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Hi, everyone! These two weeks were really interesting and intense! Complex bugs, version incompatibility, looking on the very first build of Homelands! Talking of the last one, that was great. Like holding a newborn baby. It looks awful and shivers in discomfort, but you just love this thing for no reason. Right now, our programmer is working on details, UI, graphic settings and post-effects to make it look at least something decent.

Another big step forward made our animator. With help of the programmer, he found a mistake that was holding back his all work, preventing animations from working on Unity. And he finished all male and female attack animations alongside with projectiles and etc.

I also talked to my old friend who is a sound designer. He is free and willing to help us with all sounds and music we need, but he’d like to look at “somewhat decent” build I mentioned earlier first.

After finishing working with Hub, I’ve decided that we need to animate the trees and bushes. It’s not necessary, but we do have a waiting animator without work, so… Let’s round the corners a bit! And a bonfire. He animated a bonfire next to the house.

One of our artists managed to make new portals. She “leveled up” them a bit, adding ancient symbols and magic lined in shape of doors. They are next on the animator’s list. Magic objects can’t be static, right? I also asked her to restyle the house. From inside and outside. It looks a bit off right now.

So, remember that in-game UI pics another artist drew a couple of weeks earlier? They are already in game and he added two new things: a slide (for changing music/sound volume) and a mouse cursor. Icon of the game is in progress! Oh, and we also added clouds. They are working perfectly.

I know that the New Year is coming and the work will slow down significantly. We are all humans, after all. But I hope we will have a good build ready in two weeks. I do hope. Till then, be safe. And see you soon;3