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Homelands v0.0.1a! First not-very-public build!

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Hello, everyone! Today is a great day! I’m happy to present to you the very first public build of Homelands! It took some decent amount of time to create it. There are some minor bugs and the project is rusty, but I just wanted to show you the progress. And I need to say that this version is not an actual “alpha”. It’s.. an alpha of an alpha. The project is not ready to be shown to the open world yet.

So, let’s talk about this game a bit. You need to download it using the link above. Extract it somewhere, find “Homelands.exe” and run that file. Start a new game (you may need to adjust settings. They are working pretty well) and enjoy walking in the main location. To the left you’ll find a set of weapons, to the right – snow leopard, your very first enemy. The horse boy walking in between is an NPC. Walk with “WASD”, use/enter/talk with “E”, “Shift” for rolling and “Ctrl” for switching between running and walking. Oh, almost forgot! Attack with left mouse button and super attack with right mouse button. You also can talk to the horse boy and enter the house. Don’t like these controls? Change them in the main menu!

What changed in these four weeks? A lot of things! We got an animated lake, fully revised sex scenes (work in progress~), upgraded main character, all weapons animations, portals got animated, added new house and insides of the house, a huge amount of bugs fixed and new menu created by our programmer! All trees and bushes were animated, clouds fixed, pier changed alongside with grass next to it. Did I say about the dialog system and inventory?

Since we have “somewhat good” version, I think it’s time to add a sound designer to the team. I will contact him quite soon. I hope he still has time for a new project. It’s time to think about new locations, too. I can’t wait to get home to work faster. There is so much to be done.

Well, that’s a big step forward! Please tell me what do you think about this build. And don’t forget that it’s a really, really early version:) See you in two weeks, people!


Homelands! Very first builds!

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Hi, everyone! These two weeks were really interesting and intense! Complex bugs, version incompatibility, looking on the very first build of Homelands! Talking of the last one, that was great. Like holding a newborn baby. It looks awful and shivers in discomfort, but you just love this thing for no reason. Right now, our programmer is working on details, UI, graphic settings and post-effects to make it look at least something decent.

Another big step forward made our animator. With help of the programmer, he found a mistake that was holding back his all work, preventing animations from working on Unity. And he finished all male and female attack animations alongside with projectiles and etc.

I also talked to my old friend who is a sound designer. He is free and willing to help us with all sounds and music we need, but he’d like to look at “somewhat decent” build I mentioned earlier first.

After finishing working with Hub, I’ve decided that we need to animate the trees and bushes. It’s not necessary, but we do have a waiting animator without work, so… Let’s round the corners a bit! And a bonfire. He animated a bonfire next to the house.

One of our artists managed to make new portals. She “leveled up” them a bit, adding ancient symbols and magic lined in shape of doors. They are next on the animator’s list. Magic objects can’t be static, right? I also asked her to restyle the house. From inside and outside. It looks a bit off right now.

So, remember that in-game UI pics another artist drew a couple of weeks earlier? They are already in game and he added two new things: a slide (for changing music/sound volume) and a mouse cursor. Icon of the game is in progress! Oh, and we also added clouds. They are working perfectly.

I know that the New Year is coming and the work will slow down significantly. We are all humans, after all. But I hope we will have a good build ready in two weeks. I do hope. Till then, be safe. And see you soon;3


Homelands! The winter is coming

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Hello, everyone! The second half of the month wasn’t so bad! Our new animator is really helpful and we did a great amount of work already.

The hub is finished! Now we have a good-looking main location and it’s already implemented into the game. Plus, all little problems were fixed already.

In the previous post I said that our new animator started to work on main character’s attack animations. In these two weeks he managed to finish this work, but the final touches are taking much more time than we expected. All male animations are ready, female ones are almost ready. Moreover, he also was working on the animation “bones”, making them more neat and easy to work with.

Clouds! Our artist was working on them for some time and created a few of them so they can be combined into so many unique clouds. It took a lot of effort to create a style that I like…

Also, we added UI! Another big step forward. Health bar, weapons window, inventory to keep track of items for upgrades. Now we have it and right now programmer is implementing these pics into the game.

