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The game version remains the same

Hello, people! These two weeks were really tiresome. A lot happened, but I’ll give you the most important information. First of all, I’m happy to see that you – fans – liked the idea of rebuilding Young Maria! It’s important for me to know that you agree with my ideas:3 I received a lot of feedback and tried to answer everyone.

Well, let’s start. I defined three main steps that I (with my team) need to do: 1) Remove almost everything except the very base of the game; 2) Rewrite the base widgets/passages/systems and build new ones; 3) Add new places and content according to the plan. I almost finished the first part. Tomorrow I just need to clean the StoryCaption passage and bathroom passages a bit. I try to do things quickly, so I will finish later some tiny parts.

Also, I created four new documents, where I keep tracking of every significant change, make notes and do some brainstorming. I’m also working on a “document,” where I write down the main rules for YM’s code writing and styling.

By the way, we now have Cathar on the team! She is a new Project Coordinator, and she already ran fantastic research, making a useful document after this. Now I know what players want to see in YM and what I should remove completely.

I still have something to tell you, but I guess it’s time to end this post. I also received a couple more soundtracks (and I love them!) and a game poster I’m still unsure about (picture below). Well, that’s it. Have a good day and see you in two weeks!;3