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Changed links for YM v2 and old YM! You can find links to new and old versions in the game

Hello, everyone! The last couple of weeks were a pure bizarre. I didn’t manage to pass many exams and stopped this process for some time. And when I came home, I started working! And I hope you’ll like this update. Yes, I began to add scenes, finally :3

But firstly, I must make a proclamation. I’m fine, safe and sound, working. I have a couple of problems with my hosting provider and platforms, actually, but none of them will affect you. I’m working on this, and if anything goes wrong – I’ll tell you.

Secondly – welcome to our new writers: ZeeMental, Joshi, and INSERT COIN! They are eager to help, and I hope we will hear from them soon:3

– Now there are no brother/mom/dad Corruption points. Remained brother/mom/dad Relationship points, which replaced Corruption points
– Added a scene. When Maria is bathing in the shower, her brother/mom/dad can drop in and offer to “rub her back.” I took it from Old YM and remade it. I also added a scene with the brother.
– Now you can join brother/dad/mom while they shower. You need 50 Relationship points with them and 30 (your) Corruption points. You will see the same scene as if they were joining you.
– Added a scene. When you’re watching TV and the lewd moment comes up, you can say something horny to the family members. This action requires 20 Corruption points.
– Restored and slightly changed the Watch TV passage. Now it takes 10 minutes, and you can’t watch TV from 9 to 11 and from 12 to 16 when the parents are not at home.
– Added a scene (by me & Plaze). From 22:00 to 23:59, you can walk up to your Parents’ bedroom door and hear them having sex (30% chance every day). You can peep and see a small scene with 3 new GIFs by getting 1 Corruption point. You can only watch once a day.
– School lessons (except P.E.) now give 1 Intellect point, and P.E. gives 3 Fitness points.
– Added a big scene by Emma. You can find it on the Beach while sunbathing. It requires 25 Beauty points and has a 20% chance to be triggered. A girl (Anne) comes to you, and after a quick chat, you have lesbian sex right on the beach. This scene has 4 new gifs.
– Changed Family Schedule Widgets. It’s complicated, but now it’s possible to put action links in these widgets without adding a ton of code every time.
– Now you can join dad when he is reading a book (17:00-18:00, Parent’s bedroom). This action requires 5 Energy and gives you 1 Relationship point and 1 Intellect point.
– Now you can join mom when she is working in the Garden (16:00-17:00, Garden). This action requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points and 2 Fitness points.
– Now you can play on the computer (“in the dark room”) with your brother every day at 22:00 in his room. It requires 10 Energy and gives you 2 Relationship points. Also, you can play with him on weekends, 12:00-14:00.
– Added a “new” stat – Reputation at school. Added it to the regular check as well (min. 0, max. 100 points). Reputation grows when you socialize at school.
– Added 5 tiny scenes for studying at school. They are pretty small and affect nothing yet.
– Added 2 tiny scenes for socializing at school. One of them adds 1 Corruption point.

Here’s the list of changes. God bless you in these trying times, and see you in two weeks, folks! :3