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Hello-hello, everyone! Today is a big day! Today I’m publishing Homelands on different sites. Yes, it’s still in a bad shape and everything. But I want to attract new people and maybe get a few ideas from them?

What’s new in this public release? You’ll see all 4 NPCs (both males and females), you’ll be able to test out the female main character, and you’ll be able to have sex with everyone! Now, important note: to change gender you need to go to a table, left from the house. Oh, and there are sounds now! Not only background music.

Now let’s move to what my team made so far. I showed you the concept art of new location. The artist who drew it asked for a vacation. Now she’s back in business and getting sprites ready for creating a location for NPCs in game.

Sex animations for foxes were finished and now every NPC is ready for this kind of interaction.

An artist who was working on foxes is now creating captives! You can “shock” an enemy on the battlefield and capture them for sex back at home. First on the lucky list is snow leopard.

Another artist has finished altered ground tiles and inclusions in the ground. He’s working on grass, moss, stalactites and something else now.

Programmer prepared this release, coded the sex scenes, added dialogues for every NPC and fixed a lot of stuff with the help of animator.

As I said above, this is a serious step forward and I hope it’s not too early for public releases. See you in two weeks, people;3