Month: July 2024

SLAT v1.3.0! New milking levels

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Hello everyone! This time I focused on the milking minigame. It needed of a few upgrades, a couple of fixes and, well, it’s time to add at least some levels to this activity already! And I did everything I had planned, hooray. Also added an art to Clothing Store, yeah.

To be honest, I’m not so sure about what to do next. There’s too much to do… But there’s a catch everywhere I look. Well, I’ll figure something out.

UPD v1.3.0
– Milking can now be upgraded! Added two levels and scoring. It takes about 10 sessions to upgrade one level.
– On the second level, I added a “consolation prize” for hitting empty cells, which is half of what you get for hitting a yellow cell. Or a quarter of a green one.
– On the third milking level, a rare (25% chance) narrow purple stripe appears on green cells, giving a double bonus for hitting it.
– Made it possible to continue milking after receiving money.
– Added art (including animated, including the night version) to the Clothing Store.
– Increased the frequency of yellow cells appearing in milking to 60% (instead of 30%).
– Sliding arrows are a bit more accurate now.
– Fixed shifting of the entire screen that occurred during milking in the mobile version.
– Fixed an abuse where you could skip milking and still get money.

Thank you again for your support! I know you want to see more porn scenes, but I’d love to add a bit more Safe For Work content first. But.. Maybe I’ll add something 18+ soon anyway? I don’t really know.

See you in two weeks!

SLAT v1.2.1! Hotfix, yeah..

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I missed two critical things and… here we are. I tried to fix them as soon as possible. Sorry for that.

UPD v1.2.1

– Fixed a bug that broke Lola’s night visit.
– Now you can’t click the “Chill a bit” link during Lola’s night quest.
– Fixed a bug that broke the display of the new Hypno visor.

See you soon!

SLAT v1.2.0! Behold, true hypnosis!

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Hello everyone! I admit, I spent a lot of time on a single Hypno visor. In fact, all this time I was trying to squeeze the maximum speed and minimum lag out of the program, but… everything worked very poorly.

In the end, I realized that I had to rebuild the whole system from scratch and somehow differently. After long attempts by the artist to create several hypno-gifs, we chose the best one and worked with it. Overall, it turned out very tasty~ I wrote more details below in the changes.

UPD v1.2.0
– There is now a gif version of the Hugo fucking Olivia event (in Lola’s computer)!
– Changed the Hypno Visor in Lola’s Den! I admit I spent a lot of time fiddling with this (and only implemented a third of my plans), but I really like the result so far. I hope you will like it too! In short, there are now 4 hypnotizing gifs of different colors, on which different words flash relatively quickly. In the ‘Hypno settings’ you can choose the color of the gif and change the words. By the way, I managed to make this new Visor mobile friendly (it decreases in size by 60%). Try all the colors!
– Fixed a bug where there was no day progression on the night Lola comes.
– Fixed a bug in Brothel Wing where the ‘easy’ answer would not always show the line and answer result.
– Fixed a bug in Brothel Wing where you could bait a guest into buying something during an orgasm.
– And then I thought about it more and removed the ability to bait guests into buying snacks and drinks at all. This is a temporary measure. I have compensated for this in terms of profit by increasing the amount of tips received from attraction points. I think the food purchase system was overloading the process. Please let me know what you think of this change!
– I have removed the hidden daily Darkness increase (it added 2 to 5 points when changing days). First, it was a hidden implicit mechanic, which is bad. Second, it prevented players from maintaining a balance of adequate Darkness and avoiding a negative ending. Third, the increase was pretty aggressive. And even though I like the last point, I decided to remove it.

Of course I had other things in mind, but Hypno visor just absorbed me completely… Even though I didn’t show the full potential of the idea, I think it turned out interesting:)

See you in two weeks! I hope to bring some more serious changes next time.