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Hello, comrades (it sounds even better these days)! I’m finally back at home and ready to work at full power. That was an awful month, but the university business had to be done. Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, we finished to work on appearance of all enemies. There are about 12 of them in total. I’d like to show two of the new enemies to you: a polar wolf and a polar bear. The next step is to animate them.

Talking about animations, now both male and female main characters (teal kobolds) have all animations they need (like taking damage, jumping, falling, rolling, etc.). Animator is working on the second enemy now (that shooting ballista). It won’t be long since ballista has 4 or 5 animations in total.

I also found a new artist for locations and environment! She’s pretty good at copying styles and I like her work so far. After four days she copies the style almost perfectly.

Our programmer is working on UI and implementing new animations right now. It’s a much bigger task than I thought!

Now, to the sweet part! We are about to begin to work on sex scenes. Artist is drawing naked characters and as soon as he finishes some of them, animator and programmer will take the initiative.

And that’s all, I guess. The progress is slow, but the outcome is massive! Take care of yourselves and wait for more naughty pics;3