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Hi, everyone! This update was made mostly by my team: Rachael, Middlewared, Plaze, Sad+Lonely. Yes, Sad+Lonely decided to join us. Luckily, he already knew how to work with Twine and JavaScript. And yes, he’s a programmer! Welcome:3

This version contains an error you will see from the very beginning. It’s fine. This error will be fixed in later versions of SugarCude. We don’t use <<done>> macros, so just ignore this, please.

UPD 10.4.0
– Now stepbrother and sister are checked by default
– Added 4 new shower join scenes. Now you can join every member of your family while they’re showering. You need to have > 50 corruption points and more than 60 relationship points with parents, and more than 40 relationship points with siblings
– Added a new scene for sissy brother. See the “Help” section
– Added Cuckold Mother scene co-wrote by Rachael and Regent. You need to have > 70 corruption points, > 70 relationship points with mother AND father points. It can only be triggered on Fridays between 21:30-00:00. Also, you must be naked and have had sex with your father and mother more than 3 times
– Now, you can go to school through a link location! (Thanks to Sad+Lonely, our new developer and tester)
– Also, Sad+Lonely fixed a few bugs
– Finally added a pic for sister
– Added 3 new locations – Gym, Night club, Strip club. But only Gym is filled with some content. Content for other locations will be added later
– Increased the chance of granddad catching you at the farm
– Fixed the Problem Solver: Everyday check pregnancy error
– Updated SugarCube version from 2.34.1 to 2.35.0!

May the 4th be with you! See you soon~