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Hi, everyone! This update was made by Middlewared and Sad+Lonely. Sadly, no content from writers this time. Let them rest a bit.

Sorry again for that error alert you got at the very beginning of the game. It was fixed, and you won’t see it this time. Also, Middlewared said he tested this version, and there shouldn’t be any bugs. Let’s hope that I didn’t add them, too:3

UPD 10.5.0

– Added new locations to school: restrooms, cafeteria, hall, schoolyard, and sports ground. Also, the school is a whole new place now. The content will be expanded/added later
– You can go to different classes
– School events were distributed across different places: hall, cafeteria, classroom
– You will be punished if you’ve missed at least one class!
– Now you can meet your friends/relatives at different locations (park, bar, bank, beach, lexena market, beauty salon), for now without interactions
– Fixed pics for female detention scene
– You can see a new event in a school hall. A schoolboy approaches you and invites you to have some fun in the guys’ restroom. There you have options for sex and can choose the place where he will cum
– Fixed the error message on the first screen (the <<done>> macros error)
– Fixed red error lines in the bar menu

See you next weekend, boys and girls!