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Hello, everyone! Yes, this whole week, I was working on my new project. First of all, let me tell you that:

Young Maria is still being worked on!

Middlewared, Rachael, and Plaze – all of them are working on YM right now. The next update will be published very soon, no need to panic.

The second announcement: I’m a bit tired of working on such easy things as text games. My new project is a platformer, by the way. But my desire for a challenge is not the only reason.

– YM is my first game, and it has a lot of base issues. I’m wiser now and have at least some experience;
– Text games are cool, but I want to work on something more “colorful”;
– I’ve worked on Young Maria for two years, and I want to change something already;
– And, finally, the real reason. I have a burning desire to make a beautiful, good 18+ platformer. Not so many developers can make such game, and I’m willing to try.

I worked really hard this week. From morning till night, every day. Tested dozens of artists, spent a lot of money. I know that the first performance is very important, and I did my best. This version is way far even from alpha. I just wanted to show you what I’m working on and receive some feedback.

I know you like Young Maria, and I promise it will be in good hands when giving my attention to this new game. And I hope you – my fans – will accept this change of wind and support me with your kind words ?