I’m happy about the speed of work. Not much left before the promised demo. Just a few more animations and music with sounds, I suppose. Right now we have nothing at all. Oh, and visual effects, of course. This will make the bare minimum. But for now, take care of yourselves and see you soon ;3


Homelands! “Autumn for Depression” chapter

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Hello, everyone! Sadly, these two weeks were pretty depressed. One artist and an animator have left us for a couple of weeks because of family problems. Not very good timing, what can I say… Later I found a new animator, but he just started to work. Anyway, let’s see what we have.

We managed to finish horses for sex scenes before an artist left us. They are ready to be animated, but it will take some time.

Like I said before, there is a new animator in the team! He’s working on main character’s attack animations right now. What will be next in the list of tasks? A few simple UI animations and more sex scenes, I suppose.

The title of the game and a picture for loading animation are ready, too. Simple tasks, but they need to be done.

Dialogs are finished! Our programmer made everything we wanted, so they are finally done. It was a big and ugly task and I’m happy with the outcome. He also made save and load systems. It took some decent time as well.

Remember the artist who is working on the main location? She finished two more layers already and is working on the last ones. Well, one of them is especially big and will take at least a week.

Not very productive weeks, but I’m happy with our new animator. He’s working super fast and that’s just great, thinking about amount of things we need to get moving! See you soon!


Homelands! Sex animations and stuff!

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Hello, everyone! First of all, I hope you had a nice Halloween night~ I sure did! These two weeks were tiresome. For some strange reason every member of our team had some problems that took time. Anyway, we managed to do a lot of work. Let’s start.

First of all, now we have animated sex scenes! We have male and female kobolds in active and passive roles, doggy style. Each scene has an animated pre-scene, first act, second act and post-scene. Oh, and we made both vaginal and anal sex. Oh, and there are animations for women with cocks and passive males.

We finished kobolds and almost ready to start working on horses. Here’s a little peek on the process. They are going to be cut and animated in a few days. And no, we didn’t forget about skin spots.

Homelands will become a demo (or an alpha?..) quite soon and I asked my artists to make me a new logo and a banner for Patreon and SubscribeStar pages. Here’s the banner. Not finished yet, but quite beautiful!

I’m finishing my work on in-game dialogues. Oh, that’s a rather complicated system and I won’t bother you with a really long description of how this works. Just remember that dialogues already took me two weeks and this is not more than a beginning~

And here’s a peek on new attack animations for main character. Almost 30% of the whole process is done. It’s a “charged” sword attack, the second one after a regular swing.

An artist that is working on the main location (the Hub) managed to finish another layer – the ground one. It’s really nice, but I won’t show it because of the size. You’ll see it next time with more new details, anyway.

Well, that’s it! I hope I didn’t forget anything. It seems the “demo” of this game will be published really soon and you can imagine my excitement. Anyway, see you all in two weeks!


Homelands! More 18+ and new artists

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Hello there! Today I’m gonna show you something interesting. New people, sexy stuff, cool styles. Let’s go.

So, first of all. We are here for some good porn, right? Good news, we are working on it. Today an artist has finished pictures of the first sex scene. It has to be animated yet, but it’s still a big step forward. I decided to use this angle so people can see every little detail.

We also just finished the first “unique skin patterns” that Unity will be using to create slightly different versions of NPCs. For a start, that’s a female horse with a bunch of different spots. There are 14-16 of them and they can be mixed into … about different patterns! We also have 15 spots for a male horse.

A programmer is working on dialogs system right now. My task is to prepare a few dialog patterns, describe characters’ temper and everything about it. And he will deal with the UI part and integrating the special functions we are going to use.

I also found a new artist! He has no experience in game development, but.. he’s skilled! Here are 5 weapons for a main character he drew. And damn I like this style. He is working on particles for animations for these weapons. And on projectiles like arrows, bolts, fireballs, etc.

And what about that girl who was drawing sprites for a Hub? She has finished her task, here’s the pic. I like the result and let her continue on the more hard layer – the ground. I really hope she will manage it.

Well, that’s it. Stay warm and go make yourself a cup of tea with lemon and honey:3


Homelands! 18+!

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Hello, comrades (it sounds even better these days)! I’m finally back at home and ready to work at full power. That was an awful month, but the university business had to be done. Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, we finished to work on appearance of all enemies. There are about 12 of them in total. I’d like to show two of the new enemies to you: a polar wolf and a polar bear. The next step is to animate them.

