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The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Hi, people! I got a lot of scenes, code, and advice the last week, so all this time, I was sewing things together:) Today I want to tell you about the latest problem some players ran into. I need your help!

Some antiviruses warn users about YM files or my site as virus keepers. First of all, that’s not true. I’m an honest programmer, and I am interested in you enjoying my games. I think the problem is in JavaScript that some defenders block automatically, marking the file as a trojan. What to do? Stop antivirus before downloading the game. It’s a common practice, really!

But I want to solve this problem, and I need the information you receive in the warnings. Because all my security programs don’t trigger… So I would be very grateful if you send me as much information as possible via Discord (, email (, or in the comments. I need 1) Your system, 2) The warning message, 3) The antivirus name (or browser, if it warned you), 4) The YM version (the number and was it Online, downloaded Online\Offline). I’m kindly asking for your help, boys and girls:3

UPD 11.4.0
– Now you can drink coffee once a day in the Kitchen. It restores 25 Energy (by ZMorpheus10)
– A small improvement in the displaying of “info” links in the character creation paragraph (by ZMorpheus10)
– Now you stay at school after a scene with your classmate during a lesson (ин ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the link in the Bar. Now when you go out, you … go out, not teleport straight into the Living room (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the HaveASexWidget input in a few scenes (the ones with brother) (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the entering School location error (the unknown class error) (by ZMorpheus10)
– All start corruption points for sister and brother were increased by 5 (from 0, 5, 10 to 5, 10, 15)
– Speaking of start Сorruption, I fixed this. Now brother and sister get their start Corruption points correctly
– Now you can’t sleep at 8 AM. Yes, it’s impossible to skip a few days in a row now
– Added a huge amount of mini-scenes by Rachael in the Webcam activities description. Some of them have gifs
– Added a bestiality scene by Plaze. To see in, play with Max in the Park in the FB mode

I hope you will enjoy the new version! See you later! (And I love you all, remember this~)