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SLAT v1.1.0! Is that Olivia?

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Hello everyone! This update adds three important things that I have been thinking about for a long time. First, the main End Game of max Darkness points. This event will (I hope) force players to maintain a balance between sex life and rest. Second, complex piercings. Don’t ask me why, I just wanted to add them for a long time. Third, an erotic scene between Hugo and Olivia! It didn’t turn out to be very interesting, but it added a touch of sadism to the game. Which I plan to develop further.

Of course, there is still a lot to do. But little by little we are making progress! Now let’s take a closer look at each change…

UPD v1.1.0
– Finally added the End Game. When the player reaches 100 points of Darkness, he gets a warning in a dream. If you fall asleep with 100 Darkness for the second time, it will simply ‘take’ the main character. Yes, he will not wake up, this is the end. Or you can use the autosave and try to change the course of the story. The game will also offer you to give all the money to “bribe death” and continue playing. If you choose this option, you will not be bothered by the End Game from max Darkness.
– Added art for the Brothel Wing location.
– Added nipple rings, a new type of piercing.
– Added three more new piercing slots: neck, stomach, and clitoris (vagina). These should work with old saves. Note that the clitoris slot is not available if you have a penis. In order to purchase and use clit piercings, you must first get rid of your penis in the Med Bay.
– These three new slots are for three new complex (!) piercings. They are more interesting and can be ‘changed’ in the wardrobe according to the player’s preference. This is a purely cosmetic detail, just like the rest of the clothing.
– In Lola’s hacked computer, in the tab ‘Work n stuff (E:)’ you can now find an active section ‘Cameras’. Once a day you can spy what Hugo is doing at night. Spoiler: he has an appointment with Olivia. Another spoiler: animation will be added later.
– Now there will be no version confusion after using save files. I actually implemented this change silently right after releasing v1.0.1.
– The Access card cabinet is now working again! If you are a SubscribeStar subscriber, you can log in and the game will automatically provide you with available bonuses in the cheat menu. Unfortunately, the Access card cabinet only works in the game hosted on my site ( Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m still looking for a better solution.
– For some reason, half of all Medical Bay passages had “Brothel Wing” headers. Well, I changed them.

Well, I hope you enjoy the new update. Please let me know if keeping your Darkness low is too difficult. I suspect it will be. Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks!

SLAT v1.0.1! Minor hotfix

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Hello, everyone! I’m not feeling well this week, so this update is quite small. I managed to fix two tiny bugs and added a new art to the Dairy Farm. That’s pretty much it.

I know that there is a problem with moving progress from one version to another. I have absolutely no idea what’s causing it, but I’m experimenting to find a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPD v1.0.1
– Fixed the display of Formal Panties in the wardrobe. They can now be used after purchase.
– Leveling up while sleeping now works correctly. I must apologize for this bug, it was very stupid…
– Added animated art for the Dairy Farm.

See you in two weeks! Be safe!


SLAT v1.0.0! Finally

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Hello everyone! First of all, I’m sorry for delaying the update. I needed a week off and that cost me another week of work, yeah. Unexpected outcome. At least now we have something that looks like a real game now! Version 1.0.0 is out and I’m happy about that. Sure, it still looks like a demo. But I want to call it v1.0.0 anyway.

In this update I mainly worked on Lola’s Den and Clothing Store, a new location. The first one has some ero content, the second one has clothes you can spend your earned money on. I also wanted to add the end game event in this update, but… It will be added a little later.

UPD v1.0.0
– There is now a hypnotic visor in Lola’s Den. It increases the level of Corruption and Darkness.
– An art has been added to Lola’s Den. It is the only one for both day and night.
– There is now a paragraph in Lola’s Den that is displayed on your first visit.
– You can now “practice” hacking in Lola’s Den, increasing your hacking skill on special simplified 2×2 locks.
– An old couch has been added to Lola’s Den. You can doze on it, sleep fully, dream, and level up. Just like in your Bedroom.
– From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. (when Lola is not in Lola’s Den) you can now hack Lola’s computer. This lock has a second level of difficulty.
– After hacking in, you can use Lola’s computer. After browsing through the files, you can find her erotic photos and a small text document.
– Added a new location – Clothing Store.
– Added 12 new clothes that you can buy.
– Created a new way of displaying clothes. It is a table with a picture of the clothes on the main character’s body, a name, a description of the item and a “Buy”/”Put on” button. It adapts normally to mobile screens.

Well, see you in about one week. With hotfixes or a regular update. Or both. Don’t forget to drink water!

SLAT v0.9.5! Halfway there!

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Hello everyone! I promised that v1.0.0 would be released on April 14th. Unfortunately, here we are, with v9.5.0. Long story short, I wanted to release the full game in four days, but… I got extremely tired. So I decided to slow things down. Sorry for the delay, but I really need to get some rest and then finish my ideas at a normal pace.

