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Hello there! I’m very happy because I just passed my last exam. I’m tired as hell, but the weather is nice, and I’m fixing my sleep schedule, so… I guess I’m lucky. At least I can work every day like I used to.

The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Middlewared was covering my back lately, but he is a human, too, so this update was made by me. And Plaze. He wrote a scene with the mother. Anyway, Middlewared and Rachael are working on the webcam feature. It’s a huge task, so I guess it will take some decent time. Also, visit our Discord server to rate the music samples from Daniel (#ym-game-muzak channel).

UPD 11.2.0
– Fixed a few text style errors
– Fixed some pics (dad laps, brother, night club)
– Added a scene with mother by Plaze. You can see it after riding on the dad’s lap. 40 points of relationship with mother are required, and there’s a 25% chance
– A small improvement in classes design
– Now, when you have a canine lube and Ralf in your bedroom (in Family Bitch mode), Ralf may try to take advantage of you when you are playing with a dog-shaped dildo orally (a 25% chance)
– Now, all masturbate (via Laptop) paragraphs are collected in one place – Masturbate Sections. Players won’t see the changes, but it saves a lot of place in the editor
– Also, I added a new section to the Laptop porn – Milfs. There are 8 new gifs

It’s not a big update, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! Have fun and drink enough water^^