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S.L.A.T. is not ready yet, but here are my excuses!

Hi, everyone! I did my best, but the game is still not playable yet. Sorry. These two weeks were pretty good, I managed to work every single day and created a lot of content! But that’s not enough even for a closed release… Let’s talk about what is ready, and what will be added later. 

What is ready?

· The whole base of the game. CSS (design), the time system, a bunch of gameplay widgets, pics-path system, main character and world variables… The base.
· Left side menu. It includes working up-to-date version check system, a little player’s menu (like Smartphone in YM), changelog, settings. In settings you can change between online or offline version of the game and choose between static or animated in-game pics.
· Paper doll is finished, alongside with wardrobe. Clothes, piercings, tattoos… There are just a few pieces of clothes, one nipple piercing option and one mandatory tattoo for now.
· Finally, let’s talk about some plot and playable stuff! For example, a prologue. It’s big, cool and tasty. Well, at least I see it this way! Five unique scenes is a good start, I suppose. 
· Introduction to 4 side in-game characters: BruNo (AI of the company), Olivia (your personal assistant), Lola (mechanic, but doesn’t know shit about this job), Hugo (local head of security and a big asshole).
· Five places have first time event (introduction). It’s Hall, Bedroom, Medical Bay, Dairy Farm, Brothel Wing.· And the Medical Bay is fully operational! It can give you a new haircut (there are 6 of them), help to grow new breasts (from 0 to 5 lvl) or shrink your penis (3 lvls) with ability to replace it with vagina completely! Quite a nice place, made with soul. You’ll like it.
· Oh! In the Medical Bay you will be able to get your everyday depression treatment as well. Yes, by using drugs. And yes, there is everyday depression growth. More perverted you are, bigger risks of losing your mind over time.
· There are also a couple of pics of locations and five profile pics. You’ve seen them already in a previous post.

And what will be added next?

· I definitely need to add at least one “job” for main character. Might be either Dairy Farm or Brothel Wing. Probably the first one, it’s much faster and easier to do.
· There is the fifth side character and I need to introduce it somehow. Spoiler: it is associated with depression I mentioned earlier.
· There is also one bad end I need to add. Yes, associated with depression.
· It will be nice to have 3-4 more plot events. Or at least two of them.
· A new plot location? Probably no, it will be later due to it’s size. I’ll leave this task for next month.

Well, sorry one more time. As you can see, I’m doing my best and very proud of it. If the pace of work will be the same, I’ll make a closed release in two weeks. And after finishing more, a full release. God help me. 
Alright, thank you for your support anyway! And see you right in two weeks! 
Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day <3


S.L.A.T.! The technical part is finished!

Hi, everyone! Time is slowly running out. I was hoping to finish the technical part of the game to this date. And I succeeded! SLAT is a fully operational game. Sadly, there is not much content right now.

So, the technical part is finished. What exactly is ready so far? As I said earlier, cheat menu is ready. But I ran into a problem I want to tell you about. Sadly, Patreon has a surprisingly bad API and you won’t be able to use it to log in and get cheat codes accordingly to your support tier. It is available to SubscribeStar supporters, tho. But, there will be old good cheat codes in SLAT. It’s a necessary measure for me, a lucky outcome for you.

There is a paper doll, as you can see. I spent some great amount of time adjusting it. And it still requires attention.. But that’s a task for future me. For now, … well you can see the available slots on the pics! I just want to add that I’d like to try something new with that doll. How about a whole lot of piercings and tattoos?

The left side menu is taken from YM, that’s right. Alongside with several widgets, paragraphs, methods and so on. Yet, I managed to make a few things even better! Like settings and version check. And I have a few more ideas about the old code I took from my other projects, but for now we have a very limited amount of time and it needs to be spent wisely.

Besides passages and code, I also invested some time into CSS. I’m not showing it today, so you have to imagine it yourself. There will be three-four main types of images and about the same amount of visual passages. Like, a dialog, a place, an event… I tried to keep balance between beauty and readability. But this part is something I’ve never done before, so it will evolve over time.

Well, that’s it. I have the last two weeks till the promised “early access” or something. I’m tired of alpha builds, so this time I’m going to start with v1.0.0. Will I finish at least some playable passages in two weeks? Let’s hope I will! It would be great to fit within these boundaries.

Take care of yourself and see you right in two weeks!