Like I said, I was aiming for v1.0.0 and stopped at the last 30%. Now let me tell you about the part where I stopped. In these two weeks I hope to finish a new location – Lola’s Den, that’s top priority. This will give you the ability to increase your hacking skill, a bit more porn content, and a place to increase Corruption along with Darkness. Second – Clothes shop and more clothes to buy. Players need a place to spend their money! Third thing is to create the End of the game. This will be the madness of a main character, Darkness will consume him. That’s the real purpose of this stat, yes. These three steps are a minimum. Now let’s talk about what is already in the game (maybe not yet reachable, but already created).

UPD v0.9.5
– For mobile users, images that did not fit within the screen borders will now be displayed normally. Also made the character images a little smaller.
– Clicking on any menu item (for example, Settings or Changelog) now hides the side menu for mobile users.
– Created the second level of hacking (unfortunately not yet available in game).
– Nightmares now show the current Darkness points.
– Added a chill zone in the Bedroom. There you can watch TV to reduce the level of Darkness and restore some Energy.
– There is now a level progression. The BIO shows the available levels and the current progress by experience. When you reach the desired threshold, a notification will appear in the left menu about the need to sleep. Yes, level progression takes place at night, immediately after nightmares (if any) (also not available for now).
– Added art to the Medical Bay. Day and night versions.
– Working on Lola’s Den. It is now available in the Hall after the first night quest with Lola. Aaand it’s completely empty for now.
– After a long and painful search, I finally discovered a bug that was constantly selecting the second cell when milking. And finally fixed this bug.
– For mobile players, the milking mini-game line is now the full width of the screen instead of 50%.
– Fixed ‘addclass’ bug in hacking passage. Also fixed ‘addclass’ errors that mobile users kept seeing.
– Found and fixed a problem due to which random images were not showing.

Thank you for your patience! See you in two weeks with well I do hope a working v1.0.0.

SLAT v0.9.0! Fixes, hotfixes

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Hi, everyone! Oh, boy, where do I start… First of all, thanks for your support. I released version 0.8.0 to “test the waters” and received two reactions: “this is promising” and “where’s content?” Both of them show interest and that’s just perfect!

Unfortunately, there were so many players that my server was crashed in just a few hours. I had to take measures and it took about four first days to fix everything. I also published two “hotfixes”. The first one was technical and grammatical, and the second one’s goal was to improve the display of the game for mobile players. Yes, my very first steps towards mobile users. I guess I should stop pretending I don’t notice them. I also ran into some problems while developing the second level of lock for hacking and my artist was sick for almost two weeks.

A lot of problems, but that’s nothing. The most important thing – I sense interest in players. And, not gonna lie, it keeps me running. Not much content for now, but in those weeks we dealt with nasty things that required attention. And then comes the content.

UPD v0.9.0
– To the list of phrases and questions that can be found in the process of prostitution I added: 3 simple phrases (now there are 4 of them), added one more line at the end of sex, one more in seduction for a new round, one new phrase for requests to buy snacks and drinks, also added one question each to the list of three qualities (rudeness, intelligence, elegance).
– Added a tip at the end of the prostitution act and it depends on the final attraction points. The maximum you can get is +20 money.
– Added art of the hall in the daytime and at night.
– I hid the display of milking and prostitution levels in the BIO. They will definitely be back in the game in the future, but for now I decided to focus on the truly core skill – hacking.
– Now, during prostitution, time is added during the process, 5 minutes at a time, instead of just 1 hour at the end.
– Speaking of snacking during prostitution, it now lasts 15 minutes. And if the guest refuses to buy snacks, he will still continue to receive orgasm points.
– Slightly improved the milking mini-game. Now it should work more stable. I received many complaints about it, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a single glitch… So I improved the only thing that could hypothetically interfere.

Alright, see you in two weeks! I hope my next post will be about v1.0.0, but.. who knows. Have a good day!

SLAT v0.8.0! Game goes live~

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(In order to toggle Online and Offline modes, you should press the top left word “Options” in the side menu of the game. Then choose the variant you prefer.)

Hi, everyone! Today is an important day. You all know me mostly as HTML games creator. Mostly, because of YM. And today my second flagman project comes to live – S.L.A.T.! It’s a big step forward for me as a game developer. It’s already full of cool features and sweet potential.

All right, this update is containing the most basic things for future v1.0.0. Which will be published (I hope so) in one month. Don’t expect much yet, but feel free to explore and give me your suggestions about the game.

