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Hello there! Today I’m gonna show you something interesting. New people, sexy stuff, cool styles. Let’s go.

So, first of all. We are here for some good porn, right? Good news, we are working on it. Today an artist has finished pictures of the first sex scene. It has to be animated yet, but it’s still a big step forward. I decided to use this angle so people can see every little detail.

We also just finished the first “unique skin patterns” that Unity will be using to create slightly different versions of NPCs. For a start, that’s a female horse with a bunch of different spots. There are 14-16 of them and they can be mixed into … about different patterns! We also have 15 spots for a male horse.

A programmer is working on dialogs system right now. My task is to prepare a few dialog patterns, describe characters’ temper and everything about it. And he will deal with the UI part and integrating the special functions we are going to use.

I also found a new artist! He has no experience in game development, but.. he’s skilled! Here are 5 weapons for a main character he drew. And damn I like this style. He is working on particles for animations for these weapons. And on projectiles like arrows, bolts, fireballs, etc.

And what about that girl who was drawing sprites for a Hub? She has finished her task, here’s the pic. I like the result and let her continue on the more hard layer – the ground. I really hope she will manage it.

Well, that’s it. Stay warm and go make yourself a cup of tea with lemon and honey:3