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Hello everyone! This update adds three important things that I have been thinking about for a long time. First, the main End Game of max Darkness points. This event will (I hope) force players to maintain a balance between sex life and rest. Second, complex piercings. Don’t ask me why, I just wanted to add them for a long time. Third, an erotic scene between Hugo and Olivia! It didn’t turn out to be very interesting, but it added a touch of sadism to the game. Which I plan to develop further.

Of course, there is still a lot to do. But little by little we are making progress! Now let’s take a closer look at each change…

UPD v1.1.0
– Finally added the End Game. When the player reaches 100 points of Darkness, he gets a warning in a dream. If you fall asleep with 100 Darkness for the second time, it will simply ‘take’ the main character. Yes, he will not wake up, this is the end. Or you can use the autosave and try to change the course of the story. The game will also offer you to give all the money to “bribe death” and continue playing. If you choose this option, you will not be bothered by the End Game from max Darkness.
– Added art for the Brothel Wing location.
– Added nipple rings, a new type of piercing.
– Added three more new piercing slots: neck, stomach, and clitoris (vagina). These should work with old saves. Note that the clitoris slot is not available if you have a penis. In order to purchase and use clit piercings, you must first get rid of your penis in the Med Bay.
– These three new slots are for three new complex (!) piercings. They are more interesting and can be ‘changed’ in the wardrobe according to the player’s preference. This is a purely cosmetic detail, just like the rest of the clothing.
– In Lola’s hacked computer, in the tab ‘Work n stuff (E:)’ you can now find an active section ‘Cameras’. Once a day you can spy what Hugo is doing at night. Spoiler: he has an appointment with Olivia. Another spoiler: animation will be added later.
– Now there will be no version confusion after using save files. I actually implemented this change silently right after releasing v1.0.1.
– The Access card cabinet is now working again! If you are a SubscribeStar subscriber, you can log in and the game will automatically provide you with available bonuses in the cheat menu. Unfortunately, the Access card cabinet only works in the game hosted on my site ( Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m still looking for a better solution.
– For some reason, half of all Medical Bay passages had “Brothel Wing” headers. Well, I changed them.

Well, I hope you enjoy the new update. Please let me know if keeping your Darkness low is too difficult. I suspect it will be. Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks!