Month: September 2021

Homelands: The second location sketch

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Hi, people! I’m packing my stuff right now, so let me be quick, please. I don’t have much to tell, anyway. Yes, I finally finished my work here. Passed all exams and is ready to go home! 

Well, about the game. One girl finished the sketch of the second location. It looks perfect! Also, I talked with a new boy about working on the third location, but he refused after some time. The second one – who was redrawing the first location in a pixel style – is still sick, but we had a call, and he is working on it anyway.

Okay, I hope I’ll make it home safely in a day or two, and that’s when the real work will start again.


Young Maria v11.8.0! Lot of fixes + new scene

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Hello, everybody! I’m still dealing with my exams, but in two days I’ll be passing the last one of them! Finally, I’ll be free. These weeks I spent on fixing bugs mostly. Also, Melo wrote a good scene for the Night Club. Other writers are somewhat busy or sick these days. What a shame. If you are good at writing and want to become a member of the team – text me~ (the first page of YM has a lot of links, use them to reach me).

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say. I tried my best to make a good update while studying and solving problems. Wait till I’ll get back to my regular workplace and start working more:) Anyway, here’s what I managed to add/fix:

UPD 11.8.0
– Fixed the exit link for the “jerk off classmate” scene
– Fixed the problem with a bikini at the Beach. Also, now you can go to the town wearing it (from the Beach)
– Modified the brother’s and sister’s schedules. It removed a couple of old related bugs (like an always-at-home brother)
– Now, if you are pregnant and you know this, the system will uncheck options “Take fertility pill” and “Take sterility pill” every morning
– Removed another pop-up error window in the “sitting on dad’s lap” final scene
– Fixed some variables with missing identifiers (which caused red line errors)
– Removed the fifth porn magazine (that doesn’t appear) from the brother’s room
– Now wet wipes and sterility pills are showing in the old version and resets if any error appears
– Added an NSFW scene by Melo! When looking for troubles in the Night Club, one man can molest you roughly. Warning, this scene is a bit too rough, but NOT non-consensual, so you can’t avoid it by turning off the non-consensual setting
– Fixed the sissy brother perk error. Also, now it requires less corruption (20 yours and 20 brother’s), and I changed the related article in the Help menu

Welp, don’t forget to wear warm clothes and drink something hot if you are cold! See you in two weeks:3


Homelands: The concept of the first location is ready!

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Hello, everyone! These weeks were very busy for me. Exams, studying, you know. I hope this schedule will change soon. 

I didn’t manage to do a lot, and all my “employees” were busy, too. So, today I’m telling you that I’m alive, working, and passing exams successfully:3 One artist got sick for a week or so, and one girl finished the concept of the first location! She’ll work on the second one. And, as a bonus, she finished another picture of characters – busts of a wolf and a kobold. And just now, she showed me another sketch of silhouettes of different animals. I like her very much:3

P.S.: The pic below is just a sketch of the finished location’s concept. I don’t want to show you the best pictures because I’m afraid someone can steal them, sorry..

Young Maria v11.7.0! Happiness of motherhood<3

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Hello, people! These weeks were hard for me (as for many people, I think), but I managed to do some work. In this update, I added two important things: the ability to be impregnated by a beast and fertility pills! Many people have asked me to add these features for a long time, so here you are.

Well, I also tried to fix school bugs (again) and repair my website, but I guess it’s not really interesting for you. I’m searching for a programmer who can help me with YM right now. You know, it’s a good time to fix old bugs:) Writers and the musician are dealing with their problems lately.. We need some fresh blood, right? Right.

UPD 11.7.0
– Changed the description “People can see cum on you” to “You have cum on you.” I’ll add a new system of detecting on which places people can really see cum
– Added wet wipes to the Dime Time. The main character has 20 wet wipes from the start
– Now, you can “check cum stains” on you in restrooms (this option appears only when you have cum on you). Use wet wipes to clean yourself or … lick it off with your tongue (you need 30 Corruption for this)!
– Changed layout in a few passages to make them look better
– Now, you can be impregnated by animals if the bestiality is enabled in settings!
– Now you can start a new game with multiple start perks
– Changed pregnancy system a bit. I hope this will fix related bugs
– Added fertility pills! They increase the chance of successful impregnating by 30% (ask in pharmacy store). Like birth control pills, the effect lasts one day, and it works only when pregnancy is enabled in settings
– Fixed the exit link in the Night Club: Looking for troubles passage
– Added a small scene to the Night Club. When you are “looking for troubles,” two guys may take an interest in you

I love you all, and don’t you dare think otherwise! Here is my email if you need to talk to someone these cold nights: <3