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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi, people! I’m finally back to work. Well, I’m still sick, but I have to move on. This update is not that big, but I’m getting ready to add new big features. Plaze is currently working on feminizing his brother. This is a big addition and requires some coding work.

I also finally figured out how to improve Problem Solver. I will have to dig a little into the documentation, but it is quite feasible.

I also solved a long-standing problem with non-working pictures in Young Maria. The problem was a plugin not working properly on the hosting. Later I will work on Forest Fairytales and my other games so that they display the pictures correctly.

UPD 9.9.0
– Improved the button in the Cheat menu. Now in case of JavaScript error, it will work anyway
– Added two scenes by Rachael. Now in a threesome event (when you are whoring via Smartphone, there is a chance to run into this event), brother and mom can join you and your customer. There’s no scene for sister yet
– Made some preparations for the new big feature – the ability to sissify brother. Plaze has already created a few scenes. Now I’m working on code. It will be released very soon!
– A small update in the Problem Solver. It will work better now. Also, I almost finished the better version of it

Well, I’m going home soon. And this means more free time for me to work! See you next weekend:3