Young Maria v11.5.0! First soundtrack!!

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Hi, everybody! Sorry for no sign for a long time. I had some problems, but I hope they are in the past now:) In this update, you’ll hear the very first soundtrack created for this game. It was made by Anfim and is 13 minutes long! I hope you like ambient.

I also spent … a week?.. trying to create a damned volume changer, and I succeeded! Go check it out in the new menu item – Music. I think I’ll add some design to that passage later.

I tried to do some fixes in this update. I failed in some cases, just wasting more precious time, but I still fixed some small bugs to give you at least something. For now, I’m hunting down the bug that causes that “Unknown class” error (in the school). Also, trying to find errors in the pregnancy system.

UPD 11.5.0
– A new menu item was added: Music! I spent GODDAMN DAYS, and you finally can change volume and soundtracks!
– Added the first soundtrack by Daniel (a.k.a. Anfim)! It won’t play from the beginning, so you need to start the song in the Music menu. It’s 13 minutes long, by the way:)
– Added a scene by Melonmallow. In Night Club, you will be able to “Look for troubles” if you are drunk (60 intoxication) and lewd (60 corruption) enough. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded with a quick outside fun;3
– Now you can wash your hands and legs in school WCs (both girls and boys)
– Some variables, layout errors, and typos were fixed
– Now, whenever you apply makeup and new lips color, you’ll be “notified” about the changes
– Now, no makeup still gives you +2 to attractiveness and any lipstick – +5
– Now you can see the link “Buy lewd stuff” (in the Laptop) if your corruption is higher than 40
– Tried to fix the broken pics of magazines in the brother’s room. Now there are 4 of them, and the phantom fifth one… is still broken, yep
– Added 7 new gifs for webcam actions

It’s not much, but I did my best, comrades! See you in two weeks!:3

Homelands: Last changes, what’s going on here~

Project Patreon

Hi, everybody! There weren’t many changes for these two weeks, to be honest. We (our project manager, me, and the programmer) are simply working together.

We changed a few concept artists, by the way. About.. 6 at least. One boy is trying his best to understand our wishes, and he even showed his drawing to us! But he never agreed on publishing this picture, so, you know.. Wait till he finishes it:) I really hope he’ll become a part of the team!

Also, the programmer finished working on the controls for both PC and mobile players. Now he’s working on the automatic fighting level generation. I guess it will take some decent time, but… I don’t really know. I never did this by myself.

I finally installed Unity! With some help, I managed to get access to the project! Now I’m trying to understand how everything works there without messing things up (I failed today). Here comes the most boring part – reading documentation. But, for the good of everyone, I’ll do it:3

Young Maria v11.4.0! Can I call it a “team version”? Maybe

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The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Hi, people! I got a lot of scenes, code, and advice the last week, so all this time, I was sewing things together:) Today I want to tell you about the latest problem some players ran into. I need your help!

Some antiviruses warn users about YM files or my site as virus keepers. First of all, that’s not true. I’m an honest programmer, and I am interested in you enjoying my games. I think the problem is in JavaScript that some defenders block automatically, marking the file as a trojan. What to do? Stop antivirus before downloading the game. It’s a common practice, really!

But I want to solve this problem, and I need the information you receive in the warnings. Because all my security programs don’t trigger… So I would be very grateful if you send me as much information as possible via Discord (, email (, or in the comments. I need 1) Your system, 2) The warning message, 3) The antivirus name (or browser, if it warned you), 4) The YM version (the number and was it Online, downloaded Online\Offline). I’m kindly asking for your help, boys and girls:3

UPD 11.4.0
– Now you can drink coffee once a day in the Kitchen. It restores 25 Energy (by ZMorpheus10)
– A small improvement in the displaying of “info” links in the character creation paragraph (by ZMorpheus10)
– Now you stay at school after a scene with your classmate during a lesson (ин ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the link in the Bar. Now when you go out, you … go out, not teleport straight into the Living room (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the HaveASexWidget input in a few scenes (the ones with brother) (by ZMorpheus10)
– Fixed the entering School location error (the unknown class error) (by ZMorpheus10)
– All start corruption points for sister and brother were increased by 5 (from 0, 5, 10 to 5, 10, 15)
– Speaking of start Сorruption, I fixed this. Now brother and sister get their start Corruption points correctly
– Now you can’t sleep at 8 AM. Yes, it’s impossible to skip a few days in a row now
– Added a huge amount of mini-scenes by Rachael in the Webcam activities description. Some of them have gifs
– Added a bestiality scene by Plaze. To see in, play with Max in the Park in the FB mode

I hope you will enjoy the new version! See you later! (And I love you all, remember this~)

Homelands: The base of main character and locations is ready!

