Try v2.0.0.0b online

Please read the warning on the very first page of the game!

Hello, everybody! First of all, I congratulate you on the end of the boring part. Clothes and food systems were two the biggest and toughest parts I finally finished. Now comes more juicy content like school and family stuff…

The second thing I want to tell you is a big thank you to everyone who gave me material and advice this month. I store everything I can on Desktop, and this pile of docs is getting bigger every week! Special thanks to Charlotte and Mrs. Kisoc:)

Now, back to the progress I made. After a quick depression session, I somewhat finished the “mainChar” stats, then changed “HaveASexWidget”, created a new utility widget “RealTimer” and so on. I also added placeholders for Hospital and Cafe – two new locations.

I’ll be quick about food. This system is goddamn huge, and you do want to check out the help link I left in the Kitchen -> Cooking. This is your workspace, yep. You can gather growing ingredients and condiments at the house Garden, in Park, on the Beach, on the Farm, or buy everything in Lexena Market. Then go to Kitchen -> Cooking and cook something. Add condiments to make it better. Every food will give you a temporary stats boost or some Energy.

P.S.: So many people asked me, and now you have it. Home-made beer!

Okie, now it’s time to rest. I’m so damn proud of myself.. See you people in two weeks. Love you all.
(Stay home, remember?)