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Hello, everybody! Long time no see I know. As I said, people are working slowly this month. Okay, let’s talk about what I was doing these weeks.

Artists: I stopped working with MidJuChan because we have different opinions about stuff. We might start working together later. The new tileset I ordered was very ugly, so another artist was removed from the team.
For now, I decided that the very base of the game needs to be attended to. Artists will be useful a bit later. Others are waiting for now. 

Animators: My animator offered the help of his ladyfriend, and together they created three new animations for the main character: walking, running, jumping. At least something. The slowest process…

Narrator: The same animator said that his friend is a good narrator. And it seems to be true. We have already started to work and discussing the basics of the universe and game mechanics for some time already. The lore is quite big, but I try to keep it simple at the same time. Shortly: there are furries, beasts (not ferals! Just more wild furries), and humans. There is a ‘magic tree,’ keeping people away. Furries are looking after it, and in return, they become wiser. Beasts are all about rituals and animal sex, you could guess. Humans started to kidnap beasts, so you have to fight them with your strength and magic of the tree and return poor souls to the tribe. You can mate them as a reward, totally correct.
The narrator asked me to keep the details in secret for now, so that’s it:3

Programmers: Yes, I decided to hire a coder. I feel the lack of experience, and it’s tough for me to do this job. I spend a lot of time and get a lot of bugs. Maybe finding a specialist would be a good idea… A friend of mine said that he knows a couple of experienced programmers. I still wait for their answers.
And if any developer would agree, the game will be totally rebuilt. That’s why I stopped working on the code. It could be pointless. Who knows?

Thank you all for your support, guys and girls:) This means a lot to me. It seems this project is far away, even from the beginning. I forgot this feeling. The feeling of new waters. Totally new and scary. I keep spending hundreds of dollars on Homelands. Can you believe it? I would never think that such a simple project can be so expensive! 

But I’m glad that there are people in my team who love the idea of making a high quality 18+ game, and they are working hard to let it see the world:)