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Hi, people! I’m sorry for such big delays between updates. I feel exhausted the last few weeks (maybe months) and can’t work as much as I used to. Sweet times, I miss them. Plus exams, plus the new project – Homelands. You know that I care about fans, so please forgive my temporary weakness.

This update is bigger than it looks. New scenes are cool and have new gifs/pics. Moreover, I found some broken links and fixed them. Not in the Gym, tho. A couple of guys showed me the broken pics, but everything works perfectly for me. Mistery.

UPD 10.7.0
– Added some locations in Nora’s house
– Now your partner at janitor’s closet can be a girl – by Rachael
– Now you can sleep and watch Netflix with Nora – by Emma
– Added Full Moon – energy drink to Night club bar and Beach bar. $10 for 25 points of Energy
– Now consuming drinks there will take some time (5 minutes)
– Added ability to dance in the Night club. Also, it has a bar now. For the very first time, you’ll get a special drink. No scenes there, yet
– Fixed some pics here and there

See you soon, boys and girls! In a week, I hope. Fingers crossed for me and the team! (God bless them)