Guess what? More info about SLAT!

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to tell you more about the S.L.A.T. game I’m making. The project is not seeing your happy faces at least one month, so I’m going to feed you with tales like a did all previous year. I’d like to write down some questions I assume you have and then answer to them. Let’s do this.

The Plot?

I already gave you something in my last post. A poor depressed and crushed boy is going to a cyberpunk company that “provides happiness”. Suddenly, that company turns out to be a hypno facility that pimps out their “product” – young silly boys, turn into young silly sissy boys. Pretty simple.

More Plot?

While you are finding ways to earn money to pay your company debt, a few characters will be introduced to you. Facility AI, an assistant “mommy”, a mechanic “sister” and Hugo – local asshole and security officer. Not gonna spoil the fun right now, but they will help you to develop new fetishes.

What Are These Fetishes?

Okay, gonna spoil it. S.L.A.T. will not be a soft game, so you’ll be beaten up, feminized, laughed at, pimped out (expectedly), drugged and left on the cold floor. Hope you are happy about that.

And These Useless Access Cards?

Will be useful from the very v1.0.0. I’m sorry for the previous year. In SLAT (let me skip the dots) there will be your favorite cheat codes. To be honest, the cheat menu is almost ready.

Gameplay or something?..

You will be able to play with paper doll (like in YM, yes), do regular 18+ text game things. Nothing very new for this genre. And nothing too important. I feel that I must tell about one thing. I have this artist craving again… So I’ll try to impress players with novels style (doing my best to learn more about writing books rn). Don’t worry, there will be no huge text scenes! English in not my native language, but I hope five years of experience will do the trick.

Anyway, that’s it for today. The game is developing (rather slowly, actually). I also brought you these 180×180 pixel pics of stated characters. Who’s the fifth one? You have to guess it!

See you in two weeks! And thanks for patience.


New year, new dreams!

Happy new year! Let the old stuff stay in 2023 year and enter new year with open hands~~

What can I say about 2023.. I learned a lot of things from it. Made some mistakes, got information and feedback that I’m still processing. No need to say that I’m sorry for my bad decisions, heh. And still, we learn from mistakes. Especially your Milky.

I’m glad that in the new 2024 year I have a new project. Yet another one, but at least you seem to like this one! Still working on it, yep. It will take a month or two.

I have to go now. Thank you for staying by! Hope this year will be great for all of us~


What is S.L.A.T.?

Hi, everyone! Today I’m gonna tell you a story about a little depressed boy. He lived in a bright future world.. Wait, no, the future world was bright only for powerful and rich, and our guy wasn’t one of them. Left alone and crushed by unlucky events, he was doomed to vanish in slums. 

Luckily for him, there was a company! SLAT (stands for Sissy Learning and Training) helped such poor little fellas to find happiness in life and maybe even cover their debts by earning some honest money!

All you have to do is sign the pretty contract… SLAT is a medical company, so you have to agree on staying in their facility as long as it’s needed, do what’s need to be done and obeying every single order. And in return, you’ll be treated with a lot of rare drugs and a lot of unique operations. 

What about the happiness they promise? It’s real! You just need to find it in submitting, obeying and being a good boy. Or a good girl. Don’t worry, the treatment is really good. Just give it time. And meanwhile, make money, serving the rich ones.

What’s the end of this story? Maybe our little guy finds inner peace, earns a lot of money and finishes the program? Or he crushes under the weight of cruel world and dangerous drugs, letting darkness consume his soul? Or.. the story never ends? Sometimes the path much more interesting than the goal. The company surely will be very pleased to support this decision!

Just two more months or so~ Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!


Homelands story is over, sadly

Well, hello, everybody. Good news for ones, bad news for others. I’m stopping to work on Homelands. Sorry.

When I started that project, I wanted to take a step forward. New engine, new approach, new challenges. Sadly, I found out that I made a few mistakes. I have to admit that 2D vanilla game on Unity was a too big piece of cake for me. Chewing it would take a few years and I’m already all tired. So, I decided to work on something more familiar – a text game.

Did I learn something on that journey? Yes, quite a lot. Learning C# made me a much better programmer. I found a few amazing artists, sound designers, animators. Learned about working in a team. I also found out new ways to store files, create useful documents for game development, started using Figma/Trello/Toggle. I do hope that this will help me in the future.

