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Homelands v0.0.4a! Stable. Working. Basic.

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Download the latest version (v0.0.4a)

Hello, everyone! What can I say about these two last weeks of working with Unity? It was really hard. Maybe Unity is not the most dense game engine, but it still requires a lot of understanding. Do I know how to work in that engine now? Nope. But I believe that a couple more weeks of learning will help greatly.

Well, back to business. I’m happy to introduce Homelands v0.0.4a! The previous public release was.. two months ago? Damn. If v0.0.3 was “somewhat playable”, this version is “at least something playable”. Let’s look at the changes, shall we? (I want to wrap it in the old format that I have been using for these four years)

UPD v0.0.4a

  • Fixed a bug that prevented choosing female character in the main menu.
  • Fixed a music volume bug that prevented changing it from the options.
  • Fixed a captives bug. Now there is 50% chance of capturing female or male snow leopard, not only female one.
  • Fixed some ground points, hitbox colliders and everything. Now player doesn’t stick to vertical surfaces. (But, boy, there’s still plenty of work to do)
  • Fixed some blurry pictures of trees and bushes. Yes, by redrawing and reanimating them. It has affected some pics from Hub and the fighting zone.
  • Fixed a few minor details in sex animations. Yes, I know, they need to be fully reworked. Already in process.
  • Fixed pause. Now all animations stop after the pause menu is active.
  • Fixed super arrows and crossbow bolts spawn point.


  • Added totally new main chars (both male and female). They are still kobolds, but they have much better resolution and their animations are a bit better now. Animator added pseudo 3D effect and creates two different sets of bones for each character this time. Oh, weapons and projectiles were reworked, too.
  • Added a new set of clothes for female character. Use a table in Hub to change your appearance.
  • Added a procedural fighting zone. Activate one of the portals in Hub to go there. It’s not totally procedural in the best way possible… But it changes chunks of the level every time. Just keep in mind that it’s not the final look of it. 🙂
  • Added cosmetic sprites to the fighting zone. A set of rocks, plants, weed and roots will smooth sharp edges of the tiles.
  • Added platforms and chains to the fighting zone. Now it is possible to climb up and down and use platforms (you know, press down and jump. Platforms).
  • Added three new soundtracks. One for the fighting zone and two for the settlement.
  • There also was added a piece of code to shuffle songs every time.

Glad to be able to show you at least somewhat working game! Still a lot of work to do, of course… So, what’s next? Fixing other characters, animations (sex animations, yes), improving fighting and procedural generation of the battle zone. See you in two weeks with another report! Be safe!


Homelands! I’m going to code it myself, like YM

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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! Well, first of all, I want to inform you all about somewhat serious changes in the next work on Homelands. We are going to add something from YM and this will be… me. From this day, I’ll be working on this project as a programmer. Cons: I will be learning from the very basics. Pros: I learn fast, plus the former programmer will be teaching me.

I tend to believe that the success of YM is based on my work. No one is willing to work days and nights on a project, except for it’s owner. And you can imagine my excitement about this change~

A couple of words about the now-former programmer. I rarely speak about that person, but I knew him from the very first pages of YM. He helped me here and there with games. Sadly, now he needs to find a real job, that’s something I can’t offer to him. Let’s wish him good luck!

Now, let’s get to the changes. Starting with the characters we were working on. Female kobold is totally ready. She has all moving, attack and super attack animations. Two sets of clothes, just to make sure this system works. The sex animations are in progress and I really hope to show you them in two weeks. That would be perfect.

An artist and an animator are working on the new male character right now. Clothes are ready (one set) and animations… We just started, so not much to show yet. Just a bunch of very basic animations, here’s the least goofy one x3

Before our programmer became a former programmer, he managed to fix a couple of bugs in the procedural battle zone. It is clearly more playable now, but in the latest check I found about eight bugs (not so serious, to be honest) and I want to fix them while learning Unity. I think that’s a great opportunity. Apart from that, this part of the game is ready.

