Young Maria

This is my very first game and the biggest one so far. You play as a young girl in a new city, living with your family. A lot of locations, clothes, characters, events, and possibilities!

Estimate time of playing: >3 hours
Fetishes: Female protagonist, Pregnancy, Non-consensual, Stepfamily, Farm, Many clothes, Periods, School, Work
Special: Kisekae (Paper doll), Help menu

Important news (if you play Offline version)!
You should download the Main Pics Folder to get all pics. You download that .zip file and merge the “pics” folder you found there with the “pics” folder I added to the last version .zip file

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Download: Main Pics Folder | Offline version | Online version

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Forest Fairytales

Not a big game, but it still has fans. You are an elf, who is trying to understand the root of a long war between your nation and orcs. A lot of code, but the game is not very stable and works not perfectly.

Estimate time of playing: >40 minutes
Fetishes: Female/Male protagonist, Non-consensual, Stepfamily, Fighting, Genger/Body shifting
Special: Plot, Manual sex system

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Download Online and Offline versions you can on (link below)

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Sissy Learning And Training

It’s not a game, just a base for it. I have plans for this base, anyway. The plot will be simple: you are a man who decided to turn himself into a sissy/trap/girl with the help of this (SLAT) organization. For now, you can change your bedroom, outfit, and body with open settings.

Estimate time of playing: >5 minutes
Fetishes: Male protagonist, Many clothes, Genger/Body shifting
Special: Open cheats, Kisekae (Paper doll), Kisekae (Paper doll) room

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Simple Gloryhole

It’s a very small game I made because I was bored… You are a girl who is living with very strict parents. You asked for a boyfriend and pocket money, but they made you go to drama classes… One day you find out that the drama school WC is a gloryhole! And you go crazy in a new world of men and money~ Anyway, it’s really small and even a bit ugly now.

Estimate time of playing: >10 minutes
Fetishes: Female protagonist, Gloryhole
Special: Open cheats

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