Project Patreon

Hello, people! Let me tell you the last news.

Programmer: We discussed something, I wrote a task document, and after some time (and a lot of fixes), I finally can say that the very first steps in development are making! We still have to know each other better with this guy, but at least he doesn’t cost a fortune and really knows what to do.

Game designer/animator/artist: I don’t understand why, but they just vanished. Artist doesn’t even want to give me some files she worked on in exchange for money… Why? And the game designer was ill, so I’m not sure why he doesn’t respond.

Project manager:¬†Yep, a girl texted me a few days ago and offered her help dealing with other team members! Let’s give it a try~ After all, she says that her only motivation is a desire to create a good 18+ game:3 Also, she helps me find a new artist and animator.