Homelands! 18+!

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Hello, comrades (it sounds even better these days)! I’m finally back at home and ready to work at full power. That was an awful month, but the university business had to be done. Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all, we finished to work on appearance of all enemies. There are about 12 of them in total. I’d like to show two of the new enemies to you: a polar wolf and a polar bear. The next step is to animate them.

Talking about animations, now both male and female main characters (teal kobolds) have all animations they need (like taking damage, jumping, falling, rolling, etc.). Animator is working on the second enemy now (that shooting ballista). It won’t be long since ballista has 4 or 5 animations in total.

I also found a new artist for locations and environment! She’s pretty good at copying styles and I like her work so far. After four days she copies the style almost perfectly.

Our programmer is working on UI and implementing new animations right now. It’s a much bigger task than I thought!

Now, to the sweet part! We are about to begin to work on sex scenes. Artist is drawing naked characters and as soon as he finishes some of them, animator and programmer will take the initiative.

And that’s all, I guess. The progress is slow, but the outcome is massive! Take care of yourselves and wait for more naughty pics;3


Homelands! Characters update. And.. stuff

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Hello, lads~ Today is the day when I’m digging into some pretty dense subject and I need to learn it in just a few days. Pretty tough task, yes. I decided to write a post before I start.

Not very much changed, actually. I’m searching for UI and environment artists and since I haven’t found any yet, I’m working on characters mostly.

Right now we have “demo”, “visual” of 7 enemies so far. Three more and we will finish the task! One enemy has all animations ready and our programmer was making some code changings all previous week so we can implement other enemies with animations more easily. Hitbox, attack patterns, the most basic AI, chasing player system… this part is going to be finished today, he told me. At least the snow leopard (the very first enemy) is already up and running. Throwing grenades, going after the player and killing them.

We also finished working on 4 kinds of NPCs. Every kind has a male version, a female version, a basic set of clothes and accessories. And every one of them has an idle and a walk animations. Well, that’s a good start.

Our animator is working on main character’s animations right now. At least four of twelve are ready.

Well, that’s it. Talking about my exams and when this slow-work period will be over – I don’t really know, but I suppose this will take at least two more weeks. I hope not more. God I hope so. Anyway, thank you all for support and see you soon:3


Homelands! Holy molly why it takes so long?

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Hello-hello! I’m sorry for the delay, I was a bit sick. But thank God this time is almost over and I’d like to tell you what we managed to do in these… I don’t know, three weeks? That was a lot of time. Watch your health and don’t forget to wear warm clothes, please.

So, I found a new animator and fired two previous ones. He already created all animations for our first enemy and programmer tested them in Unity. Everything’s working and looking really good!

Now we have a new looking house in the Hub and insides of it. Sadly, the artist who drew them had to leave us, so I’m looking for a new one. She also helped to change the Hub a bit. Now it’s a bit lower, has bigger portal zone and the left portal was changed, too.

I also got a few UI elements just before she left. Dialog window, action icons, a tablet for information, buttons.

We are also finishing the NPCs. We need to make four of them, and three is ready so far. Our animator is working on these characters already. There are males and females “templates” for every kind with basic clothes + extra clothes and accessories.

I also added a pic of auto-generating fighting scene. I can say that it’s ready and now we need to make some basic rooms and maybe think about fighting scenarios.

Well, I guess that’s it. Stay warm and don’t forget to eat vegetables, my friends! See you soon!


Homelands! Soon there’ll be demo + progress

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Hello, boys and girls! I’m here to tell you more about progress on Homelands. After these two weeks I’m full of hope! It seems soon we’ll be ready to show you at least something interactive. Yes, interactive, I can’t say “playable”.

So, what have we done in these two weeks so far? I found two new 2D artists, discovered a style I’d like to see (both for NPCs and landscapes\surroundings). We had to redraw all enemies, but finished the hub landscape in the old style. We’ll deal with it later. One artist is working on redrawing all house images right now. We need them in a higher resolution.

We now have about 5 different animations of one enemy and 3 animations of another one. Talking about finished pics of enemies, there are 6 of them now. And one artist is working on the “main character” as I write this post. There will be a male and a female versions of it.

What about programming stuff? My friend has almost finished the auto generation of the fight locations. It was a very long way! And there’s much more work to do. He’s also worked on dialogs, finished menu, added a now text font style and I’m almost ready to give him new cool looking buttons for menu.

And we are both learning how to add and set post-effects to improve the final look of the game. We noticed that it’s a very important part.

As you can see, the work is going. Creating games is not very hard, but it’s hard to create them for the first time. You make a lot of mistakes and they cost you a lot of time and money. I’m happy to have your support and I must say that all of my income is going into this new project now 😅

Thank you for your help and see you soon!


