Try v2.0.0.0f online

The game is not ready yet and contains a lot of bugs!

Hello, people! First of all, sorry for letting me delay the update for so long. Some things required more time than I expected, you know. Secondly, the process of rebuilding Young Maria is almost over! I’m so happy about that:3 I didn’t finish everything I’d like to, but I can finish this later. I’ll work on links, pics, minor bugs, grinding the edges In the next two weeks. And after YM v2 is released, I’ll let my dear writers and artists work on it. Together we will fill these “bones” with scenes, events, arts, and new features! Moreover, I still need to add the Family Bitch mode, school clubs, and the parallel dimension.

Talking about the parallel dimension – no, I won’t tell you the details yet~ Just want to say that I’m going to fill it with artwork, not pictures. For this, I asked the best artist I know to help me create a proper style. Okay, let’s move to the changes:

– Started to work on a “parallel dimension” that Maria will be able to visit in dreams. I created a “language” for that dimension and a couple of widgets to use it.
– Made a proper changelog for YM v2.
– Now, an exclamation mark appears next to the game version at the top of the menu if an update is available for the game, Main Pics Folder, or Offline Pics Folder. You will see the inscription “New!” in the update menu opposite of what was updated.
– Improved the system for checking the current version. It works every time the player starts a new game (enters the disclaimer page) or enters the Bedroom from the Living room.
– Added free lunches in the school canteen.
– Redesigned pictures for YM v2 (checked each one of them!). The total size was reduced from 1.8 Gb to 300 Mb. Re-structured some folders. Let me know if anything doesn’t work, please.
– Improved the part-time job system. You get 3-8 money and 1 experience point for every half of an hour. You can leave at any time. There are three types of uniforms for every job: standard, sexy and pervy. The second type can be worn when you reach 30 experience points, the third one – 60 experience points.
– Added new places to work: Barmaid, Lifeguard, Farmer. Visit Bar/Beach/Farm to inquire about open vacancies!
– Added a list of writers’ works in Bag&Stats and Help menu. It will make life easier for writers and players. The list contains the title of the scenes, the author, a short description, and a short description of where the scene can be found + requirements.
– Added detentions. You can get only one detention a day and go to it after classes. What happens if you miss it? Well, nothing for now.

Okay, let me take a short break and back to work. I hope you people had good winter holidays:3
See you in a bit less than two weeks!