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Hello, everybody! I’m still dealing with my exams, but in two days I’ll be passing the last one of them! Finally, I’ll be free. These weeks I spent on fixing bugs mostly. Also, Melo wrote a good scene for the Night Club. Other writers are somewhat busy or sick these days. What a shame. If you are good at writing and want to become a member of the team – text me~ (the first page of YM has a lot of links, use them to reach me).

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say. I tried my best to make a good update while studying and solving problems. Wait till I’ll get back to my regular workplace and start working more:) Anyway, here’s what I managed to add/fix:

UPD 11.8.0
– Fixed the exit link for the “jerk off classmate” scene
– Fixed the problem with a bikini at the Beach. Also, now you can go to the town wearing it (from the Beach)
– Modified the brother’s and sister’s schedules. It removed a couple of old related bugs (like an always-at-home brother)
– Now, if you are pregnant and you know this, the system will uncheck options “Take fertility pill” and “Take sterility pill” every morning
– Removed another pop-up error window in the “sitting on dad’s lap” final scene
– Fixed some variables with missing identifiers (which caused red line errors)
– Removed the fifth porn magazine (that doesn’t appear) from the brother’s room
– Now wet wipes and sterility pills are showing in the old version and resets if any error appears
– Added an NSFW scene by Melo! When looking for troubles in the Night Club, one man can molest you roughly. Warning, this scene is a bit too rough, but NOT non-consensual, so you can’t avoid it by turning off the non-consensual setting
– Fixed the sissy brother perk error. Also, now it requires less corruption (20 yours and 20 brother’s), and I changed the related article in the Help menu

Welp, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and drink something hot if you are cold! See you in two weeks:3