Project Patreon

Hello, people! These two weeks were eventful, so I’ll state just a few of them.

I found many concept artists (not the perfect ones, sadly), and they are drawing the base concepts of every location in the game now. Also, I’m trying to find a good style for this project. You know, color, how many pixels there will be… I found a brilliant girl who can create good-looking character designs, so she’s working on the main character, all furry kinds, and human designs. I wait for her to finish at least something so another boy can create characters in pixel style. Talking about this boy, tomorrow I’ll ask him to start working on tiles. I like how he draws grass:)

The second part of the project is the programmer. Nothing interesting here – we lost contact for a week, plus he was finishing another project… He’s still working on the automation generation of fighting locations level design. Today we discussed the changing of the main character’s height and decided to make it a bit higher.

Talking about other events, my project manager had to leave, but we are still talking and sharing ideas like friends^^ And I expanded the design document a bit. Now it has 20 pages! I know it’s still a small document, but people say that it has everything they need.

Okay, see you in two weeks, boys and girls! Love you all!