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Hi, people! I’m pretty depressed today, sorry for that. The work is going, but so damn slowly. I must’ve been doing something wrong, but I have no idea what to change. I’m going to test a theory in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, let’s take a look on what we have right now.

Here you can see a somewhat ready concept of the second location. It’s relatively similar to the main Hub, but created for many NPCs with routines (like, picking up apples from the ground or sharpening tools on the grindstone). It’s still not finished and that’s an example of the problem. Okay, let’s move on.

All NPCs were ready for sex animations, except for the foxes. Now they are ready and in work already. Another “damn why so long” task, yes. At least I’m sure animations will be made faster.

An artist who created tiles is now working on different sprites. Barrels (for different purposes), rocks with moss, inclusions for ground tiles. We will use them for testing procedure generation, and they will be reworked later for fitting into the new location style.

And what about a programmer? He added all the sounds and greatly improved the pause in the game. Now he’s after those ground tiles, trying to write code for them.

I also could ask sound designer to create more sounds, for enemies. But I want to make a fighting zone first. So he can feel the animations and not just look at them in a folder. Besides, it’s a three days task for him. Incredible, right?

Slowly, but surely. The progress is going; I’m learning from my mistakes and improving my look at things. And maybe I need to make a plan. Maybe. I already have one being written down. But it needs time borders for every step, I guess. Anyway, see you later! I’ll go think a bit more about this problem.