What will happen to Homelands? Sadly, I’ll pack all files till the better days. I don’t think that I’ll return to this project, to be honest. So let’s say that it’s abandoned from now.


What I will do next? My next project will be a text game. Nope, not YM. The new game will be about a girly boy. About his MtF transformation under heavy pressure of wild cyber world. I can’t say more, but I think you’ll see the base of this game really quickly. It will take a month or two. I’ll keep you posted.

Many of you know me as text games developer. I guess I made a mistake, trying to switch to Unity without second thought. It’s time to take a step back and create another great game. Like always, I’ll do my best. With your help.

See you soon!


Homelands v0.0.11a! Fighting with combat bugs~

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Hello, everyone! In this version, I tried to focus on the battle zone. Snow leopards, attack animations, everything is messed up. First things first, I fixed small and easy things. The next step will be dealing with more complex problems, like movement of snow leopards. My thoughts? Rip the whole path building asset off and put a new one in. The current one is really buggy even without me touching it.

Sadly, the sound designer couldn’t make a song and sounds for menu I was talking about earlier. Well, we’ll keep in touch in case he becomes more free. Anyway, I’ll start looking for new musicians.

UPD v0.0.11a

  • Corrected “Genetails” to “Genitals” in the character creation menu. I’ve also dealt with all the mild warnings in the Unity that popped up after building process.
  • Now all the buttons with arrows are looped! Hooray.
  • Now snow leopards are not moving after being stunned (or killed, which is removed from game for now).
  • Now interaction with stunned leopards don’t cause a critical error. Sorry about that.
  • Both player and leopards are now stunned/killed instantly when their health drop to zero, without finishing the current animation.
  • Now the second jump performs without losing momentum.
  • Now regular attacks can be performed on a walk/run. And, super attacks are no longer possible to cancel by releasing the button.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs due to which: player was running while making a super attack; player was moving with an idle animation; player could roll while attacking and attack while rolling; crouching was breaking attack and run animations.
  • One random fatal error warning in a track building asset was rudely plugged. Well, nothing bad happened, I checked it.
  • Moved player a bit lower and snow leopards a bit higher in the battle zone. Now they are on the same level.


  • Now the chosen camera zoom level saves when you are changing locations.

By the way, the animator has finished new NPCs (bears and donkeys). I need some more time changing them. Yes, this will stop bears and donkeys from “shaking” that appeared not so long ago. Using one piece of code for different sets of spine objects was not a good idea, but that’s temporary.

I asked the new artist to work on pics for sex animations. She’s a talented one, but it’s a hard task and the first steps are rather slow. Anyway, I’m doing whatever I can to help her.

Well, something like that. See you in a couple of weeks, hopefully! Don’t get cold~


Homelands v0.0.10a! Big boss is finished

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Hello, everyone! Can’t believe this month is already over. A lot of things have changed, but nothing too significant for players, sadly. Anyway, let me get straight to it.

The huge bug I was talking about earlier… I fixed it. Sadly, it took so much time and energy that I’m not even happy about that. Anyway, now we can go back to chasing smaller bugs. Our former programmer said that I should just change the whole asset for moving NPCs and enemies. I’m not sure about that, but let’s leave this question for another time. Now we have to change task and fix something else.

And good news! Now you can move camera on scroll button! Big good change. Just a couple of days of work. Pretty easy.

UPD v0.0.10a

  • Now all NPCs are walking on the ground, not in the air. And not “jumping” or falling under ground when you are walking by.
  • Fixed hitboxes of donkeys and bears. They were too small after changing appearances. Some cursed playing with sizes took place earlier, yes. Now you can talk to them without need to stay really close.
  • Snow leopards are now moving, if the scene (battle zone) is loaded correctly. They still can walk away from player or mess up their animations, but that’s in progress. I’m going to work on this in a few days.
  • Finally, the battle scene is loading correctly now. After spending enormously big amount of time on it, this piece of code is working. There are a few small errors here and there, the whole thing is inconsistent, but I won’t finish it to perfection. I don’t know how and there are more ugly things I need to attend.
  • Fireballs are now flying on the correct layer, not behind trees and stones.
  • Fixed a bug due to which crouching led to an error (sometimes to a fatal one).


