Hello, comrades!

First of all, sorry for the delay. Yes, Young Maria is delayed for some time. I hope the work on it will take just a couple of days, but who knows…

Middlewared, Rachael, WetWorksStories (+ one more person, you don’t know them yet) – they all helped me a lot and, technically, the new version is ready. But it has a lot of changes and a big nice feature I still have to test. Plus, I want to add some useful features.

The second thing, today I received bad news about my new site. Both Skrill and my local bank said, “So, once again, you do NSFW? Hmm.. Sorry, pal, can’t do this” and now I need to find new ways to receive payments from supporters. Tomorrow I’ll work on YM, fill out documents for PayPal, call other banks, and so on…

Oh, I almost forgot! Meanwhile, I’m going to create a new Patreon page for another small project. I won’t spend much time on it, I promise:)

Well, thank you for your patience! I appreciate this<3 I’ll keep you in touch!