UPD v0.8.0
 – Added “dreams”. Not lewd ones, just some text about lore? There is a yet-hidden Darkness progression every night. And every night you reach 1/10/20/30 Darkness for the first time, you get a new nightmare. With a new character, if you can call it a new character..
 – Added a new hacking mini-game. You get a 3×3 table of buttons, and a hint, showing you the right row and column. Pretty simple.
 – I also added a new lore event with Lola, the mechanic girl. She’ll approach you in the middle of the night the next day of meeting her, in order to teach you hacking. In the process you’ll hack your cell door, granting ability to walk outside at night. It’s totally useless for now, tho. For now.
 – After a month, I finally executed my old dream – created a working animated cardiogram in your BIO (Biological Information Observer, the computer on your arm). It’s a cosmetic feature, but I’m proud of myself.
 – Talking about BIO, there are three new cool-looking tables, showing your levels of hacking, milking and prostitution. There is no level progression yet, it’s for later.
 – Finished the Dairy Farm! Now you can collect milk (if you have breasts of any size), semen, or vaginal lubrication (if you have vagina). There you’ll meet yet another simple minigame that will test your reaction! (Don’t worry, it’s really slow)
 – Fixed the paper doll. It was splitting in two when player was changing the screen scale. (Yeah, old YM bug)
 – Like I thought, prostitution tables were crashing on mobile screens. So I made a link there. Players can press it and switch between PC and mobile display.

After some ungodly long time, this version is out. … I guess I already said whatever I could, so.. Take care, and see you in two weeks, people!


S.L.A.T. v0.7.0! Well, kinda?..

Try online!

Hi, everyone! I’d love to show you the very first.. wait, it’s not actually the very first version. The second very first version of SLAT! I have much to tell you, so I better start right away.

First things first, the new pre-release version. I like to think about it like version 0.7.0. Yes, three more updates to a full game. For now – it’s not even actually a game.. I know, I told I will finish the basics in these two weeks, but… I suddenly came up with a very cool idea! And I just had to make it! Simple, yet interesting sex process. Simple for players, not for me. I’ll tell about this below, for now – not much has changed in 0.7.0 since the last post. But still, I removed all restrictions and gave 10000 money so you can wander around and try some links. (Maybe find some bugs for me?) It doesn’t have even little base yet, so don’t expect much. Wait two more weeks for a somewhat normal game, please.

Secondly, I’m really proud of myself! Worked every day since the last post, without a single weekend. Let’s hope I’ll keep the pace. But working on a one single part of the game is.. tiresome. Anyway, I tell you this mostly for one reason – so you can understand how much time I put into that new feature! 

Now, to the feature itself! Prostitution! Oh, I hate this word already. It represents 15% of the whole goddamn SLAT!! It’s huge! Yes, main character can sell his body to “guests” of the company now. You can use your cyberdeck in head to apply randomly available data chips. Choose chips, choose guest. Both you and guest have three traits: rudeness, intelligence, elegance. You can raise these traits via data chips in order to seduce guests. The whole process is you, trying to do some high or low risky moves in order to raise attraction of your guest to you. More attraction you have – more chances that he will buy snacks and drinks from vending machine for you during this session. Or go for another round~ More rounds you had, more food and drinks he bought, more money you’ll get in the end. 

The system is super, super complicated for me. However, I’ve spent tens of hours to make it simple for a player. So.. a few sessions of whoring and you’ll be a pro sugar baby:3 It’s a bit lame and not “calibrated” yet, but it’s cool. Start is start.

Damn, almost forgot to say. An artist drew animations for this prostitution feature. They look not bad. Pixels because it’s style of the game!

I’ll go have some sleep, and you try this new little something. Have fun, and see you in two weeks! With normal game, I hope.


S.L.A.T. is not ready yet, but here are my excuses!

Hi, everyone! I did my best, but the game is still not playable yet. Sorry. These two weeks were pretty good, I managed to work every single day and created a lot of content! But that’s not enough even for a closed release… Let’s talk about what is ready, and what will be added later. 

What is ready?

· The whole base of the game. CSS (design), the time system, a bunch of gameplay widgets, pics-path system, main character and world variables… The base.
· Left side menu. It includes working up-to-date version check system, a little player’s menu (like Smartphone in YM), changelog, settings. In settings you can change between online or offline version of the game and choose between static or animated in-game pics.
· Paper doll is finished, alongside with wardrobe. Clothes, piercings, tattoos… There are just a few pieces of clothes, one nipple piercing option and one mandatory tattoo for now.
· Finally, let’s talk about some plot and playable stuff! For example, a prologue. It’s big, cool and tasty. Well, at least I see it this way! Five unique scenes is a good start, I suppose. 
· Introduction to 4 side in-game characters: BruNo (AI of the company), Olivia (your personal assistant), Lola (mechanic, but doesn’t know shit about this job), Hugo (local head of security and a big asshole).
· Five places have first time event (introduction). It’s Hall, Bedroom, Medical Bay, Dairy Farm, Brothel Wing.· And the Medical Bay is fully operational! It can give you a new haircut (there are 6 of them), help to grow new breasts (from 0 to 5 lvl) or shrink your penis (3 lvls) with ability to replace it with vagina completely! Quite a nice place, made with soul. You’ll like it.
· Oh! In the Medical Bay you will be able to get your everyday depression treatment as well. Yes, by using drugs. And yes, there is everyday depression growth. More perverted you are, bigger risks of losing your mind over time.
· There are also a couple of pics of locations and five profile pics. You’ve seen them already in a previous post.

