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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, comrades! This week is hell because of the amount of time spent on the site ( I added and removed many plugins, paid services for help with it, learned different things, rewrote and installed certificates, changed hostings, replaced whole sites, played with redirecting, etc. So if you run into some problem with my site, know that Milkynail is already trying to fix it somewhere in Russia. I’m neither a good programmer nor a web specialist, but I’m doing my best! And I’m proud of it:3

By the way, if you have a downloaded Online version and new pics are not loading, please update it. I’m trying to shut down properly, but it will take some time even with the help of Google bot. Yeah, it affects pics. And updating will help, I promise.

UPD 9.4.0
Family Bitch changes:

– I improved some pieces of text
– Also, I fixed the kitchen schedule a bit (the lack of energy error)
– Added the ability to jump into Family Bitch mode right from the beginning (in perks)
– Fixed a collar displaying. Yes, again..
– Added a Family Bitch section in the Help menu
– Now you can’t use your phone while Family Bitch mode is active
– Also, I changed the Bay Window location a bit. For now, you only can stare outside, but I think it’s a good place to add a scene or two in the future
– Added a scene by Plaze. When you walk outside in FB mode, there’s a 20% chance to meet a police officer and to have fun with his dog. Bestiality and non-consent fetishes must be turned on to see this scene!
Other changes:
– Hid some dead links to not existing paragraphs
– Also, I improved the training with the brother paragraph (just a bit, totally nothing interesting)
– Added a scene by Rachael. Now, if your baby’s father is Jack, you will see a rich scene with a good or bad reaction
– Another new scene by Rachael
– A threesome event! When you are working as a “night GF” and call a young man over to your place, there is a 20% chance (if you have 70 or more Corruption points and your dad has 50 or more of them) to run into it. As you could guess, your father catches you in the middle of the night and decides to join the fun

Okie, I hope you guys having a good time. See you next weekend!;3