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Hi, everybody! Sorry for no sign for a long time. I had some problems, but I hope they are in the past now:) In this update, you’ll hear the very first soundtrack created for this game. It was made by Anfim and is 13 minutes long! I hope you like ambient.

I also spent … a week?.. trying to create a damned volume changer, and I succeeded! Go check it out in the new menu item – Music. I think I’ll add some design to that passage later.

I tried to do some fixes in this update. I failed in some cases, just wasting more precious time, but I still fixed some small bugs to give you at least something. For now, I’m hunting down the bug that causes that “Unknown class” error (in the school). Also, trying to find errors in the pregnancy system.

UPD 11.5.0
– A new menu item was added: Music! I spent GODDAMN DAYS, and you finally can change volume and soundtracks!
– Added the first soundtrack by Daniel (a.k.a. Anfim)! It won’t play from the beginning, so you need to start the song in the Music menu. It’s 13 minutes long, by the way:)
– Added a scene by Melonmallow. In Night Club, you will be able to “Look for troubles” if you are drunk (60 intoxication) and lewd (60 corruption) enough. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with a quick outside fun;3
– Now you can wash your hands and legs in school WCs (both girls and boys)
– Some variables, layout errors, and typos were fixed
– Now, whenever you apply makeup and new lips color, you’ll be “notified” about the changes
– Now, no makeup still gives you +2 to attractiveness and any lipstick – +5
– Now you can see the link “Buy lewd stuff” (in the Laptop) if your corruption is higher than 40
– Tried to fix the broken pics of magazines in the brother’s room. Now there are 4 of them, and the phantom fifth one… is still broken, yep
– Added 7 new gifs for webcam actions

It’s not much, but I did my best, comrades! See you in two weeks!:3