Project Patreon

Hello, everyone! These weeks were really hot, but I’m happy that I managed to get a good team earlier. My programmer and the project manager are working hard, and we already created some base for the whole game. The main character can run, jump, fall, make close and range attacks, etc. All locations (including the fighting ones and a special room) were created, too.

There is still no news from the animator or the game designer, so I try to find new ones. And an artist as well. A lady friend of mine wants to help us, by the way. And maybe she will.

P.S.: All pictures will be changed in the future! They are here just for an example:)

Young Maria v11.3.0! A few scenes, a few fixes~

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The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Hello, everyone! How are you? I’ll be honest, it’s the hottest summer in my whole life.. All day long, I just sleep and help my parents. And only when night comes I can do my job. But no whining! Working on YM keeps me sane this summer, and I’m grateful for this opportunity! At least I manage to make some progress. This update was made only by myself, by the way.

Let me give you some inside information about the team members’ work. Daniel is trying to create good music (I receive samples from him almost twice a week). He wants to make something big and beautiful, so let’s wish him good luck! Rachael is still busy with a huge pile of scenes I was already talking about.

And today I received a message from one person. It seems they’re a good writer, so maybe you’ll get a new pretty NSFW scene in the next update! Who knows:3

UPD 11.3.0
– Fixed the link in the paragraph when mom catches you after the “Dad’s laps” episode
– Fixed the time error you might meet when talking with brother and his friend
– Added a new scene to Family Bitch mode. When you are walking, a stranger will take you to the back alleyway for some money. Make sure the non-con is turned on in the settings!
– Added a very overpriced bar to a strip club
– Added a WC to the Night club
– Now you can clean your face and legs in all WCs
– Added a new NSFW scene to the Night Club. When you are dancing, a guy might grope your ass and ask you to go to a more private place. To accept his offer, you need at least 60 points of Corruption. There are 8 new gifs
– Nerfed the random tip generator a bit for webcam streaming

Well, it seems that I’m going to bed before 1 AM! Today I slept very badly because of the heat, so I need this. Stay hydrated, people! Take care of yourselves<3

Homelands: How it’s going~ First UI steps

Project Patreon

Hello, people! Let me tell you the last news.

Programmer: We discussed something, I wrote a task document, and after some time (and a lot of fixes), I finally can say that the very first steps in development are making! We still have to know each other better with this guy, but at least he doesn’t cost a fortune and really knows what to do.

Game designer/animator/artist: I don’t understand why, but they just vanished. Artist doesn’t even want to give me some files she worked on in exchange for money… Why? And the game designer was ill, so I’m not sure why he doesn’t respond.

Project manager: Yep, a girl texted me a few days ago and offered her help dealing with other team members! Let’s give it a try~ After all, she says that her only motivation is a desire to create a good 18+ game:3 Also, she helps me find a new artist and animator.

Young Maria v11.2.0! Exams are finally over~

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Hello there! I’m very happy because I just passed my last exam. I’m tired as hell, but the weather is nice, and I’m fixing my sleep schedule, so… I guess I’m lucky. At least I can work every day like I used to.

The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Middlewared was covering my back lately, but he is a human, too, so this update was made by me. And Plaze. He wrote a scene with the mother. Anyway, Middlewared and Rachael are working on the webcam feature. It’s a huge task, so I guess it will take some decent time. Also, visit our Discord server to rate the music samples from Daniel (#ym-game-muzak channel).

