

The title of the game and a picture for loading animation are ready, too. Simple tasks, but they need to be done.

Dialogs are finished! Our programmer made everything we wanted, so they are finally done. It was a big and ugly task and I’m happy with the outcome. He also made save and load systems. It took some decent time as well.

Remember the artist who is working on the main location? She finished two more layers already and is working on the last ones. Well, one of them is especially big and will take at least a week.

Not very productive weeks, but I’m happy with our new animator. He’s working super fast and that’s just great, thinking about amount of things we need to get moving! See you soon!


Homelands! Sex animations and stuff!

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Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope you had a nice Halloween night~ I sure did! These two weeks were tiresome. For some strange reason every member of our team had some problems that took time. Anyway, we managed to do a lot of work. Let’s start.

First of all, now we have animated sex scenes! We have male and female kobolds in active and passive roles, doggy style. Each scene has an animated pre-scene, first act, second act and post-scene. Oh, and we made both vaginal and anal sex. Oh, and there are animations for women with cocks and passive males.

We finished kobolds and almost ready to start working on horses. Here’s a little peek on the process. They are going to be cut and animated in a few days. And no, we didn’t forget about skin spots.

Homelands will become a demo (or an alpha?..) quite soon and I asked my artists to make me a new logo and a banner for Patreon and SubscribeStar pages. Here’s the banner. Not finished yet, but quite beautiful!

I’m finishing my work on in-game dialogues. Oh, that’s a rather complicated system and I won’t bother you with a really long description of how this works. Just remember that dialogues already took me two weeks and this is not more than a beginning~

And here’s a peek on new attack animations for main character. Almost 30% of the whole process is done. It’s a “charged” sword attack, the second one after a regular swing.

An artist that is working on the main location (the Hub) managed to finish another layer – the ground one. It’s really nice, but I won’t show it because of the size. You’ll see it next time with more new details, anyway.

Well, that’s it! I hope I didn’t forget anything. It seems the “demo” of this game will be published really soon and you can imagine my excitement. Anyway, see you all in two weeks!