Sadly, no more soundtracks yet. A sound designer has some problems and the work goes slowly. I hope we will get new song till the next update. At least it sounds like that.

Well.. Yes, I’m very excited for this opportunity to make Homelands with my own hands. I really missed that. So let’s get into it, shall we? See you in two weeks, and – I hope – with a new public release!


Homelands! Big changes (for me) + a bit of everything

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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! I have some great news for my old fans. Yesterday I graduated from the university! It’s been a really long time and finally you will never hear from me “Sorry, I was studying and didn’t do much” again! Now I can work without any holdups. Thank you for being with me all these 5 years!

First of all, we are still trying to fix characters. I told you about the new main character earlier and now we are finishing her animations. They are pretty decent, considering that we are fixing a lot of mistakes along the way. An animator is trying to add “pseudo 3D” effect to the movements and it looks cool!

An artist has been drawing this character and adding new clothes. You can see them on the picture below. More revealing, more “hunter-like”. And it has a couple of tattoos, as you can see. We’ll look how they will work with other pieces. As you can see, I wasn’t joking about different clothes. We also need to create some sort of menu for changing them. But first things first!

I also asked her to redraw the male kobold so we can try to make new sex scenes as soon as possible. It will take time, but not so much since it’s not the first character. We know what to do now.

We are also working on procedural generation of battle zone. I told you about that earlier, too. Programmer is fixing a lot of errors and adding new features. Sadly, there’s still plenty of work… I guess we will need two more weeks. Plus, he’s improving the mixed animations along the way. There’s just a couple more left of them.

A new soundtrack has been added to the battle zone! It’s more calm, but still pretty similar to the first one. And sound designer is working on a soundtrack for the settlement now. I think we need at least two of them for every location, so after settlement he will make one more track for Hub. Oh, and the new song is good, by the way. You will like it if you like the previous one.

The work is going! Since I became freer, I’m eager to begin working more on Homelands! Damn, I like this feeling of freedom~ See you in two weeks;3


Homelands! More stable, more beautiful

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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! These two weeks were quite interesting. I’m happy about the reaction on the new release and now it’s time to make Homelands look more beautiful!

On the very next day I started to deal with pixel artifacts. They appear here and there on sprites, but that’s not the main issue. The main issue is the appearance of main characters. And, well, characters in total. I decided to work on them a bit. And it paid off greatly! An animator is still working on the new kobold (you can see the picture below), but I already see the improvements.

We are also planning on fixing two more problems with this move. First, it will fix “mixed animations”, like running+jumping or falling+taking damage. Totally new Spine bones will do the job and the characters will move much smoother. Second, sex animations. Yes, they are as goofy as it can be. I understand that and want to fix them as fast as possible. Moreover, we have a bonus: an artist drew new character naked, and animator is going to make changeable clothes! As you can see, we learn from our mistakes and plan ahead now.

We also fixed a few trees and bushes here and there. They became a little more neat, but… something is still missing.

A sound designer finished a new soundtrack for the village just a few days ago. Now we need at least one more soundtrack for every location. He’s working on the one for the battle zone right now.

Another artist finished a big task – drawing “cosmetic” sprites for clean edges and corners of the tiles. They with smooth the visual appearance. These sprites are already animated and in work (here’s just a bit of them, for one particular corner).

And what about programmer? Another big aim for the next public release is to make the game more stable. And he fixed all the bugs and errors I pointed at. Right now he’s making the procedure generating battle zone. It works, but still needs some time and a lot of tests.

Like I already said, I’m happy with the outcome of the previous release! Slowly, but surely. See you people in two weeks with more information (and maybe even something playable). Be safe!


Homelands v0.0.3a! The first basics of gameplay:3

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Download the latest version (v0.0.3a)

Hello, everyone! I bet you’ve forgot about me already! I’ve been absent for about three weeks. You know, I didn’t want to come back just to tell that you have to wait a bit more. So here it is, another big public update! I’m really excited about this one. And I hope you’ll like v0.0.3a.

