Month: November 2020

Young Maria v8.6.0! Bugfix and new scenes

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I’ll change my name to MilkyNail soon. Just a reminder

Hi, comrades! Thank you for your patience – I needed that time to do some stuff (I worked from sunrise to sunset, and I’m proud of myself^^). Let’s see what was changed so far.
First, my site. It’s somewhat ready. I work on it, fixing metatags, adding plugins, adding pages, and filling them out. Soon, very soon…
Second, Middlewared is back for some time. No one knows for how long, tho.
Third, I managed to fix some mistakes. Here they are:

UPD 8.6.0

– Fixed the red line error that you might meet when you find out who is the father of your baby
– Fixed another red line error in stats
– Improved the beach clothes changing process. Now you automatically change all your clothes, including lingerie, excluding accessories (and erotic ones)
– Now parents “scold” you for being drunk only once a day
– Now you can change your breasts size in the Beauty Salon
– Middlewared and Rachael created a couple of scenes on the Beach! (Beach sex, beach gangbang, beach refuse)

Thank you for your help. Have a good day! See you next weekend;3


Welcome to my brand new site!

Hello! My name is MilkyNail (previously – MariaMod), and this is my new site. It’s very “young” yet, and I’m working every day to improve it:) Please, be patient.

You will see all my updates and fresh news here; contact me via the form in the “ABOUT” section. Pretty soon, I’ll make it possible to receive money from you legally, and you will see a new menu item – “DONATE”. That menu will let you buy cheat codes. Well, it’s more like a subscription.

Contact me if you’ll see a bug or some error here, please. Have a good day;3