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Hello, comrades! I’m happy to tell you that Young Maria v2 is officially finished! Well, it’s still empty and not interesting at all, but it’s just a matter of time. The game base is ready, and I’ll work with writers to fill it up with scenes now.

There are still many ideas on my list, and I will add them to the game later. I want to thank every person who helped me for now. I save every message, every idea, and every scene I receive! Nothing is forgotten. So, let’s talk about changes.

– A lot of minor mistakes and typos were fixed.
– Changed the character creation page here and there.
– Changed the “Edit appearance” menu.
– Changed StoryCaption and RegularCheck passages again. Cleaned them up a bit, too.
– Changed the system of cheat codes. Now they open small debug menus. Some cheats affect more stats now.
– Fixed the display of Money, Energy, and Intoxication in the left menu bar.
– Fixed the display of main character pictures in bed (“Main char in bed picture”).
– Greatly changed the pregnancy system. The widget (“HaveASexWidget”) has become simpler and more stable. Pregnancy lasts 9 days instead of 22. Throughout the pregnancy, the protagonist receives messages about the current stage of the pregnancy in the morning. From the third day, the pregnancy can be terminated in the hospital. On the ninth day, it will be possible to give birth immediately after waking up.
– Slightly changed a few widgets so that menstruation and pregnancy do not affect each other. Also, I changed the pregnancy settings tracking system (“settings.pregnancy”) – this will significantly reduce the number of errors.
– Removed all “&emsp” that were adding space before every new paragraph in some scenes.
– Slightly changed the “Bay Window” passage and added a picture to it.

Okay, now I’ll take a short break and take care of my home garden. See you in two weeks, people<3

P.S.: Please don’t use old saves. And this is a link to an old Young Maria. I’m abandoning it for now. Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s a little pic. It’s a design sketch for a location that will be added later.