Month: February 2023

Homelands! Porn scenes, sounds, new enemy

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Hello, everyone! Now it’s a month since we began to work on the new locations. Two versions of one location, to be precise. One for battles, another one for NPCs, like I wrote in the previous post. Let’s see what we managed to accomplish so far!

An artist is still working on the concept art of the location. Sadly, she has some technical problems and the drawing is still in process.

Animator has finished working on sex animations. The second artist is working on the last NPC we.. forgot about. Yeah. It needs to be prepared for animations first.

Meanwhile the last NPC is being prepared, animator has finished the last enemy for that particular location and now it can fly, attack, and does everything an enemy can do. Oh, it’s a bird, yes. An eagle.

Another artist has finished tiles. The programmer will try them in action soon. We need to write code for them first or to buy an asset in the store. The next task for this artist is to draw some cosmetic sprites of objects that will be “buried” in ground.

I also found a new person, he’s a sound designer. He has some real experience and now we have a lot of cool new sounds. I’m very happy about the result, but it’s now a task for the programmer to add them to the game and adjust the volume properly.

The progress is going! Another big thank you for support and I’m happy to say that all team members now know what to do, after finishing the main location. The work is going much smoother than in autumn. You’ll hear from me again in two weeks. Be safe!


Homelands! New tasks, new locations~

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Hello, everyone! Two weeks passed since I showed you the game in it’s current state. And I’m happy with the reaction! Shortly after that, I wrote down a simple plan for next months and the work was started.

I asked my best artist to create a concept art for the next location (here’s the most basic line art we are working on). I decided to keep details in secret, but there will be a village and a fighting zone. The first one is for NPCs and sex, the second one is for enemies and… fighting! Without concept there is little we can do, so it’s need to be done.

The other artist just finished sex poses and now animator is working on them. There are four NPCs and they all need to be animated. Tomorrow we will start to make pics for enemy animations.

The third artist (a new one, by the way!) is working on tiles. It’s another big task and he’s creating something the programmer will use to code procedure generation of locations, so they always look different. It’s the very, very first steps and it took a lot of time to explain my ideas to this poor guy.

What about the programmer himself? He’s fixing bugs, trying to implement a new save\load system from Unity store and do everything he can while the artists are creating content.

I’m still in search for a sound designer. I was talking with one man about this project, but he refused after some time. I’ll try to use one good site in a few days, it will help me to find a specialist.

As you can tell, I’m at home and working, already. Happy with the result, I’m finding new people to add to the team and together we move this whole thing forward. Thank you for support and see you very soon! :3