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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, everyone! I’m finally done with this update, so let me show it.

I’m sorry, but I had absolutely no time to add the sissy part. It’s finished already, so I guess I will implement it a bit later.

In this update, I fixed one bug, and it’s very important. I guess it affected the sibling object, and there’s a chance we never meet the ‘sibling.type’ error again! Anyway, let me know if I’m wrong and you faced this problem again.

UPD 10.1.0
– (by Middlewared, Rachael) Now you will see a display of the comfort level of the main character in the wardrobe. It depends on the current underwear and your Corruption
– (by Middlewared, Rachael) Added reactions of relatives on your nudity
– (by Middlewared, Rachael) Added reactions (of relatives, other people) on your current clothes and erotic accessories
– (by Middlewared, me) Added new items: lacy bra, lacy panties, thong, crotchless panties. Already added, but not implemented yet (you won’t see these items): handcuffs and yoke, chastity bra, chastity belt, nipple chain, corset
– Fixed pics in the scene where you are mating with Ralf in the room
– Fixed the detention gifs (female version)
– (by Rachael, me) Added a Cleaning sister’s room scene. To see it, you must have 15 points of Corruption and your sister more than 30. There are vaginal and oral endings
– Changed colors for the main character’s dialogue box. I hope it’s more comfortable for the eyes now
– Improved the Cleaning brother’s room and Brother is training scenes a bit
– Fixed style of sister’s dialogue boxes here and there
– Put brother\sister paragraphs in a new order. Now brother scenes are on top of sister ones. Players won’t notice any changes
– (by Rachael, me) Added three small scenes with sister: Sister exercising, Sister playing PS4, Sister reading a magazine
– (by Rachael, me) Added the ability to chat with sister (when she is exercising). All topics are similar to brother’s chat paragraph
– A cosmetic change in the sibling schedule
– Fixed one huge bug. Now sister character displays correctly

I hope it’s getting warmer in your place:3 See you next weekend! <3