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Hellop, everyone! These weeks I spent on bug-fixing mostly. Worked on Problem Solver, tried to fix School and pregnancy errors. I can’t say they are gone, but I tried my best. And I know how everything works now!

Also, I was fixing my site. It’s not that old but already needs a lot of attention and manual control. A few plugins were removed, and some were updated. It seems there are no conflicts now, but I’m not so sure.

UPD 11.6.0
– School WCs no longer teleport you to the Night Club (I wish we had such bugs in real life)
– Now you can make abort in Family Bitch mode. It will cost the same $700
– Changed the pregnancy chance checking system. This will allow to increase/decrease the chance easier in the future (I have one idea..)
– I removed one anti-grind system implemented by someone without my knowledge
– Fixed the error that caused that pop-up window in the “Mother after dad’s laps” scene
– Made a few cosmetic changes
– Fixed an error with infinitely masturbating brother
– Added a small secret you need to find (it’s not that hard and pretty useless)
– Hid some code players don’t need to see (my bad)
– Removed a few webcam options from the list of what you can do on cam
– Now training will take only 30 points of Energy, and showering at the gym doesn’t require shampoo. I also started to work on an NSFW scene there, but it’s not finished yet
– Added another 6 gifs to webcam actions

Okay, that’s it. I hope you are ready for autumn:3 Remember that the air is getting colder. Don’t get sick!