Month: April 2023

Homelands! New houses and everything

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Hello, people! These two weeks were hard. Almost all of the team members had problems. Health, relationship, family, study problems… All kind of stuff. Anyway, I’m confident that we are going to have a big update pretty soon! I’m going to form a plan to make it as soon as possible.

So, the new location! An artist changed a few houses there to make them bigger. Plus, she made rooms inside, so now NPCs and player can enter four buildings. All fire elements (like candle flames and fire in the fireplace) were animated already.

Both male and female versions of snow leopard captives are almost ready to be animated. I’m talking about sex animations, because they already can walk and stand still.

So, the campfire for enemies I was talking in the previous post. It’s still in process, here’s a little peak on sketches. I talked with an artist today, he said that he’s fine already and is starting to work hard tomorrow.

What about programmer? He’s busy with fixing stuff and working on fighting location. Task on hand is to make enemies intelligent enough to walk on any map no matter how strange the design looks.

I really think we are able to make a big update (a public one, of course) in two weeks. It’s a big task, but something tells me that it’s possible! I know that you support me not for promises and pictures. I know that. Anyway, see you in two weeks! Hopefully, with a big juicy update.


Homelands! New location, new captives

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Hello, people! I’m very happy that the first release was successful! I received a lot of feedback and shared it with the team. Now everyone has more motivation and here’s a little peek on what’s happening behind curtain.

The new location I was talking about earlier is already implemented in the game. A guy animated all grass patches/bushes/trees and programmer built this location step by step in Unity.

One artist created gates to that settlement. And they were already animated. I ask her to work now on inside pictures of houses in the settlement, she’s working on it now. Yes, you and NPCs will be able to enter houses.

Remember captives you can “acquire” at the battlefield? Here’s a female version of the snow leopard. Male is being reworked right now. And then we will make animations of all kinds.

The third artist finished stalactites, moss, grass and bushes (guess what, it’s already animated) for battle zone. Right now the guy is working on health elements and “a campfire for enemies”.

Programmer added an ability to abort sex animations and now he’s working on procedure generation of fighting zone. He asked me to do level design stuff and … well, I’m learning it. It’s always useful to know a bit more about game development when you develop games.

Welcome to all new people and thank you for support! I hope you’ll see another interesting public release in a ~month. For now – be safe, and see you in two weeks!