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Hello, people! These weeks were hard for me (as for many people, I think), but I managed to do some work. In this update, I added two important things: the ability to be impregnated by a beast and fertility pills! Many people have asked me to add these features for a long time, so here you are.

Well, I also tried to fix school bugs (again) and repair my website, but I guess it’s not really interesting for you. I’m searching for a programmer who can help me with YM right now. You know, it’s a good time to fix old bugs:) Writers and the musician are dealing with their problems lately.. We need some fresh blood, right? Right.

UPD 11.7.0
– Changed the description “People can see cum on you” to “You have cum on you.” I’ll add a new system of detecting on which places people can really see cum
– Added wet wipes to the Dime Time. The main character has 20 wet wipes from the start
– Now, you can “check cum stains” on you in restrooms (this option appears only when you have cum on you). Use wet wipes to clean yourself or … lick it off with your tongue (you need 30 Corruption for this)!
– Changed layout in a few passages to make them look better
– Now, you can be impregnated by animals if the bestiality is enabled in settings!
– Now you can start a new game with multiple start perks
– Changed pregnancy system a bit. I hope this will fix related bugs
– Added fertility pills! They increase the chance of successful impregnating by 30% (ask in pharmacy store). Like birth control pills, the effect lasts one day, and it works only when pregnancy is enabled in settings
– Fixed the exit link in the Night Club: Looking for troubles passage
– Added a small scene to the Night Club. When you are “looking for troubles,” two guys may take an interest in you

I love you all, and don’t you dare think otherwise! Here is my email if you need to talk to someone these cold nights: <3