Try v2.0.0.0d online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, people! I’m happy to tell you that I finally finished working on a music player! Well, of course, it’s not perfect, and I will improve it later, but everything is working~ I already have 15 tracks (all of them were bought and belong to me, rightfully). I removed a volume slider for now, by the way. Still not sure about it…

I also worked on jobs and a new gloryhole gameplay feature. Sadly, neither of them is finished, but I finished creating costumes for part-time jobs. You can have three suits for every place: normal, sexy, and pervy ones. Check them out in the Bedroom!

Some time ago, I managed to fix two errors on my site! It took me many months, and now it works almost perfectly. And today, I talked with one artist about adding small one-page comics as tutorials for some complicated (future) gameplay mechanics, but… I guess it’s still early to think about such things:)

UPD v2.0.0.0d
– Now, saving the game (F5 button) is accompanied by a window that automatically closes after 0.8 seconds.
– Added costumes for work: barmaid, waitress, lifeguard, farmer. There are three variations for each costume: normal, sexy, and pervy. Costumes replace many clothing and accessory slots, leaving only a few of them available (like semen stains, finger/wrists accessories, buttplug). You can already try out the costumes in the Bedroom.
– Added music. I will work on it more later, but the base is working very well. The music won’t start by itself – you have to turn it on in the left menu. Warning: this system uses your device’s audio volume.
– Started working on a new gameplay mechanic – the gloryhole widget. It will be an important part of the game in the future. It’s rather big and will take some time…

Okay, I hope I don’t forget anything. I have a lot of ideas in my head, and it’s hard to focus on one thing, you know. But I’m glad that the work is going! Have fun and share your thoughts with me!:3