There was a lot of changes, but let me just describe Homelands instead of talking about every single change and fix. Let’s sum up everything.

First of all, you can create a character now. It’s still a kobold. You can choose sex (male or female) and genitals (penis or vagina). Yes, you can create a c-boy or a shemale. The third option – realistic genitals. You can choose will this game have horse/cat/lizard dongs or simple human ones!

After creating a character, you wake up in Hub, your start location. Go to the left and enter a brown portal – it will take you to high mountains. There pick up a sword and go fight some enemies! An eagle on the top left platform, snow leopard in the middle and wolverine operating a deadly ballista. The eagle guards the second weapon – a bow. Actually, you can kill these bandits or sneak past them – there is a gate on the right side of the location. Open it manually by pressing interact button and go to the village.

What’s interesting in the village? NPCs! You can enjoy simple dialogs and strange looking sex interactions. When you are ready to go you can use a portal right in the middle of the street – it will take you home, back to Hub.

Do you remember the snow leopard in the fighting zone? If you stun him (by pure luck), you can capture the poor soul. And if you manage to capture him, there will be either it’s male or female version in Hub, waiting for you. You can talk to them or have sex. Simple as that.

That’s it! The simplest basics of Homelands, the most primitive gameplay. We have much more in mind, but here are the “bones” of the game.

By the way, now the automatic saves are working. And all enemies have sounds. And the fighting zone has a new soundtrack, I bet you’ll like it.

Well, that’s all for today! Thank you all for believing in this project! It’s becoming better and better every day and today you got the hard proof. See you in two weeks;3 Now without delays! (Maybe)


Homelands! New houses and everything

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Download the latest version (v0.0.2a)

Hello, people! These two weeks were hard. Almost all of the team members had problems. Health, relationship, family, study problems… All kind of stuff. Anyway, I’m confident that we are going to have a big update pretty soon! I’m going to form a plan to make it as soon as possible.

So, the new location! An artist changed a few houses there to make them bigger. Plus, she made rooms inside, so now NPCs and player can enter four buildings. All fire elements (like candle flames and fire in the fireplace) were animated already.

Both male and female versions of snow leopard captives are almost ready to be animated. I’m talking about sex animations, because they already can walk and stand still.

So, the campfire for enemies I was talking in the previous post. It’s still in process, here’s a little peak on sketches. I talked with an artist today, he said that he’s fine already and is starting to work hard tomorrow.

What about programmer? He’s busy with fixing stuff and working on fighting location. Task on hand is to make enemies intelligent enough to walk on any map no matter how strange the design looks.

I really think we are able to make a big update (a public one, of course) in two weeks. It’s a big task, but something tells me that it’s possible! I know that you support me not for promises and pictures. I know that. Anyway, see you in two weeks! Hopefully, with a big juicy update.


Homelands! New location, new captives

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Download the latest online version

Hello, people! I’m very happy that the first release was successful! I received a lot of feedback and shared it with the team. Now everyone has more motivation and here’s a little peek on what’s happening behind curtain.

The new location I was talking about earlier is already implemented in the game. A guy animated all grass patches/bushes/trees and programmer built this location step by step in Unity.

One artist created gates to that settlement. And they were already animated. I ask her to work now on inside pictures of houses in the settlement, she’s working on it now. Yes, you and NPCs will be able to enter houses.

Remember captives you can “acquire” at the battlefield? Here’s a female version of the snow leopard. Male is being reworked right now. And then we will make animations of all kinds.

The third artist finished stalactites, moss, grass and bushes (guess what, it’s already animated) for battle zone. Right now the guy is working on health elements and “a campfire for enemies”.

Programmer added an ability to abort sex animations and now he’s working on procedure generation of fighting zone. He asked me to do level design stuff and … well, I’m learning it. It’s always useful to know a bit more about game development when you develop games.

Welcome to all new people and thank you for support! I hope you’ll see another interesting public release in a ~month. For now – be safe, and see you in two weeks!