And what will be added next?

· I definitely need to add at least one “job” for main character. Might be either Dairy Farm or Brothel Wing. Probably the first one, it’s much faster and easier to do.
· There is the fifth side character and I need to introduce it somehow. Spoiler: it is associated with depression I mentioned earlier.
· There is also one bad end I need to add. Yes, associated with depression.
· It will be nice to have 3-4 more plot events. Or at least two of them.
· A new plot location? Probably no, it will be later due to it’s size. I’ll leave this task for next month.

Well, sorry one more time. As you can see, I’m doing my best and very proud of it. If the pace of work will be the same, I’ll make a closed release in two weeks. And after finishing more, a full release. God help me. 
Alright, thank you for your support anyway! And see you right in two weeks! 
Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day <3


S.L.A.T.! The technical part is finished!

Hi, everyone! Time is slowly running out. I was hoping to finish the technical part of the game to this date. And I succeeded! SLAT is a fully operational game. Sadly, there is not much content right now.

So, the technical part is finished. What exactly is ready so far? As I said earlier, cheat menu is ready. But I ran into a problem I want to tell you about. Sadly, Patreon has a surprisingly bad API and you won’t be able to use it to log in and get cheat codes accordingly to your support tier. It is available to SubscribeStar supporters, tho. But, there will be old good cheat codes in SLAT. It’s a necessary measure for me, a lucky outcome for you.

There is a paper doll, as you can see. I spent some great amount of time adjusting it. And it still requires attention.. But that’s a task for future me. For now, … well you can see the available slots on the pics! I just want to add that I’d like to try something new with that doll. How about a whole lot of piercings and tattoos?

The left side menu is taken from YM, that’s right. Alongside with several widgets, paragraphs, methods and so on. Yet, I managed to make a few things even better! Like settings and version check. And I have a few more ideas about the old code I took from my other projects, but for now we have a very limited amount of time and it needs to be spent wisely.

Besides passages and code, I also invested some time into CSS. I’m not showing it today, so you have to imagine it yourself. There will be three-four main types of images and about the same amount of visual passages. Like, a dialog, a place, an event… I tried to keep balance between beauty and readability. But this part is something I’ve never done before, so it will evolve over time.

Well, that’s it. I have the last two weeks till the promised “early access” or something. I’m tired of alpha builds, so this time I’m going to start with v1.0.0. Will I finish at least some playable passages in two weeks? Let’s hope I will! It would be great to fit within these boundaries.

Take care of yourself and see you right in two weeks!


Guess what? More info about SLAT!

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to tell you more about the S.L.A.T. game I’m making. The project is not seeing your happy faces at least one month, so I’m going to feed you with tales like a did all previous year. I’d like to write down some questions I assume you have and then answer to them. Let’s do this.

The Plot?

I already gave you something in my last post. A poor depressed and crushed boy is going to a cyberpunk company that “provides happiness”. Suddenly, that company turns out to be a hypno facility that pimps out their “product” – young silly boys, turn into young silly sissy boys. Pretty simple.

More Plot?

While you are finding ways to earn money to pay your company debt, a few characters will be introduced to you. Facility AI, an assistant “mommy”, a mechanic “sister” and Hugo – local asshole and security officer. Not gonna spoil the fun right now, but they will help you to develop new fetishes.

What Are These Fetishes?

Okay, gonna spoil it. S.L.A.T. will not be a soft game, so you’ll be beaten up, feminized, laughed at, pimped out (expectedly), drugged and left on the cold floor. Hope you are happy about that.

And These Useless Access Cards?

Will be useful from the very v1.0.0. I’m sorry for the previous year. In SLAT (let me skip the dots) there will be your favorite cheat codes. To be honest, the cheat menu is almost ready.

Gameplay or something?..

You will be able to play with paper doll (like in YM, yes), do regular 18+ text game things. Nothing very new for this genre. And nothing too important. I feel that I must tell about one thing. I have this artist craving again… So I’ll try to impress players with novels style (doing my best to learn more about writing books rn). Don’t worry, there will be no huge text scenes! English in not my native language, but I hope five years of experience will do the trick.

Anyway, that’s it for today. The game is developing (rather slowly, actually). I also brought you these 180×180 pixel pics of stated characters. Who’s the fifth one? You have to guess it!

See you in two weeks! And thanks for patience.