Homelands~ Main location demo + visual style

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Rise and shine! Today I’d like to show you something we’ve been working on for about two weeks. It’s a main location in a style that.. well, that will be our visual style! As you can see, only two first layers are drawn properly. That’s because this picture is huge and it needs some decent time to be finished. Anyway, right now we are making assets out of it.

Since this visual style is not matching the style of characters, I’ve asked another artist to draw them in a different style. We will try something more simple and with less details. Oh, and yes, we have already finished four enemies for now. It’s time to develop the right style and redraw them quickly. Yes, no one is doing that this way. But this is my first 2D project and I learn by making mistakes.

A programmer has finished UI (start menu, pause, and disclaimer) and is working on automatic generation of locations now. We will use it a lot in the future. Consider it a main feature of the game.

Well, I hope the visual style will be finished quite soon. It is a milestone I’d love to left behind and not just because it’s a lot of work. It also allows me to hire more artists and let them work simultaneously. Anyway, see you soon, people!


Homelands! Animation + a little peek on everything

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Hello, everybody! It’s been a while since the last post, so I have a lot to tell you. As you can guess, I’ve finished dealing with my exams (you’ll hear about them again in just a month) and now working at full power. Well, let me start.

I found a few new artists. I’m trying to gather the best ones and I’m definitely lucky this time! Also, we have a new animator and she just gave me contacts of another one.

My programmer is working hard and he has done a lot since the last post. Added working enemies, the whole fighting system, NPCs with their routines, changeable controls. A lot of stuff.

Now we have concepts of 4 enemies, 3 of them are ready to be animated and 1 is already in process (snow leopard, pic below). We decided to change the working progress to do things right. First of all, I’ll make a list of animations, then I’ll make sketches of them with an artist and show them to an animator. Then animator gives me a list of pics she needs and I give it to an artist who draws characters for animations. A long and complicated path, but I hope it worth it.

Oh! And two artists are working on the main location right now. It goes so slowly…

As you can see, the work is going. Sooo, thank you for waiting, I guess:) See you soon, people!


Homelands! We are working on visual style! Finally.

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What are the basics of all games? Gameplay and visuals. You can’t play any game without rules, rewards and loses – this is an important part. Let’s say Homelands has gameplay. It’s written down, at least~ And what about the visual style? Every game has it. And Homelands is about to get it quite soon, too!

Well, maybe not “quite soon”. It will take some time and a lot of work, of course. I’m not so sure when I will be able to show you the final version, so let’s take a look at the basic variant, one of many. “The basic concept of a visual style” 🙂

P.S.: It will be another week of exams and I’ll come back to you. Everything is good so far. Let’s just sit and wait till this is over. You can give me feedback meanwhile~


Homelands! New concepts! House and a snow leopard

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Hello, people! We just finished working on “basic concepts” and I’m ready to show you a couple of pics! There are about 13-15 new pictures I got just in a week, so I can’t show you everything. We finished working on upgradeable house and here you can see one of the stages. Also, I’d like to show you one enemy: a snow leopard.

So, what is ready so far? Concepts of main character’s house. Concepts of 3 enemies (there are 9 of them in total) and 1 friendly NPC. Concepts of 5 different weapons (a friend of mine wants to make them look better. She is working on this right now). Talking about code, our programmer finished working on main character’s basic moves, surroundings (like vertical ladders, cages, basic furniture), portals (from one location to another) and now he’s working on NPC routines.

So far so good. See you later with more exciting text and pics;3


Homelands v2! Info, concepts… Ideas?

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Hello, friends~ Remember my Homelands project? Forget everything I did before, I started it over. I know what I want now and a fresh start just makes things better. I know, I like fresh starts…

I just noticed that two weeks passed since my last post! So, what I managed to do in these two weeks? A lot of stuff, actually. I wrote a new design document for this game (it has 20 pages right now), found 3 concept artists and a programmer, wrote another document to define developing stages. The “bones” of the game is already in progress and I’m even ready to show you a concept of an upgradable main character’s house (I really like how it’s going so far).

I’m working, I’m trying, I’m doing. Thank you for your words of support;3

Oh, wait! I almost forgot to tell you what the game is about now. You are playing as a mercenary who helps distant villages to fight raiders. In return you get materials (which you can use to upgrade your house) and sex. Plus, you can capture enemies for talking with them! And fucking them, yes, of course. I missed a lot of exciting details, but I can’t tell you everything right now:)


Added API log in to all remaining games

But they are rather useless… Anyway! Now you can log in to SubscribeStar and Patreon accounts in Forest Fairytales, SLAT, Simple Gloryhole. I tested every link, so everything should work properly.