Try v2.0.0.0e online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, everybody! Ready to meet a new year? I’m not as well, now let’s go. I’ll try to be quick, but this will be hard – a lot happened in these two weeks.

First of all, I made a great feature, but it cost me a few damn days! Now I know how to send requests to my server and receive the answer. How to set server headers and what CORS is. What is fetch() and XMLHttpRequest. I learned a lot and almost gave up three times, but now you have it – the list of the latest available: game version, Offline pics folder version, Main pics folder version. Oh, and I also made the Online/Offline versions switch, yes. I wrote about everything in the changelog, so let me start:

– Added one more song by Psynapse.
– Made the display of the playing time of the current track more accurate (up to a tenth of a second).
– Rebuilt the whole School structure. There are four lessons: Math, Science, History, Physical Education. The last one is a bit special, as you can guess. I also added tests – you will write them on Fridays, and there will be options to cheat. They will affect your marks (oh, yeah, I added marks). Depending on how late you are for a class, a teacher can leave you for detention (WIP) or just scold. During the class hour, your can either work or “socialize” with classmates (the events are WIP, of course).
– All Math, Science, and History have different sets of questions – there are 15 of them for every subject. From simple and funny to complicated and twisted. Yes, I loved this part of work:3 There will be a special test for P. E. later.
– Added Canteen to the School. You will be able to have a free meal during the lunch break (I’m going to add some events there later, so WIP).
– After the classes, you will be able to go to detentions and/or school clubs. I have already started to work on them, but it’s a huge part and WIP.
– Now all images has one format – [img[String.format(‘ ‘)]].
– Now, you can choose between the source of pics in the game! Yes, I made the Online/Offline version switch.
– I added a helpful link that shows where the Offline version of the game will search the “pics” folder.
– In the left menu bar, below the authors, you will find a current version of the game (without letters) and the current version type (“Online” or “Offline”). Click the word “Options” to get information about the latest available: game version, Offline pics folder version, Main pics folder version. If it shows “”, you can click the link below to send a request with an all-errors-handler. Send the error to me so I can improve the code. In that menu, you can also switch between the Online and Offline versions.

Okay, I hope you’ll figure everything out eventually:) And give me your feedback – you know I need it to improve the game.
Please be careful during the New Year holidays, okay?:3 See you in two weeks!