Talking about animations, now both male and female main characters (teal kobolds) have all animations they need (like taking damage, jumping, falling, rolling, etc.). Animator is working on the second enemy now (that shooting ballista). It won’t be long since ballista has 4 or 5 animations in total.

I also found a new artist for locations and environment! She’s pretty good at copying styles and I like her work so far. After four days she copies the style almost perfectly.

Our programmer is working on UI and implementing new animations right now. It’s a much bigger task than I thought!

Now, to the sweet part! We are about to begin to work on sex scenes. Artist is drawing naked characters and as soon as he finishes some of them, animator and programmer will take the initiative.

And that’s all, I guess. The progress is slow, but the outcome is massive! Take care of yourselves and wait for more naughty pics;3


Homelands! Characters update. And.. stuff

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Hello, lads~ Today is the day when I’m digging into some pretty dense subject and I need to learn it in just a few days. Pretty tough task, yes. I decided to write a post before I start.

Not very much changed, actually. I’m searching for UI and environment artists and since I haven’t found any yet, I’m working on characters mostly.

Right now we have “demo”, “visual” of 7 enemies so far. Three more and we will finish the task! One enemy has all animations ready and our programmer was making some code changings all previous week so we can implement other enemies with animations more easily. Hitbox, attack patterns, the most basic AI, chasing player system… this part is going to be finished today, he told me. At least the snow leopard (the very first enemy) is already up and running. Throwing grenades, going after the player and killing them.

We also finished working on 4 kinds of NPCs. Every kind has a male version, a female version, a basic set of clothes and accessories. And every one of them has an idle and a walk animations. Well, that’s a good start.

Our animator is working on main character’s animations right now. At least four of twelve are ready.

Well, that’s it. Talking about my exams and when this slow-work period will be over – I don’t really know, but I suppose this will take at least two more weeks. I hope not more. God I hope so. Anyway, thank you all for support and see you soon:3


Homelands! Holy molly why it takes so long?

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Hello-hello! I’m sorry for the delay, I was a bit sick. But thank God this time is almost over and I’d like to tell you what we managed to do in these… I don’t know, three weeks? That was a lot of time. Watch your health and don’t forget to wear warm clothes, please.

So, I found a new animator and fired two previous ones. He already created all animations for our first enemy and programmer tested them in Unity. Everything’s working and looking really good!

Now we have a new looking house in the Hub and insides of it. Sadly, the artist who drew them had to leave us, so I’m looking for a new one. She also helped to change the Hub a bit. Now it’s a bit lower, has bigger portal zone and the left portal was changed, too.

I also got a few UI elements just before she left. Dialog window, action icons, a tablet for information, buttons.

We are also finishing the NPCs. We need to make four of them, and three is ready so far. Our animator is working on these characters already. There are males and females “templates” for every kind with basic clothes + extra clothes and accessories.

I also added a pic of auto-generating fighting scene. I can say that it’s ready and now we need to make some basic rooms and maybe think about fighting scenarios.

Well, I guess that’s it. Stay warm and don’t forget to eat vegetables, my friends! See you soon!


Homelands! Soon there’ll be demo + progress

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Hello, boys and girls! I’m here to tell you more about progress on Homelands. After these two weeks I’m full of hope! It seems soon we’ll be ready to show you at least something interactive. Yes, interactive, I can’t say “playable”.

So, what have we done in these two weeks so far? I found two new 2D artists, discovered a style I’d like to see (both for NPCs and landscapes\surroundings). We had to redraw all enemies, but finished the hub landscape in the old style. We’ll deal with it later. One artist is working on redrawing all house images right now. We need them in a higher resolution.

We now have about 5 different animations of one enemy and 3 animations of another one. Talking about finished pics of enemies, there are 6 of them now. And one artist is working on the “main character” as I write this post. There will be a male and a female versions of it.

What about programming stuff? My friend has almost finished the auto generation of the fight locations. It was a very long way! And there’s much more work to do. He’s also worked on dialogs, finished menu, added a now text font style and I’m almost ready to give him new cool looking buttons for menu.

And we are both learning how to add and set post-effects to improve the final look of the game. We noticed that it’s a very important part.

As you can see, the work is going. Creating games is not very hard, but it’s hard to create them for the first time. You make a lot of mistakes and they cost you a lot of time and money. I’m happy to have your support and I must say that all of my income is going into this new project now 😅

Thank you for your help and see you soon!