Homelands v0.0.2a! Now with sex~

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Hello-hello, everyone! Today is a big day! Today I’m publishing Homelands on different sites. Yes, it’s still in a bad shape and everything. But I want to attract new people and maybe get a few ideas from them?

What’s new in this public release? You’ll see all 4 NPCs (both males and females), you’ll be able to test out the female main character, and you’ll be able to have sex with everyone! Now, important note: to change gender you need to go to a table, left from the house. Oh, and there are sounds now! Not only background music.

Now let’s move to what my team made so far. I showed you the concept art of new location. The artist who drew it asked for a vacation. Now she’s back in business and getting sprites ready for creating a location for NPCs in game.

Sex animations for foxes were finished and now every NPC is ready for this kind of interaction.

An artist who was working on foxes is now creating captives! You can “shock” an enemy on the battlefield and capture them for sex back at home. First on the lucky list is snow leopard.

Another artist has finished altered ground tiles and inclusions in the ground. He’s working on grass, moss, stalactites and something else now.

Programmer prepared this release, coded the sex scenes, added dialogues for every NPC and fixed a lot of stuff with the help of animator.

As I said above, this is a serious step forward and I hope it’s not too early for public releases. See you in two weeks, people;3


Homelands! Slow work and everything. Oh, and a new concept

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Hi, people! I’m pretty depressed today, sorry for that. The work is going, but so damn slowly. I must’ve been doing something wrong, but I have no idea what to change. I’m going to test a theory in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, let’s take a look on what we have right now.

Here you can see a somewhat ready concept of the second location. It’s relatively similar to the main Hub, but created for many NPCs with routines (like, picking up apples from the ground or sharpening tools on the grindstone). It’s still not finished and that’s an example of the problem. Okay, let’s move on.

All NPCs were ready for sex animations, except for the foxes. Now they are ready and in work already. Another “damn why so long” task, yes. At least I’m sure animations will be made faster.

An artist who created tiles is now working on different sprites. Barrels (for different purposes), rocks with moss, inclusions for ground tiles. We will use them for testing procedure generation, and they will be reworked later for fitting into the new location style.

And what about a programmer? He added all the sounds and greatly improved the pause in the game. Now he’s after those ground tiles, trying to write code for them.

I also could ask sound designer to create more sounds, for enemies. But I want to make a fighting zone first. So he can feel the animations and not just look at them in a folder. Besides, it’s a three days task for him. Incredible, right?

Slowly, but surely. The progress is going; I’m learning from my mistakes and improving my look at things. And maybe I need to make a plan. Maybe. I already have one being written down. But it needs time borders for every step, I guess. Anyway, see you later! I’ll go think a bit more about this problem.


Homelands! Porn scenes, sounds, new enemy

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Hello, everyone! Now it’s a month since we began to work on the new locations. Two versions of one location, to be precise. One for battles, another one for NPCs, like I wrote in the previous post. Let’s see what we managed to accomplish so far!

An artist is still working on the concept art of the location. Sadly, she has some technical problems and the drawing is still in process.

Animator has finished working on sex animations. The second artist is working on the last NPC we.. forgot about. Yeah. It needs to be prepared for animations first.

Meanwhile the last NPC is being prepared, animator has finished the last enemy for that particular location and now it can fly, attack, and does everything an enemy can do. Oh, it’s a bird, yes. An eagle.

Another artist has finished tiles. The programmer will try them in action soon. We need to write code for them first or to buy an asset in the store. The next task for this artist is to draw some cosmetic sprites of objects that will be “buried” in ground.

I also found a new person, he’s a sound designer. He has some real experience and now we have a lot of cool new sounds. I’m very happy about the result, but it’s now a task for the programmer to add them to the game and adjust the volume properly.

The progress is going! Another big thank you for support and I’m happy to say that all team members now know what to do, after finishing the main location. The work is going much smoother than in autumn. You’ll hear from me again in two weeks. Be safe!