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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hello, comrades! Glad to tell you that the new site ( is finally alive! It took me ages, but I managed to get the job done. It is fully operational now. But I will work on it more and soon some new features will be added. More payment methods, for example. Oh, and if you don’t know yet – you can buy cheat codes in the Donate section.

Okay, let’s talk about Young Maria now. Thank you for your patience! I needed some time to sort things out. As I said in the previous post, this update was created with the help of Middlewared, Rachael, WetWorksStories, Ruski (a new person, yeah). Thank you one more time, people:3

UPD 8.8.0

– Middlewared added the system of semen covering. People will notice this and react differently. To wash the semen off, take a shower or a bath
– Rachael added some changes to the text
– Also, a new special scene from Rachael for giving birth. If the father is your brother, you’ll see it. There is a 66% chance of seeing a good reaction and 33% of a bad one.
– Added a scene by WetWorksStories. Yes, the second part of Mother’s Toy. Visit parents’ bedroom between 9 and 15 hours to see it, plus you must “complete” the first part, and both you and mom must have above 70 points of corruption.
– One guy (Ruski) gave me a list of possible changes, and I’ll add some of them to make the game more logically correct. For example, now you can see the masturbation scene with your brother only when you had any sexual experience with him already.
– Now, when you get home drunk, parents won’t judge you too much if their corruption is high enough (60 points)
– Reduced amount of Energy you can get from bathing and showering. Yes, I did that to the Stash, too
– Also, I made it easier for parents to join you in the bathroom. Maybe even too easy…
– Added a couple of useful variables. They will collect information about the main character. Maybe I’ll create a list of achievements later

I hope you boys and girls like the changes. Don’t forget that I love you all! And see you next weekend;3