UPD 11.2.0
– Fixed a few text style errors
– Fixed some pics (dad laps, brother, night club)
– Added a scene with mother by Plaze. You can see it after riding on the dad’s lap. 40 points of relationship with mother are required, and there’s a 25% chance
– A small improvement in classes design
– Now, when you have a canine lube and Ralf in your bedroom (in Family Bitch mode), Ralf may try to take advantage of you when you are playing with a dog-shaped dildo orally (a 25% chance)
– Now, all masturbate (via Laptop) paragraphs are collected in one place – Masturbate Sections. Players won’t see the changes, but it saves a lot of place in the editor
– Also, I added a new section to the Laptop porn – Milfs. There are 8 new gifs

It’s not a big update, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! Have fun and drink enough water^^

Homelands: More information about how it’s going

Project Patreon

Hi, everyone! I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since the previous post… Unfortunately, I still have nothing interesting to tell you except that: I finally found the programmer and argued with two team members.

I don’t know why it’s not working. I feel a bit depressed about how bad I’m doing my work as a ‘project manager.’ Today I literally sent to hell an animator with a game designer. So many people, so few results. I still have to learn a lot.

Well, you are not here to read my complaints. I sent about 4 ads and talked to 10+ people who wanted to be a programmer. Long story short, he asked for a huge pile of money, but.. It’s the best option right now. I also need a new animator now. 

At least two good news: my exams are almost over, and the design document is already 4/5 finished. Now we can work with it. 

I’m doing my best here, so thank you for your patience<3

Young Maria v11.1.0! Webcam show~

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Hello, everybody! This update is a bit too small. Sorry for this. I’m still passing my exams and have a really small amount of spare time… Anyway, Middlewared added an amazing feature you’ll love!

The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

Meet a new team member – Daniel! He will create music for YM! He’s a beginner, but I like these few songs he sent me. He is trying to deal with exams, too, so give him some time:)

I’m still repairing my site from the incident I told you about earlier. So please don’t hesitate to tell me if something isn’t working.

UPD 11.1.0
– Fixed Night club’s open hours. Yes, one more time…
– Increased chance of mother comforting you after a bad day at school (from 5% to 50%)
– Added a new (really impressive) feature by Middlewared – the ability to give a webcam show. Buy a Laptop with a Webcam to get access to this feature. It’s still in process, so some parts are not finished yet

See you soon, boys and girls! I hope you are spending this summer better than I do

Young Maria v11.0.0! New haircuts, old saves bug fixing!

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Hello, everybody! I’m deadly tired, so please let me be short.

The Main Pics Folder was updated (v11.0.0)! If you use the Offline version, please download it.

My site ( crashed after I tried to update WordPress. Somehow a few databases were damaged. Give me a sign if you noticed some errors (…you didn’t see earlier).

Also, I’m sorry to say this, but I removed Sad+Lonely from the team. We had some conflicts, plus he almost didn’t work on YM at all.

UPD 11.0.0
– Fixed bugs with old saves! Now old saves should work with new versions
– Fixed minor bugs
– Minor improvements
– Now lunch break in school only between 12:00-13:00
– Now lunch gives you energy
– Fixed a bug with the dress (nude)
– Changed brother schedule
– Now, when you’re wandering around brother’s room, you can find porn mags and a fleshlight
– Now you can join brother and his friend on Sundays (simple scene)
– Now you can watch brother playing PC (simple scene)
– Now you can watch Netflix with your brother. Build a relationship with him (put the head on his shoulder), and you will progress to the sex scenes (now only one)
– Changed a scene with Jack (first meeting and when encounter him on the street) – to get a sex scene, you need to have more than 25 corruption points – by Rachael
– If your corruption more than 20, you can sit on Dad’s lap while he’s watching TV. To get the lewd scene, you need to have at least 40 relationship points with dad, and to get a sex scene to wear a mini-skirt, with/without panties, the scene will slightly differ. – by Plaze
– Books that increase your corruption was removed. Go to the classes to get lewder quickly
– Fixed the open hours for the Night club
– Added some new haircuts. Same 3 colors and 4 types of length. But now I started to use a new modification: style. All you had before was Straight style, and I added Pigtails and Fancy. Fancy is a special style, try every length (it can give you even curly hair)!
– Added the system for NSFW actions in the Night club. Without NSFW actions themselves yet..
– Fixed the error with always clean sister’s room

Okay, see you next weekend! Love you!