  • Now you can zoom the camera! Use the middle mouse button to bring it closer or move away.
  • When chatting with an NPC, camera will adjust to fixed size (a bit closer than you’d use, I guess). Then return to previous settings.

Also, the artist has finished working on werewolf boss. Here’s a pic of him in comparison to other characters. There will be a huge amount of work for animator to make all attacks and jumps and everything, but for now, he can only walk and stand. And he’s not added to the game yet. Adding a whole new room for boss fight and coding dialogs is a big task for future me.

Oh! And animator is working on donkeys and bears right now. Artist finished drawing them with better clothes and accessories just a few days ago.

I also asked sound designer to create a few more sounds (for buttons, portals, maybe picking up items) and a new menu soundtrack. Sadly, everything is still in progress.

Let’s hope that I’m gonna post another update in a week, but I’m not sure anymore… Anyway, stay tuned, and good luck with no nut November!


Homelands v0.0.9a! Last serious bug is fixed!

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Hello, everyone! Sorry for such a small update, autumn got me and I’m all sick and wasted. It’s sad, yeah. I was working really slow… Okay, let’s move to the next part.

I started to work on the fighting zone to remove the last serious bugs. Animations, enemies, attacks, hitscans and everything. A lot of work. A lot. I will ask our former programmer to help me in order to speed up the process.

UPD v0.0.9a

  • I think you noticed that the gray fox on the loading screen looks like a torn ragdoll when fading in and out. It’s impossible to fix, so I reduced it’s fading time by 30%. Looks a bit better now.
  • Now all projectiles hit ground and enemies as they supposed to do. There was a really unexpected bug.
  • Foxes and horses (both genders) were updated in the settlement. They have slightly better appearance now.


  • Added code that generates updated NPCs (foxes and horses) with random accessories. There are 4 pieces for foxes, 5 ones for female horse and 6 for male horse.
  • Added a new portal to the fighting zone. You can abandon mission and return to Hub anytime now.

Remember that post where I asked you what you would like to see in Homelands in the future? I really don’t want to add some questionable (illegal) content to the game, but there is one thing I want to show to you. And I think you’ll like it!

Our artist is working on concept art of a new enemy. A really big one~ The boss of the location. With dialogs, dangerous attacks, charisma and large penis. All the best stuff, yes. We are working on this right now.

May the autumn blues pass you by<3


Homelands v0.0.8a! Introducing: the lore

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Download the latest version (v0.0.8a)

Hello, everyone! I was happy to receive a lot of feedback (I was kinda surprised to get any at all) and I made many changes to plans regarding developing this game. And first thing I decided to add is a little more information about who the main character is and why he does what he does. Please read signs in every location. Plus, I made a few the most simple “life quality” changes to things people was not so happy about.

UPD v0.0.8a
– Now all interactable objects (portals, doors, NPCs…) calculate the distance to the player and choose the closest one. It is very useful in situations when you try to activate one specific object in crowd of NPCs.
– Fixed the default “I” button for toggling Inventory. Now it works perfectly.
– Moved a mill and a cabin a little further apart in the settlement, so you can’t be trapped in there forever.
– Now it’s not mandatory to capture all snow leopards in the fighting zone to open the gate. You can just defeat them and leave.
– Added.. information! Please read signs in every location, they contain the base info about who you are and what you are doing. It’s a bit raw, but we have to start somewhere.
– Also added an info window to every portal. You’ll see why.
– Now pause menu, clothes menu, character creation menu, settings, info windows – all of them can be closed by pressing “Esc” button. Sadly, that doesn’t apply to dialogs. They use the completely different system of UI management.
– Added pixel perfect camera component to the main camera. This could make the overall picture slightly better, but it’s still far from perfection… Work in progress.

Okay, one person said it would be nice to know what I’m going to work on next. First thing, I’m going to fix as many bugs as possible in the fighting zone (projectiles moving through enemies? Impossible to tolerate). Second, I have a lot of new animations to be installed. In addition, all of them need new pieces of code, so it will take some time. For example, there are a couple of new NPC models (fox and horse) and new sex animation just for tests.

I want to work on bugs and new content at the same time, but there are too many fixes to be made for now. Anyway, we never stopped working on the ero animations – the most important thing in the whole game. Yep, still in process. At least we found solutions to the problems I was talking about earlier.

Stay warm this autumn; don’t get sick like I did. See you in two weeks with new version!